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Wholesale Flammulina Velutipes Extract
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[Specifications] 1> Flammulina velutipes polysaccharides : 10% 2> Flammulina velutipes polysaccharides : 30% 3> Flammulina velutipes polysaccharides : 50% [Appearance] Yellowish brown fine powder [Plant Part Used] Fruitbody [Particle size] 80 Mesh [Loss on drying] 鈮?.0% [Heavy Metal] 鈮?0PPM [Storage] Store in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat. [Package] Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Related products: Flammulina velutipes powder [What is Flammulina velutipes] Flammulina velutipes is also known as winter mushroom, sclerophyllum, streptomycetes, etc., belonging to the phylum Fungi, Basidiomycotina, Layer Fungi, Agaricus, Tricholomaceae, and Desmodium. Flammulina velutipes is widely distributed in nature, and is cultivated in China, Japan, Russia, Europe, North America, Australia and other places. Flammulina velutipes is widely distributed in my country and has a long history of cultivation. From Heilongjiang in the north, Yunnan in the south, Jiangsu in the east, and Xinjiang in the west, it is suitable for the growth of Flammulina velutipes. Flammulina velutipes is rich in protein, also contains vitamins such as VB1, VB2, and VC, and is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, and is very nutritious. Flammulina velutipes also contains 18 kinds of amino acids. Each 100g of fresh mushrooms contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, accounting for 42.29%~51.17% of the total amino acids. The content of arginine and lysine in essential amino acids is higher than that General mushrooms. Because it is rich in arginine and lysine, as well as a variety of minerals and vitamins, it plays an important role in the growth of children's intelligence, so the Japanese call it "enhancing intelligence." [Function] Flammulina velutipes also contains functional ingredients with unique effects, such as proteins with multiple pharmacological effects and polysaccharides with anticancer effects. These ingredients make Flammulina velutipes more valuable.Wholesale Flammulina Velutipes Extract website:http://www.jinghebio.com/mushroom-extract/flammulina-velutipes-extract/

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