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Our History Why can Guangzhou JinXi Packing guarantee to provide professional services? Guangzhou JinXi has many years of experience in plastic production, and its quality is stable and reliable. It is a cosmetic packaging manufacturer integrating mold customization, injection molding, blow molding, screen printing, bronzing, electroplating, and spraying. It has a good reputation in the industry. Guangzhou JinXi insists on quality pursuit We know that good quality can win a long-term reputation. From material selection to delivery, JinXi pursues excellence, industrialized management workshop, quality control inspection before leaving the factory, and presents products to customers in the best manner. Years of experience in cosmetic plastic production The factory has a number of professional masters with decades of experience, skilled in production technology, the monthly output value can reach tens of millions, and the delivery cycle of quality and quantity is fast. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every JinXi people. Provide professional supporting services Based on the trust of customers, the scale of the factory is constantly expanding. At present, it has a workshop area of 20,000 square meters, more than 20 fully automated blow molding machines, and its production capacity is continuously increasing. The company can go further because it adheres to the concept of customer first. Witness the growth pace of JinXi From establishment to development, we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of various medium and high-end cosmetic packaging materials and cosmetic plastic bottles. From the establishment of the factory building, the investment of multiple production machinery and equipment, to the independent research and development of molds in the factory, independent mold opening, and customized products, The production quality has been greatly improved. At the same time, the factory has also established a professional design team, has a strong R&D team, and established and improved the quality management system and production system. The scale of the factory is more than 150 people, and it has established good cooperative relations with many brands. Our Factory Guangzhou JinXi Packing Products Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in plastic packaging, specializing in the production of PET, PE, PETG, PP and other plastic bottles, mainly used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, etc. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company integrates product design and development, mold making, blow molding, injection molding processing, and printing processing. The products involve personal detergent packaging, beauty salon product packaging, furniture cleaning product packaging, industrial product packaging, hotel detergent packaging and other fields . At the same time, the company has perfect export qualifications and its products are sold all over the world. Since its establishment, the company now has more than 20,000 square meters of modern factory buildings, nearly 100 employees, and more than 10 professional and technical personnel. The company has a skilled and experienced R&D team dedicated to independent research and development of new products for a long time. It has various types of advanced production equipment such as high-speed full-automatic blow molding machine, full-automatic screen printing machine and mold making, as well as independent mold room. It has realized a complete chain from product appearance design to structural design and mold development to ensure high-quality products and coordinate with production Department, the scale of production, capacity, and output are growing. Starting from the user experience, the design team combines new and efficient production technology to continuously meet customers' high-end customization requirements and provide customers with "personalized charm" packaging. The company has always paid great attention to the control of product quality and the promotion of brand value, constantly improving the quality system, and strictly following the inspection and testing of product zero defects. From raw materials to finished products, the processing of each product is tracked and monitored, and the products produced by each device are tested. The products have fashionable appearance, stable quality, reasonable price, punctual delivery, and thoughtful after-sales service. They have always been recognized and trusted by new and old customers, and we are constantly working hard to create high-quality products and corporate image. Our company always adheres to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer First", constantly improves service standards, meets customer needs, and continuously develops, innovates, and sincerely welcomes domestic and foreign customers to negotiate business with our company and seek a win-win situation! Our Product 1. Hair Dye Bottle 2. PET Bottle 3. PETG Bottle 4. HDPE Bottle 5. Comb Bottle 6. Cream Jar 7. Acrylic Bottle 8. Airless bottle 9. Pump銆丆ap 10. Aluminum Tube 11. Preform Product Application The products involve cosmetic plastic bottles, washing product plastic bottles, beauty and hairdressing products packaging, furniture cleaning products packaging, industrial products packaging, hotel detergent packaging and other fields. Our Certificate Production Equipment After years of development, the company now has 24 PET blow molding machines, 9 PETG blow molding machines, 9 HDPE blow molding machines, 35 PP injection molding machines, and 1 vacuum inspection machine. Production Market In recent years, the cosmetics industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for cosmetic packaging has continued to increase. The export of plastic bottles produced by the company has continued to increase. It has certain exports in Japan, South Korea, the United States, the European Union, Asia and the Middle East and other countries. It has achieved a very good market and won Customer support. Our Service Consultation-Order-Production-Transportation-After-sales Guangzhou Jinxi factory has an efficient and complete operation team that provides perfect service. An efficient service team only provides you with one-stop service. It follows the principle of customer first service to make customers more worry-free and meet customer requirements . 1. Mold development process: Sign a mold opening contract in accordance with the sample or drawing provided by the customer-pay the full amount for mold development-start development-try out the prototype at the agreed time between both parties (usually about 12 days)--model confirmation--development carry out; 2. Proofing process: determine the bottle type, weight, color, craftsmanship 鈥?sign a proofing contract 鈥?pay for the proofing fee (deductible when large products are made) 鈥?Proof according to the design manuscript provided by the customer 鈥?7 working days Internal delivery 3. Transaction process: Confirm the sample-Sign the order contract-Prepay the deposit (50% of the total contract amount)-Formally produce bulk goods (30-40 days)-Pay the balance of the order-Contact the shipment. We promise to provide you with perfect service wholeheartedly, only to your 100% satisfaction. Regarding charges, Guangzhou Jinxi鈥檚 products are all customized products. After the products are taken, we will confirm the specific product-related matters with you, and then proceed to production after confirmation. Because it is a large customized product with a large quantity, there are multiple links such as proofing, design, and processing in the early stage. The cycle is estimated to be about 30 days. Special customization needs to be extended by 10 working days. The specific time shall be subject to the customer service confirmation time. Since Guangzhou Jinxi's products are all tailor-made, no secondary sales can be made after the order is placed. After the customer pays for the production, the return will not be processed. All products sold by our factory enjoy the same after-sales service. For detailed inquiries, please consult Jinxi after-sales customer service. Guangzhou Jinxi tries its best to ensure that the prices are correct, and at the same time reserves the right to correct and adjust the corresponding price due to incorrect prices or quotations caused by negligence. The final interpretation of matters related to this online store belongs to Guangzhou Jinxi.shower gel bottle 750ml factory website:

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