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The Lomography smartphone scanner is quite an awesome and handy device that allows you a new way of scanning and sharing your 35mm films through your smartphone….an iPhone or an Android powered smartphone.

This $50 smartphone scanner has been presented as a Kikstarter Project; you can ...
Lego is one of the most popular toy maker companies in the world. Today, at CES 2013, the company announced a new line of its iOS/Android-friendly Mindstorms Programmable Robots those will allow the kids and robot lovers to command these EV3 robots exactly “that do ...
Google has just posted a few rare pictures showing inside look of its huge data centers for the first time ever in its history.  The pictures also depict highly complex plane of organization, energy and design which all are required for powering some of the ...
A few reliable sources inside Apple upstream supply chain claim; Apple is planning to launch a $799 Macbook Air in the 3Q 2012, as reported by DigiTimes today.Although Acer has recently reduced its ultrabook shipment target, Intel continues to aggressively push ultrabooks and is aiming ...
We earlier reported that Adobe had finished the development work for Photoshop CS6 and seemed to release public beta soon”. Today Adobe has released Photoshop CS6 public beta. Here’s everything you want to know about latest Adobe Photoshop CS6 including its direct download link, review ...
The biggest search engine Google has reportedly invented a new pair of augmented reality glasses that extract real-time information from services such as Google Maps in a Terminator-style heads-up display (HUD), as reported by 9to5Google with their claim that they have already put their hands on a prototype of the Google Goggles. The site further discloses that new [...]
The Cupertino based company Apple has become the world’s largest smartphone vendor again due to its outstanding performance in Q4 2011, as per a recent research note from Strategy Analytics. Apple’s latest financial results have surprised all the folks related to smartphones and tablets market since Apple has made new records of revenue, profit and [...]
Samsung has crossed all the limits in the enmity of Apple due to the grudge the company has against Apple for a number of patent lawsuits faced by it in the courts of various countries on infringement issues regarding Galaxy Tab 10.1 design. To show its hate against Apple, Samsung has already aired a couple [...]