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Stylish Apple accessory manufacturer TwelveSouth, the company behind the BookArc stand for MacBooks and the HiRise for iMac, has taken the wraps off their latest product. The PlugBug World is a charging accessory for Apple users who have both a MacBook (Pro or Air) and an iDevice such as an iPhone or an iPad. The PlugBug is a dual charging solution for both types of device and the World version is specifically designed for those people who go traveling with their Apple devices and wish to charge them from a single electrical outlet.

The World version of the PlugBug comes with five different charger plugs that are compatible with outlets in the US/Canada/Japan, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and China. You simply slip out the existing adapter from your Mac power brick and put in the PlugBug to give yourself a dual charging solution for all your devices. This not only saves valuable space by reducing the number of chargers that you need to carry, but also means that you no longer have to rely on the USB ports in your MacBook to charge your iDevices when traveling.

Apple does offer something similar in the World Travel Adapter Kit ($39), but TwelveSouth has taken this one giant step further and completely eliminated the need for extra chargers, whilst offering compatibility with electrical outlets in a number of countries. The idea behind the PlugBug is utter genius and it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple themselves considered making such a change to their own power bricks.

The PlugBug World is available now for $44.99 and the original, compatible with outlets only in the US, Canada and Japan is $34.99. Check it out now.



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