Domain name
For those of you just looking to set up a website for your business, ensure that the domain name you select will be used until the existence of your business. This is because old domain names add much more value to the website's domain authority. So, the older the name, the better it is for your website. Moreover, the older domain name will seem more legitimate to get a higher DA score than younger domain names. So, basically every time you change your domain, it may impact you’re your DA score and might do more harm than good for the website ranking. This is simply because you are losing all the credibility you built up from the name over the years and starting from scratch. So, pick a name that’s easy-to-remember that you will stick to for years to come.
On-page optimization
Collaborating with the best SEO Agency in Mumbai you must optimize your web pages for better Domain Authority. Ensure you optimize the code, content, site structure, Meta tags, and other elements for making your site more search friendly and well optimized for better ranking. On-page, optimization makes a lot of difference for increasing the Domain Authority.
Unique content
If you wish to attract high traffic and quality links from multiple domains, the best way is to improve the quality of your content. Providing good quality and unique content will attract more traffic to your page and better your website's Domain Authority. So, have the best possible content update on your website and you are sure to see positive results.
Clean link profiles
Having a clean link profile is essential for any website. This helps in maintaining a great Domain Authority Sore. So, clean up your link profile, and remove the bad links from it. You can use tools to determine any inappropriate or unwanted links. You can then accordingly use the Google Disavow tool to remove the links from your profile.
With a help of the best website design company in Mumbai get your website developed mobile-friendly. If the website is not mobile optimized it will hurt search rankings for Google often favors mobile-friendly sites. To check whether or not your website is mobile optimized you can find that from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which gives a detailed report on how mobile-friendly your site is, and what can be done to improve it.
Improve page speed
Loading of your website is critical for Domain Authority score. If your website does not load fast the bounce rates of your websites are sure to increase. This will have a direct impact on your ranking. So, improving the speed of page load is critical. Ensure your pages are well optimized and load quickly for a better user experience. Get your website developer in Mumbai to optimize your website and improve the page speed. You can analyze the speed of your website using Google’s PageSpeed Insights and suggest ways to improve the page speed.
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