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We review a lot of Apps over here at BAS. Often times we are given recommendations by friends, family, or your guys reading. The other (and most common way for me) that we come upon new Apps is by the desire to make our lives easier in some way. I was getting my hair cut at the local GreatClips a few weeks ago and after waiting in line for almost 20 minutes I was thinking to myself that there should be a way to check in before you got there so that you could spend your waiting time doing what you wanted instead of sitting in a chair watching other people get their hair cut. Little did I know that GreatClips already had an App to do just what I wanted! After talking with Laura (my favorite stylist) and voicing my idea, she informed me that GreatClips was already ahead of me in thinking this and the App was already available.  Since then I’ve taken the twins in for their cuts and I have been back for a cut, using the App each of those times. I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to wait in line more than 5 minutes after arriving. With 5 year old twins this especially awesome because they have a short attention span.

What You Get
The GreatClips App is another one of those specific Apps that has one purpose, but it performs that task really, really well. The first thing that caught my eye when I launched GC was the really well laid out and thoughtful user interface. You are immediately sent to the map part of the App showing you the closest stores to your location as well as the estimated wait time. If you aren’t looking for a salon near your current location you are able to type in an address at the top of the screen to find locations close to your desired location. Once you’ve decided the area and the specific location that you want to have your cut done, you simply tap that location to access the check in screen.

From here you enter your name, phone number, and number of guests. You can also access the salon info including directions, store hours, location name, and phone number. One request that I noticed multiple times in the comments in the iTunes store was a list of who was working that day. Many people like to have their hair cut by the same person every time so this kind of information would be useful. Once you’ve entered your information into the check in screen you simply tap the “check me in” button. You will be given a confirmation screen with a little more information.

Click done and you are taken back to the map page where you see the store that you’re checked into. Instead of a “check in” message above the store, there is now a “cancel” button. If for any reason you’re going to be longer than your wait time, or you decide to not get your hair cut, it’s a good idea to go back and click cancel.

The Bottom Line
If you use GreatClips for your hair cuts, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be using this App. it’s free, it keeps you from waiting in line, and it’s super simple to use. I’ll definitely never wait in line for my hair cuts again.
You can get the GreatClips App from the iTunes store for free here: