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Assistant Extensions is a great new tweak that will allow you to open apps, send tweets and more via Siri. There are more and more tweaks released via Cydia every they and these allow jailbroken iDevices to get the most out of their devices. You could say that jailbreaks actually allow iOS to run the way it always should have run.

Since the release of the untethered jailbreak for A5 devices there have been more and more Siri tweaks released. Apple's voice recognition software has been the centre of so many developers attention since it launched with the iPhone 4S last October. Jailbreaking allows using to enjoy some great Siri perks and these include allowing simple SBSettings-like commands to be activated using Siri. There are many more Siri tweaks including SiriToggles and the soon to be released Sireet which will allow users to send Tweets using Siri.

AssitantExtensions has been released however and this allows users to send Tweets, activate SBSettings toggles and open various different apps without having to touch your screeen. This new tweak is available free of charge from the BigBoss repository. If you have SiriToggles the developer of AssitantExtensions does recommend that you remove it even though no conflicts between the two have been reported. The features of AssitantExtensions do however supersede SiriToggles so you won't need it anyway.

If you plan on downloading AssitantExtensions you will need a jailbroken iPhone and there are plenty of tools that you can use to do this including Absinthe, Sn0wbreeze and more.