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iPhone games are a dime a dozen making finding truly enjoyable ones extremely difficult.
Self Aware is a new game that is not only unique in its concept and design, but is also one that provides an extremely enjoyable experience. 
Self Aware is a game where users battle for control of the iPhone by playing mini-games and answering riddles.
Players struggle against the “malevolent A.I. force named STU”, a force that’s taken over your iPhone and it’s your job to get control back!
With the aid of dingle techie, players match wits with STU in a series of puzzles and mini-games, which, as one plays more and more, get more difficult as the STU gets more stubborn.

The Techie will assist you by unlocking elements of the Phone’s code that will allows you to battle STU. How well you know your iPhone will determine how you get rid of this evil artificial intelligence.
There are 68 unique puzzles hidden in 25 applications and it will take you sometime to get through them.
The puzzles come in bite size pieces and offer a different set of playing styles. STU is the artificial intelligence determine to keep control on your device, he is stubborn, cruel and very insulting.
As indicated above, the game play is extremely unique and the whole interaction makes it even more amazing to play.
Available at a great price, Self Aware is more than worth for the fun and entirely new iPhone game experience.