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With their touch-screen interface and small display size (iPad aside), iDevices aren’t known for their addiction to ambitious action titles. Regardless, that’s just what’s on offer here. Set in a vibrant Japanese feudal environment, players will assume the role of your generic samurai character, destined to right a few wrongs using the pointy side of his blade.
Combat is kept relatively simple down to necessity more than any other factor. Three attack buttons only are afforded to the player — two covering quick and more considered strokes of the blade, one used to evade.

Before you break out the Pop Tarts, though, be aware that Samurai II: Vengeance suffers from some perennial touch-screen problems. Too much of the screen can be obscured by the process of simply moving around each stage, while puzzles (such as they are) must employ only one generic action button and are hence neutered. Such cel-shaded graphics, though, do play entirely to the device’s strengths, giving many a reason to play on.


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