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My kids love storybook apps on the iPad, as I’m sure so many kids do. There are a ton of them, and honestly it can become a bit overwhelming trying to weed through the good from the bad. That’s what I try to do with these reviews, bring you those that I find my kids thoroughly enjoy.
Who Stole The Moon is one they’ve been liking a lot lately. Not just because it’s a well put together children’s storybook, but because it has almost all the essential pieces that they’ve come to expect, plus a fun story as well. It’s more than just a storybook though, it’s an interactive story, with music and games for kids to enjoy even after they’ve gone through the story time and again. There are 8 original songs and 4 different games for the children to play.
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The story is about a boy who loves looking out his sky-light at the Moon. He finds one night that he can’t see it, it’s missing…and attempts to track down who took it. His adventure leads him outside to talk with various nocturnal animals, learning about what they do, all the while trying to find the “Moon thief”.
The app is full of very vivid illustrations and nice animations as well as the games and songs I mentioned earlier. It has 15 different languages to choose from, and is narrated (if you so choose) very well. The story itself is fun and cute, and my kids really loved it. Funnily enough my oldest daughter used to have a fascination with the Moon when she was very young, once asking if she could borrow her grandfather’s ladder to climb up to it…she was 2. The idea that the Moon is missing is a neat take on a children’s story, and the story isn’t overly complicated, but does a great job of explaining how the Moon can be hidden at times, what happens outside the house at night, and keeps kids engaged while doing so.
My only issue with the app was that it is a portrait only application. I’m not sure why this bothers me, but my first instinct when using storybook apps with the kids is to turn it landscape, and this wasn’t an option here. I hate to knock an app for something like this, as I’m sure it’s a design choice based on content, but when I sit down with a kid on each side, landscape orientation just works better.
Other than that, I can say the app was a hit at our house, kids aged 5 & 7, and has become a go-to bedtime story already.
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