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Have you dreamt of owning a photography studio to take and edit brilliant photos of real models?
Pocket Snapper enables you to take photos from the embedded short video clips of glamorous models, just like what a professional photographer would do!
Pocket Snapper makes a perfect photo shooting app for both professional and amateur photographers, provided that it has not only offers users an exclusive iModel shooting experience, but it lets users take advantage from its advanced photo-taking/editing technologies to produce their very own photos.
Pocket Snapper creates a virtual studio in your iDevice for you to sharpen your photo taking skills. The iModel mode utilizes the gyroscope to simulate the authentic photo-taking experience. Pocket Snapper mimics the photo-shooting environment that allows you to capture images in any flicks and it also offers additional photo filters for purchase that makes your work stylish and we will keep rolling out more videos that enable to make it more fun.
What is more, Pocket Snapper is creating a community for people to share their masterpieces with ease. In a foreseeable future, you can even upload your own videos for others to edit and take “pictures”. Hidden characters are waiting to be unlocked once you hit certain achievements.
With Pocket Snapper, capturing, editing and sharing photos is a breeze and pleasure.


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