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In the past I’ve mentioned a great library that can be used to create elegant popup style modal panels.
Recently I received the submission of an interesting component that allows you to create partial modal views that cover the bottom of the screen and is styled after the National Geographic parks guide app.
The concept is similar to a UIAlertView however allows much more customization as you can insert any UIView elements within the model view and rather than just dim the screen the screen contents are shrunk, and shifted into the background with an accompanying animation.
Here’s a set of images from the Github page demonstrating how similar the components results are to the modal views in the National Geographic app:

The component is KNSemiModalViewController from Kent Nguyen.
You can find the component on Github here and read Kent’s writeup about the component on his site here.
You can find the National Geographic National Parks App on iTunes here.
The different animations and little touches with this component give it a very memorable effect.
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