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I’ve mentioned a number of great Objective-C libraries to make things quicker and easier.
Today I came across an Objective-C library ObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions  that adds a couple of terrific additions to the Objective-C language.
The first addition is the ability to swizzle a method without the need to create a category – the readme states:
If you wanted to swizzle a method before, you would have to declare a category on a class (usually resulting in two extra files).
CTObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions introduces a new method
void class_swizzleSelectorWithBlock(Class class, SEL originalSelector, SEL unusedSelector, id block);
 which takes the class, the selector you want to swizzle, an unused selector in which the previous implementation will be stored and a block that will be called instead of the original implementation.
The second addition allows you to get detailed runtime information from your blocks.<
You can find CTObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions on Github here.
A couple of very useful additions.
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