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Many notetaking and journaling app options exist in the iPad App Store, but few combine the best of both worlds and more, featuring a wonderful user interface and features galore like NoteLedge.
NoteLedge is a tremendous app for business and personal use, allowing one to capture anything worth remembering and organizing it in a simple, yet unique, way.
Notetaking is simple, offering keyboard and handwritten options with full-featured editing tools available should you need them.
Editing options include: a full set of a scribble pens, highlighters with vivid brush effects and an eraser, copy and pasting of content anywhere in a note and pinch-to-zoom capabilities.
Saving and backing up anything you create in NoteLedge is also very easy.  The app allows one to save work and, retrieve it at any time and edit it when you backup notes in DropBox, iCloud,, and GoogleDocs.
Sharing via Facebook or through email is also supported, as is simple conversion of notes into JPG or PDF formats.
In addition to the app’s notetaking functions, the “Navigator” feature really stood out in my use.  Navigator allows you to crop and copy your texts, pictures and drawings in your own way and paste them wherever you like within an active area.
NoteLedge is a tremendous notetaking app – quite possibly the best I’ve used – thanks to its bevy of features, handwritten note capabilites and slick interface. For those looking to take great notes and chronicle experiences on an iPad, NoteLedge is the one app you’ll want to have.