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iPad Air 2

Re/code’s John Paczkowski may actually have a legitimate friend on the inside of Apple because he has been pretty dead on when it comes to correctly identifying rumors. Back in August, the tech writer revealed that Apple would hold the iPhone event on Sept. 9.

Today, Paczkowski reports that Apple is planning on holding its next media event on Oct. 16. My earlier prediction of Oct. 21 appears to be off the mark.

According to Re/code, Apple will hold the next media event on Thursday, Oct. 16 at Cupertino’s Town Hall Auditorium and not the flashy Flint Center. It is rumored that Apple will unveil the next generation of iPad Air and iPad mini, as well as an updated iMac line. Apple will also, hopefully announce the availability of OS X Yosemite and make Apple Pay ready for use.

I’d also like to see the Apple TV refresh that everyone keeps talking about. My set-top box is four years old now. I’m pretty sure that streaming media technology has improved a lot since 2010 and my outdated box doesn’t seem to be able to handle the load anymore. I’d love a more powerful, faster version.

Rumors surrounding the second generation of iPad Air include Touch ID and a slightly smaller frame. The device will supposedly come with a faster A8X processor chip, and might even include near-field communication technology so that it is compatible with Apple Pay.

Re/code’s information is probably true, which also means that the tablet might be ready for preorder the next day and ready to ship by Oct. 24. Here’s hoping.

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