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Everyone is so excited about the third generation iPad and this really is fast becoming the most anticipated iPad release to date. The huge Retina Display forms the centrepiece of what is going to be a very popular device. Apple has already seen a massive demand in pre-orders and it is safe to assume that once the doors open in the Apple Stores today there is going to be a huge rush as everyone tries to get their hands on this latest piece of Apple technology.

You can be sure that there will be people huddled up outside their nearest Apple Store in the hope that they are near the top of the queue and will indeed get their hands on a new iPad today. During other iPad releases, Apple stores have closed throughout the day to get ready for an early evening release which can often cause a lot of problems for customers and staff and it seems that this time round it is going to be different.

According to a photo that was posted over at 9to5Mac, it seems that stores will be opening at 8AM rather than the usual evening event. This is going to make things so much easier for staff to get to all the customers and of course it means that those who join the queues won’t have to wait for as long. It is also thought that Apple Store employees are to receive an extra 10% in their pay packets this month which although not confirmed would be a lovely gesture by Apple and it will show the public that they really do look after their staff and appreciate how hard they work during times like this.

If you are planning on getting your hands on a new iPad today then be sure to come back and tell us in the comments how you got on.