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Now in its third generation, it simply carries the name of “iPad”. No extra numbers, a better display, and a faster delivery system. But, has Apple really improved the new iPad features? You still get all the great features of graphics, photos, text, and video through the Internet. We took a look at the New iPad to see what the improvement was. Take a look…
It still holds same price as the last iPad, running at $499, but the internal components has been improved with a 9.7-inch screen and transfer of data over cell phone networks. These are some very big updates for the new iPad. It’s like going from a 2 inch screen to a 24 inch screen. Everything is in much sharper detail. However, it takes a toll on the battery’s life span.

The main feature of the New iPad was the battery life. You could spend more time surfing the net without charging the battery. This has always been an advantage over other tablets. Now it looks like they have equalized this feature to coincide with all the other tablets. This doesn’t hurt, they still have a long battery life, but you just have to charge more often than you did with the older iPads. You loose about 11 minutes on each battery charge, depending on how long you stay connected. That’s not much of a disadvantage unless you don’t have access to an electrical plug.
However, putting in a bigger battery gives the new iPad a little more weight at about 8% more than other iPads. It’s also about 7% thicker, so Apple’s claim for the thinnest and lightest tablet no longer applies. Although, it is still lighter and thinner than the iPad 2, it now weights a little more. Unless you’re a 10 pound weakling, it shouldn’t be a problem.
We tested the New iPad features of the connectivity through Verizon and AT&T. Playing videos constantly, the battery lasted 9 hours compared to 10.9 hours on the ipad2. Not that much of a difference, but the biggest difference was the connection speed.

Apple’s 4G LTE cellular technology is a big advantage over the iPad 2. Using Verizon‘s wireless we connected at downloads speeds of over 17 megabits and AT&T was over 12 megabits. That’s faster than a home cable network. This alone is more than worth the price of the new iPad features even if it does lessen the battery life.
The Total Improvement to The New iPad Features
Throughout the test we’ve run, the New iPad features show it has four times the pixel strength than other iPad. This is a vast improvement. You get the sharpest picture within the same amount of space. Apple claims it’s better than HDTV with a million more physical pixels than the former iPads. We like it!
The New iPad and its new features doesn’t mean you should run out ant buy the new one, even though it does have better coverage in Wi-Fi than every before. The 4G LTE cellular-data capability is an extra cost feature, but it does give you connection where you might not have had it before. Of course, there it the collection of over 200,000 iPad apps designed especially for the iPad. Older apps work just as good as the new apps do on the new iPad. The music, books, and magazines are the same, as well, just sharper in detail.
You will find the weight more noticeable, but you won’t even notice the thickness. You will, however, notice the ability to enjoy reading or video watching better with the bigger screen. If you are a 10 pound weakling, then you can still purchase the iPad 2 for about $399 with 16 gigabytes of hard drive space. It’s the first time Apple has ever offered a deal like this, but they must have a lot of iPad 2s in the warehouses just looking for a home.
One can choose the size of hard drive you want for the extra price for storage. They have 16, 32 or 64 GB capacities that can take the price up to $829 plus shipping. The extra cell phone coverage is also offered at a price through Verizon and AT&T. It’s a monthly fee, but if you already have a cell phone through them you can get a pretty good deal for the new iPad.
The New Display Requires A Word Or Two
Back in the olden days, about ten years ago, we had monitors the are barely acceptable to tablet users today. Even computer uses find it hard to believe they used the much smaller screens. The New iPad display screen is the sharpest available today. Although, you can’t see the pixel difference when looking the screen; you sure can see it when you play a video. Even the worse videos from YouTube look almost good on the new iPad. With features like a resolution of 2048 x 1536 you can compare it with your old iPad 2 and see a big difference.
Put them side by side and you’ll see Apple has really improved the display. And when you read text you’ll notice the sharper letters no longer merge together, so you can’t tell the difference between an n or r. The smallest font is still easier to read without blending all the words together.
Even though Apple has improved the display image they still haven’t done anything about sunlight washing out the screen. It still washes out when in direct sunlight. Oh, well, the faster than light speed connection makes up for that.
New iPad Features: The New Camera
The new iPad now has a 5 megapixel camera compared to the 1 megapixel for the older iPad 2. Of course, you still have a front and back camera, you can now take better picture indoor and out. They will never make it to a photographic hall of fame, but they will take a better shot of Aunt May opening her birthday present.
The New iPad features many of the old apps and benefits from iPad 2 such as Smartphone usage, emails, and touch typing. All in all, the new features are more than worth upgrading to the new iPad. It still holds in place as one of the great tablets of all time.
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