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Have you ever wished that there was a speed dial for anything on your iPhone? Have you ever wished that with one tap of a button you could quickly launch right to a Tweet, or to post a Facebook status? Of course you have. We all have! Now, with Launch Center, you can do those things and more! I first stumbled upon this App when searching for ways to increase the functionality of the notification center in iOS5. What I found within this App will make your iPhone infinitely more efficient. Read on to see how.

What it does
Launch center lets you launch tasks, websites, specific actions within Apps as well as the top level of the App. It also lets you launch new emails, text messages, or phone calls to specific people. You can also launch the flashlight, as well as Google the contents of your clipboard.
Post to Facebook and Tweet bypass the need to navigate through the respective Apps to find the "post" or "tweet" areas and launches directly into a new message or post. The same thing Applies to emails, and text messages. It truly is a "speed dial" for everything.
Do you launch a particular website on a regular basis (like BestAppSite)? There's a spot for that too! Yes, Safari has built in favorites, but to access them you have to first launch Safari, then select the favorites tab. With Launch Center These favorite websites will be right alongside of your other most commonly used tasks. The same thought process applies to placing speed dials of your most often used numbers in Launch Center. Having everything in one common place makes it fast and easy to use.

What About Apps
This is where Launch Center really shines. As you can see I have placed Launch Center in my dock so I can access it no matter what page I'm on in my iPhone. From within Launch Center I have set up my most frequently used Apps like Navigon, and Instagram. Yes, Instagram is on my front page but through Launch Center, I open directly to the camera and not my feed. As for Navigon, placing it in Launch Center lets me put the actual Navigon App within a folder and not have to worry about drilling down into folders and sub-folders to launch it. Currently not every (okay, not even close to every) App is available to Add to Launch Center but the major ones are and the list grows literally every single day.

The Bottom Line
Launch Center will make your iPhone a lot more streamlined and efficient. Think of it as a Speed Dial for everything! The App list is growing every day and as it does so will the ways to use this custom Launch Center for your iPhone.
Get Launch Center for your iPhone from the iTunes store for $1.99 here: