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Kindle Fire HD introduced by Amazon with attractive price showed various signs to be worthy. With brilliant screens and delightful graphics which are smooth and mash able. With amazing Wi-Fi connectivity perhaps the best so far it offers unlimited, instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movie and with “New Kindle FreeTime” Unlimited for kids, there can be accessed to unlimited books, movies, applications, and TV shows. Kindle Fire delivers high definition touch screen display, reduced screen glare, richer colors at wider angles, exclusive Dolby audio and dual-drive stereo speakers as low quality sound ruins the desired HD entertainment. In the current era of technology, many companies have introduced a variety of gadgets but everyone looks for something unique which makes their friends colleagues anxious. The Kindle Fire HD is undoubtedly the choice for the New Year 2013 plus it seems luxurious device to be gifted at Christmas.

Unleashing New Application
Unleashing of new software by Amazon in its Kindle Fire is the Camera application and Swype keyboard application into play. The new camera having the characteristic of being a front loaded webcam allows users to take the still photographs and save them to the photo library. On the other hand the addition of Swype, makes it easier to type words correctly by simply dragging a finger between the letters on the keyboard. Apart from these two, another recent application which makes Kindle Fire more attractive in the current times is the addition of “Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service dedicated to kids. It is a monthly subscription which allows kids to set daily screen limits and give access to appropriate content for every child. It includes child-friendly books, movies, TV shows and games without downloading the additional content.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
If you are interested in buying Kindle Fire this year (2013) then the suggested version to get is the Fire HD 8.9 because of its larger, higher resolution screen better facilitates Amazon’s still-new Kindle Fire interface. The fourth generation iPad however is still the premium tablet due to its performance in just about everything beats all other tablets but, the Fire HD 8.9 has superior video streaming and also a lot more affordable than imagined. However the newer versions are yet on the way to be launched.
What makes Kindle Fire a must have for 2013?
The first Kindle Fire was more like an experiment for Amazon. The cost is so effective that even the charger cost is added it still offers a lot more than it costs. But the new Fire HD II sounds something very unique. A directive planned product with an attitude. Hands-on with the new Kindles. Glare is reduced over the HD’s predecessor, creating a screen that is easier to be read in bright light. With the addition of 8 hours of battery life, it makes Kindle Fire HD II more worth able.
Conclusively Fire HD models are attractive, delightful and sounds more entertaining due to high definition video streaming and dual drive stereo speakers. Its users are confident viewers of TV shows, movies, web pages and books. The appealing online world of entertainment provided by Amazon make the Kindle Fire industry-leading features per dollar ratio to be more top heavy and more success rates are expected in the upcoming Year 2013.
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