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As such, it’s not possible to sync Firefox bookmarks with iPhone or sync iPhone bookmarks with Firefox because the iTunes library doesn’t have an option for that. You can however sync Safari bookmarks.
Of late, it’s been getting quite clear that quite a lot of users still prefer Firefox on their PCs or Laptops. The average household has become a combination of large-screen browsing (on PCs) and small-screen ones (on smartphones). When this is the case, syncing bookmarks becomes tough if you used Firefox on the PC and Safari on the iPhone. But there are two ways you can solve this problem of syncing.
Here’s how to sync Firefox bookmarks with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:
Method 1 – Export / Import
In this process, you will export the Firefox bookmarks, import them to Safari and just sync. As simple as that.

On your PC, where you have bookmarks on Firefox, just export the bookmarks as HTML.
To do this, go to Bookmarks → Show All Bookmarks.
Now, choose the Import and Backup → Export HTML…
Save the file to someplace you can access fast.
Now, open Safari.
File – Import Bookmarks
Choose the file you just saved.

Now, just connect your iPhone to the PC and Sync via iTunes. Make sure Sync Safari Bookmarks is checked (under the Info tab for your iPhone on iTunes).
Method 2 – Firefox Home Firefox Home is a simple app you can download on your iPhone. (it’s designed for iPhone, not iPad, but works on iPad too). It works via Firefox Sync (which is a service that syncs your personal bookmarks and stuff on your local desktop Firefox to the cloud) so you will need to have Firefox Sync enabled on your PC.
Firefox Home is not a browser – but a syncing service which connects and syncs all your bookmarks to your iPhone. You can then open them via Safari on your smartphone. Firefox Home is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store. It comes straight from Mozilla Corporation, so it’s highly trusted.
Interestingly, Firefox Home can also keep track of your Tabs and comes with search feature that helps you search from your history, bookmarks etc. easily.
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