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Apple rolled out a new update on iCloud website that allows users to share reminders to your contacts. This excellent feature of reminder sharing was only available on Mountain Lion OS, but now you can log in to the iCloud website.
Basically, you share reminders to other contacts via email or the reminder application via the iCloud website.

To share a reminder:
Step 1: Go to and enter your log-in details.
Step 2: Click the Reminder app on the iCloud dashboard.
Step 3: Click the small Wi-Fi icon found on the left side of the app.
Step 4: You’ll see the Share Reminder dialog box. Enter the name you wish to include in the list.
Step 5: Click Done.
Unfortunately, this feature has not yet come to iOS devices. But we hope that Apple will make a way  to integrate it on iOS 6 soon.
Here’s what MacNN said,
“Apple will likely add the feature to the iOS version of Reminders in a future update, though there has been no official word on when that might happen. Trying to access on an iOS device redirects users to services such as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends or offers to help set up iCloud on the device, since most of the services on are already built into an iOS device.”
We look forward to the iOS 6 update. This reminder is functional especially when you have plenty of tasks to do.
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