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The EURO has taken a pasting in the currency markets today, taking the GBP EUR exchange rate back towards the mid-1.27s once more. The single currency came under selling pressure following ECB President Mario Draghi comments in his press conference this afternoon. Draghi announced no specific measures to lower Spain and Italy’s borrowing costs and revealed that the ECB has discussed cutting interest rates at this month’s meeting. The future app


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    If you don know where your next meal is coming from, worries or care for the earth is the farthest thing on your mind,Franklin Marshall mujeres. Basic needs for survival come first. Only when these needs are met can someone focus on higher issues. When bellies are full, food, clean water, and shelter are readily available, then people can go to school, and learn about restoring scarce resources, not polluting, birth control, cleanliness, and preventive health care. Then they can participate in b

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    There are different ways in which you can

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