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Freebie Alert: Ant Raid, Feed the Dragon and More! is a post from: My iPad Games
Through one of my favourite sites, I found a few good games that went free today, here are some of them:
1. Icebreaker Hockey

Icebreaker Hockey is an arcade style where you control a single characters with no team mates. The goal is to score a… er… goal while  dodging other hockey players that are trying to knock you down.
Icebreaker Hockey™ – NaturalMotion
2. Ant Raid

I am excited about this. I have read a lot of good reviews from different sites about this one and am ecstatic to download a copy for free. The game is an RTS game where you comman you army of ants to defend the home anthill while deploying others to attack. Much like command and conquer! But with bugs. Not the glichy ones.
Ant Raid – Prank Ltd.
3. Feed that Dragon

This game is very much like Fragger, it leads me to believe this one was inspired by the Miniclip game. The premise is to bounce the dragon food off things and over traps, to the dragon.
Feed That Dragon –
4. Ancient War

Castle defense made in the age of the Flintstones!
Ancient War – Triniti Interactive Limited
5. Mad Chef / Food Ninja

In Mad Chef, you open up a restaurant and you throw knives at ingredients to make the food. The better you do, the more customers you get and more in game money!
Food Ninja – Foursaken Media
via STP
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