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This is the first part of my two part review of a portable airbrush spray booth kit purchased from BRATSHARP Airbrush.
I show you what’s in the box – airbrush spray booth, airbrush spray booth filter, turn table, air extraction exhaust kit and 3 strips of LED lights.

The airbrush spray booth measures roughly 42cm wide x 15cm deep x 20cm tall when folded away. This doesn’t include the air exhaust kit. The power cable and converter fits away in its own section in the side of the spray booth.
It’s a simple 1 minute job to open the airbrush spray booth up, connect the LED light strips and exhaust kit.
When fully open the working spray area is about 42cm wide x 34cm deep x 33cm tall.

It pulls about 4m³ of air through the filter every minute and works at about 48db.

Overall I am very impressed by the way the airbrush spray booth quickly fits together and how effective it is at pulling the overspray through the back filter.

Please check out Part 2 where I put the airbrush spray booth through a test spraying to see the performance.

If this airbrush spray booth kit interests you then I bought mine from here:

Top guys to deal with. UK based company and stock sold with a 1 Year Warranty – not like a lot of the other sellers out there who are based in China. Might be a bit cheaper but might work out more expensive in the end if they don’t do returns or pay for return shipping.

Please leave any comments and questions and I will try to answer them.
Please share this video so that your mates can avoid buying a spray booth which doesn’t perform anywhere near as well!


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