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Being born in Denmark, I have always had a love for Hugo the Troll, the fuzzy guy first entertained Danish TV viewers in 1989 when he hosted his own TV show, where viewers could call in and direct Hugo using the buttons on their phone. In 2009 the royal library declared that Hugo would be one of the representatives of the Danish digital cultural heritage.
In 2011 Hugo Retro Mania was released with great success, and now the developers have released Hugo Troll Race, which so far has had unprecedented success for a Danish designed app, Hugo Troll Race is the classic avoid the train game that millions have played as kids, now it has made its way unto Iphone and Ipad.The basics of the game is very simple, you sit in a cart and jump from side to side to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains.
In just three days the game has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times, making it the most downloaded app in 25 countries, as well as making it the most successful Danish games for IOS.
“We are very pleased with the development. The fact that the new Hugo games will be No. 1 in 25 countries in just three days with a marketing budget of 20,000 Danish Kroner( $3,500) tells us that there is a very large market for Hugo” says Henrik Mallet, CEO of Hugo Games A/S .
Henry Mallet also said that there are plans for another Hugo-game for the summer holidays the 2013th
Those interested can download Hugo Retro Mania here and Hugo Troll Race here