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If people are said what they think about the words “Mission Control”, then it’s likely that they will think of two things. Either they will think that the word is referring to some NASA control center, which is overseeing some space mission or they will think that this word refers to a part of the OS x Lion which combines Expose, Dashboard and Spaces. This combination helps in giving people a bird’s eye view of all the things that are running on a person’s Mac. Thus, this makes navigation, easy!

Coffejay, an iOS developer has recently released his latest tweak which he has christened, “MissionControl” and it’s available at the Cydia Store. Though this tweak is unable to provide people with the same features which the Mac version does, nevertheless, it’s able to provide people with the same pattern of function. Thus, “MissionControl” for the iOS is yet another tweak, which enables people to make their life easier by providing them with common settings and useful shortcuts, which can be easily accessed by simply following an Activator method which has been defined.
Though there are other tweaks available in Cydia, which have the same basic functionality of “MissionControl,” this tweak adds something a little different by working on the quick launch theory.
When a person launches this tweak, a crisp, smooth and beautiful interface is presented to the user. This interface occupies the whole screen, and it provides people with fast access points to the options along with telling them what each option is supposed to do, if selected.
MissionControl features a total of ten individual options, at the time of writing. These options range from selecting setting options, contacting the developer through his Twitter account as well as launching other applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Cydia. It also has a fallback if an option is not available. Meaning that if one of the options is for launching the Twitter app but the app isn’t installed, then this tweak will try to open a third party Tweetbot and if that doesn’t work, then it will take the user to Twitter’s official website.
To use MissionControl, you can assign it to an Activator action and invoke it anywhere in iOS.

This tweak is free of charge, and it can make using the device easier, but there are a few issues present in this tweak. It would’ve been better if there were a few more options presented, which allowed the user to customize this tweak, to some extent. The other issue is that when people try to open the Facebook app, this tweak launches the Llyods TSB business banking application, in some devices.
If these little things are taken care of, then this tweak is bound to be one of the best free tweaks for people to use!
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