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As we get closer to WWDC on June 11th, more and more bits are coming out about potential Apple plans. The latest rumor report comes from the Wall Street Journal, and it focuses on additions to iCloud. According to WSJ, Apple will introduce a photo sharing service at WWDC as part of iOS 6 and an enhanced iCloud. As they put it, “The new features…will allow iCloud users to share sets of photos with other iCloud users and to comment on them, these people said”.
That’s a very interesting proposition, and it would pit Apple as a direct competitor to Instagram & Facebook, and other photo sharing networks. The report continues by claiming that videos will be added to iCloud allowing for Photo Stream style syncing for videos. That would require a whole lot bandwidth for upload and download of 1080P video from Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad. Apple would likely need even more servers to handle the strain, and carriers would likely hate the proposition over cellular data networks.
Finally, WSJ confirms that Notes and Reminders will be coming to, as seen last week on We’re less than a month away from WWDC, and there will likely be more rumored and revealed before then.