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Boomlagoon is sure to be a name that will be mentioned a lot in tech news over the next few days. Three former Rovio employees founded Boomlagoon, which is the creative team behind the most popular game in the App Store, Angry Birds. Why is this new game company going to be the new hotness, you ask? Because they’ve just launched their own mobile video game and it is just as cute as the bird-flinging physics-based phenomenon. Don’t worry. Noble Nutlings is not an Angry Birds rip off. It is more like a Tiny Wings rip off, but whose paying attention.

The free game features three chubby squirrels who are on a mission to gather as many nuts as possible. Your job is to control their wobbly cart across a mountainous landscape.
The game lets players upgrade their cart with coins that they’ve collected or bought through in-app purchases. You’ll be collecting acorns, using hot-pepper boosts, and trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible.
“Noble Nutlings is the game I’ve wanted to make for years,” said Tuomas Erikoinen, co-founder and lead designer at Boomlagoon. “Behind the lighthearted style is a challenging racing title that should keep players coming back for ‘just one more level.’”
Even though the basics of the game are a lot like Tiny Wings, this game offers much more. For example, players use tilt controls to make the jumps and dips more interesting and accelerate by tapping a virtual game controller. It is not an endless runner, so you actually have levels to complete. The cart upgrades are amazing. Really, the cart upgrades are what make this game so fun. You can do stuff like add puffer fish as wheels and turn the cart into a frying pan.
Noble Nutlings is free to download and is available in the App Store today.
Check out the game trailer below to see the plump rodents in action as they race across the hills.

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