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Unique children’s stories are becoming more prevalent in the app store as the popularity of the iPad grows. A Recipe For a Perfect Day With Dad is unique, not only because of the interesting interactivity that each page offers, but also because of the subject matter. Spend an imaginative day with a “rock star, ninja fighter, crime buster, Jedi master” and his dad as they create a recipe for the perfect day.
The book offers an auto play feature and a “read to me” option. The auto play feature will flip the pages automatically, but can be paused at any time if the user wishes to spend more time exploring the hidden animations.
Each page is full of interactive illustrations that are discovered by tapping them. For example, tap on the makeshift oven to reveal a table with dishes that can then be uncovered for a secret surprise. Tap on a spaceship to make it travel across the sky.
There are a couple of extra special hidden gems. For example, tapping on the electric guitar will open a new page that shows our young protagonist rocking out to some heavy tunes.
The illustrated graphics are perfectly matched with this imaginative story. The street floods with water and the neighborhood slowly turns into a jungle. The colors are bright and the Seuss-like animals are a pleasant addition.
The app runs just a bit slow. When turning a page, kids have to wait for the animated arrow to bounce first. Instead of a tap-to-turn option, it would be nice to see the realistic page turning feature. That way, kids could easily and quickly flip to their favorite pages.
Although the story is different, this app reminds me of the interactive children’s book Little Frigglepants Builds a Ship. Both are about a child and his wild imagination and both offer full-featured interactive pages that can be played with for long periods of time. A Recipe For a Perfect Day With Dad will keep your young reader engaged and entertained.
What I liked: There are lots of interactive features on each and every page. The story is unique and interesting.
What I didn’t like: When the app is opened, it goes directly to a library of other books that can be purchased from the developer. That feature really belongs at the back of the book. It is kind of tacky for it to be the first thing your child sees.
To buy or not to buy: This is a great book with lots of interactive features. Children will enjoy exploring every page. The app is only $0.99, so it is a bargain too.

App Name: A Recipe For a Perfect Day With Dad- An Interactive Children’s Story Book HD
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Category: Books
Developer: TabTale
Price: $0.99


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