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The increasing power and proliferation of smartphones has given us an increasing amount of ways of connecting with each other. However, all of these new communication venues have also given us an increasing amount of contact information to keep track of. Android users already know how Xobni’s app Smartr Contacts can help simplify that process and now iPhone owners can too.
Smartr Contacts pulls data from various sources in order to create a master contacts list. Whether someone is a Facebook friend or a LinkedIn connection they will be accounted for. Smartr Contacts then puts
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that person’s email, phone number, picture and whatever else it can intelligently detect in one handy place. The app keeps track of recent communications one has had with their contacts and will even rank contacts in order of importance. Think of it as a way of knowing who one’s real friends are.
While the app works with other existing social networks like Twitter, in order to use Smartr Contacts one must sign up for a Xobni account. Smartr Contacts is available for free on the App Store.

Smartr Contacts for iPhoneiPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Buy Now: FREEReleased: 2012-01-13 :: Category: Productivity

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TripIt - Travel Organizer (no ads) 3.8

Device: iOS Universal

Category: Travel

Price: $3.99 -> $.99, Version: 3.8 (iTunes)


Get peace of mind while traveling, by having all your pl
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ans in one place. No more frantic searching for confirmation emails in your inbox - or worse yet – hunting down that pesky manila folder. TripIt is an easier way to organize and share travel. TripIt “automagically” takes all your trip details and creates one truly helpful itinerary that’s there when and where you need it – on your iPhone or iPad, sync’d with your calendar, and online at When you receive a confirmation email from anywhere you book, simply forward it to TripIt instantly recognizes reservations from 3,000+ booking sites including cruises, restaurants, concerts and more. You can easily share trip plans with family or colleagues directly, or let Facebook and LinkedIn contacts know when and where you’re headed. Also available: TripIt Pro, which is like having your own personal travel assistant for $49/year. Especially helpful for frequent travelers, TripIt Pro monitors your flights for potential airfare savings, and sends you status alerts and other helpful reminders while you’re traveling.NOTES:+ TripIt Pro members should download the FREE app, not this one+ iOS 4.0 and newer is required for this update+ Auto Import is not required to use TripIt; it's an optional and popular feature----------------Read what the experts say…“…tips for maximum flying efficiency and minimum misery - #1. Use ” – New York Times "This is the best travel app I can imagine" - Fast Company“TripIt continues to lead the pack in organizing travel itineraries” – Inc. MagazineFind out why TripIt was awarded “Best Travel Mobile App” by the Webby Awards in 2011, along with…· Travel + Leisure “Best Travel Websites & Apps” – 2011· Fortune “Best 5 Apps for Business” – 2011· Inc. “Business Travel 50: Best Travel Organizing App” – 2011· Lifehacker “Our List of the Best iPhone Apps” - 2010· CNET “10 Favorite iPhone Apps” - 2010· PC Magazine “Top 40 Free iPhone Apps” – 2010· TIME “50 Best Websites” in 2009· Michael Arrington’s “Products I Can’t Live Without” (TechCrunch) – 2008, 2009· PC World “Top Travel Sites” - 2008

What's New

✩ Pro users now able to add, edit and delete reward programs in the app.✩ Pro Alerts dashboard improved to better manage unread alerts.✩ New users can learn about the benefits of TripIt with a new in-app tour.✩ Various bug fixes.

TripIt - Travel Organizer (no ads)

Ever since Carl Sagan brought Cosmos to viewers on PBS, scientific educators (as well as their publishers and TV producers) have searched for ways to make mind-boggling concepts like cosmic time and the Big Bang easier for people of all ages to understand. Landka’s Back in Time for iPad, which is part edu-app and part digital coffee table book, tweaks Sagan’s metaphoric Cosmic Calendar by collapsing the history of the universe’s 13.7 billion years into a single day.
Back in Time breaks down the 24 hour period into epoch’s of cosmic or geologic time, so the reader c
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an move through the Earth’s history from the Big Bang to the present, stopping at each event to view photos, watch videos, and read text geared for a curious, but not necessarily scientifically-trained, audience. Back in Time entertains as it educates, bringing the message of educational television programs such as Cosmos and Nova Science Now to a new medium.
While readers may be tempted to dive in and start exploring the app, it’s well-worth the time to read the book’s introduction, which is accessible from the splash screen. The introduction reminds the reader that according to the app’s imaginary clock, human evolution began only sixteen seconds ago, and Homo Sapiens have existed for just over one second.
Back in Time’s purpose isn’t (just) to make humankind’s place in cosmic history feel small and insignificant, rather it’s to use the clock, which is a device so utterly familiar, to contextualize events for its readers.
Navigating through Back in Time’s stunning UI is straight forward. To enter the timeline the reader simply adjusts the hands of the on-screen clock to a particular time, then taps the clock to reveal an interactive cosmic timeline. Readers can use a swipe gesture to pan along the timeline that runs along the bottom of the page or tap one of the images that arcs through the sky to go to a particular event such as the Origin of Birds or the acquisition of fire by Homo Erectus.
Each event on the timeline has its own section, complete with a brief article, as well as images and videos that the user can access through gesture controls. As the event screen is opened, a short animation rolls. Readers can also access interesting facts related to each section by tapping the lightbulb in the lower-left corner. For example, the section on the K-T Extinction (which finished off the dinosaurs) begins with the question, “Did you know that the reign of the dinosaurs began and ended with mass extinctions.”
Much as a reader would flip through a coffee table book, one can enjoy Back in Time by following the progression from the Big Bang at 0:00 to the present, or moving back and forth through the events in any order.
Download Back in Time for iPad from the App Store for $7.99. Back in Time for iPhone is also available as a separate purchase.
What I liked: Landka’s team spent more than a year creating Back in Time and their efforts were well spent. The beautiful UI creates the perfect back drop for the detailed time line, while the writing stays away from jargon or overly technical terms that might deter some readers.
What I didn’t like: Though the app’s soundtrack is pleasant, it was a distraction from reading. I would have preferred to mute the sound from within the app.
To buy or not to buy: Any reader who enjoys learning about science will find Back in Time a solid addition to his iPad library. While some of the information might be too challenging for kids younger than 10, the app may provide a chance for parents to explore the book with children who aren’t ready to read it on their own yet.

App Name: Back in Time for iPad
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Category: Books
Developer: Landka
Price: $7.99

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Tweetbot for iPad Review
By Carter Dotson on February 9th, 2012
Our Rating: :: WELL-BUILT MACHINEiPad Only App - Designed for the iPad

Tweetbot for iPad is a Twitter client, created by design-conscious iOS developer Tapbots.

Developer: Tapbots
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPad 2
iPad Integration Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
User Interface Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Re-use Value Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

There ar
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e very few apps that someone could say “this has been released!” that I would buy immediately. Tweetbot for iPad was apparently on that list, because as soon as I saw on Twitter that the iPhone/iPod touch Twitter client was now available on iPad, I went out and bought it sight-unseen with an urgency unlike the way I approach many other things in my life.
Tweetbot, for the unengaged, is an app from design-conscious developer Tapbots for browsing and posting to Twitter. The iPhone/iPod version brought their design principles, along with a variety of advanced functions like gestures, user muting (be gone, banal check-in service tweets!), multiple account support, and notifications for just about everything involving the user.

Users of the iPhone/iPod touch Tweetbot will be happy to know that the app works in much the same way. Sliding right on a tweet for conversation view, sliding left to view replies to that tweet, and the user-configurable triple tap command are all here. All the configuration options are largely identical, buttons are placed in the same places, multiple account support is here. Even the new tweaks from Tweetbot’s 2.0 update for the iPhone/iPod touch have all been incorporated, and tapping on elements directly in tweets works fantastically. It just has all been designed to fit on the iPad. Timelines, lists, settings, and different accounts can all be quickly switched between on the app’s new left-side menu.
Being used to Twitter for iPad’s sliding card view, it is a little disappointing to see links take up the whole screen, along with the ‘compose new tweet’ view – with a screen that size, having a single view can feel kind of limited, though the conversation view when composing a reply is great. As well, I’m a big proponent of universal apps, and Tweetbot for iPad is not universal, but – paying for great software trumps that desire for universal support.
Having been fed up with the inadequacies of Twitter for iPad – particularly the unresolved bugs that the last update introduced and never fixed – having the Twitter client that I love to use on my iPod touch available for the iPad is something that I need. Users of the smaller version will love the experience on the iPad as it translates perfectly, and the layouts and settings feel immediately familiar. Those who haven’t used it need to check it out – it is the best designed Twitter client out there, and is a dramatic step up in the tweeting experience on iPad.

Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPadiPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Buy Now: $2.99Released: 2012-02-08 :: Category: Social NetworkingApps mentioned in this post: Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPad

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Wanna turn your Photos into Art? The Color Effects Pro universal app download lets you enhance your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Facebook photography with cool techniques to change colors. Essentially, you highlight parts of the photo–a person, an interesting aspect of the background–with photo effects by moving your finger on your iPhone and iPad [...]

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A little bit goal setting, to-do list, life coach, and cheerleader, the Everest – Live Your Dreams & Achieve Goals iPhone and iPod Touch app helps you make big changes through small steps with a fresh, bright interface and smart, intuitive tools. The Everest iPhone app has a nice series of opening screens to help [...]
Review of Everest – Live Your Dreams & Achieve Personal Goals by

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Today’s iPhone, iPad, and iTouch apps for free daily include a frantic cooking game, excellent board game, slick music player, and star gazing assistant. A number of apps drop from paid to free on a daily basis, and we pick the top four everyday, as many of the others aren’t worth your time even for free. Everyday we try to pick apps that are worth spending money on, but are now free to download, and here they are.
Mad Chef ($0.99 -> Free, Universal): A cooking game like never before as it combines time management, cooking, action, knife tossing, and arcade feel for one unique game exp
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erience. It features a little of everything as orders come in, ingredients bounce across the screen, and you toss knifes to collect ingredients.
Ticket To Ride Pocket ($1.99 -> Free, iPhone): This is one of the best games transported from physical board game to iOS. A game based on trains where you have train tickets, and need to use them effectively to control the entire map of train routes.
SmartPlayer ($0.99 -> Free, iPhone): A very slick and seamless music player that focuses on aesthetics, and ease of use. There is a clear interface with intuitive gestures to control music playback.
Star Rover HD ($0.99 -> Free, iPad): A star gazing app that lets you point your iPad to the sky to see what constellations and sky objects you’re looking at. The app includes over 120,000 Hipparcos stars, all 88 constellations, planets and their moons, and a deluxe catalog of imagery and information for everything you’re looking at.


The Haunt 2 1.00
Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $1.99, Version: 1.00 (iTunes)

The Haunt 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the wildly popular point and tap adventure game The Haunt – one of the top selling (and rated) apps on Amazon and Google. This too is sure to make your toes curl and keep your device on edge! This stunningly beautiful and creepily crafted adventure takes you on an escape to a possessed battlefield of long ago where ghosts have overrun the creepy town of Crimson Hill. Mini-games are scat
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tered throughout the dark and mysterious village with many unique and engaging places to visit. Ghosts of the historic battles long gone stand guard over the many places of curiosity as you search for the clues and tools to unlock the mystery and put those pesky spirits to rest. Known around the world for your first rate paranormal investigation skills, you are tasked once again to rid the town of its other worldly beings. Can you put all the pieces together and restore peace to the town folk of Crimson Hill?Rich and colorful, the photo-real graphics are sure to make this one just as popular as the original smash hit. Another round of unique and original puzzles and well hidden clues again provide a great deal of depth in this sequel that is makes this too standout in the genre. Get your trill on in the mysterious landscape including: The Spooky Crimson Motel, Crimson Hill Manor, The Old Empire House, and other secret underground lairs the locals have yet discovered.Start your adventure today and get your creep on in The Haunt 2.******************************Features: Stunning HD Graphics Tons of original puzzles and mini-games Hidden clues, tools and objects Excellent depth and length Engaging storyline Lots of spooks and ghosts Original music score Fun for all ages (spooky without the bloody gore) A Fan FavoriteVisit us at www.furiousApps.comGet 1-on-1 help on FACEBOOK at******************************
The Haunt 2

276 Hanx

Actor Tom Hanks has released his first iPad app which is an accurate recreation of three manual typewriters. It could have easily been a gimmicky app that is used once or twice, but this is something different. The attention to detail and the overall aesthetic of Hanx Writer makes this an app you’ll enjoy typing with for hours on end.

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Tom Hanks worked with Stuart Westphal of Hitcents to create the app and the end result is remarkable. Tom Hanks has a self-disclosed obsession with traditional typewriters, telling USA Today that his collection once held 200 typewriters.

“I suppose some people who get the app may just be looking for a different sound, but really it’s for people searching for a more personalized experience when writing on an iPad,” he says. “There’s also the opportunity here to take your iPad to a coffee house and be really obnoxious with all the clickety-clacking.”

As you might imagine there is very little you can do to customize Hanx. Here is a list of included and extra features:

Hanx Prime Select (free typewriter)
Hanx 707 ($2.99)
Hanx Jolden Touch ($2.99)
Alternate background colors
Black Ribbon
Red Ribbon (included in Writer’s block bundle)
Blue Ribbon (included in Writer’s block bundle)
PDF export options

Here’s a video demonstrating all of the free and purchase options:

Developer Stuart Westphal tells USA Today:

“He mainly said don’t make it gimmicky, so it had to work with a Bluetooth keyboard, which is really where you get the full effect of seeing a blank white page slowly fill with black type,” says Westphal, noting that the partnership with Hanks was spearheaded through a connection with Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles. “Tom wanted people to want to sit down and write a poem or screenplay with it.”

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One of the reasons I decided to upgrade from the iPad 2 to the new iPad was the promise that Apple’s tablet would be fast enough and have good enough graphics to play console-quality games on it. While the third-generation iPad does meet the standard, I had yet to play a game that fit the caliber until now.
Gameloft’s newest first-person shooter (FPS), N.O.V.A. 3, not only proves that the iPad can handle the action, but that developers can make the grade if they just put some work into it.
Continuing the storyline of its predecessor, N.O.V.A. 3 puts you behind the controls of Kal War
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den as he sets off to save the human race, yet again. Players see the action through the eyes, and weapon scope, of Warden in an epic battle for humanity against the Volterites and Judgers. Using a virtual joystick and button controls for weapon deployment, players move from chapter to chapter, completing missions and destroying enemies.
Like the previous N.O.V.A. game controls, players move around using a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen while swiping to look from side to side. There is a button control on the right side where players select to aim, fire and activate the Repel ability. In the upper-right corner of the screen, players can reload their gun or throw a grenade with a tap and switch weapons with a swipe.
There are a multitude of weapons to collect and use, including a pretty useful sniper scope and a bazooka-type Mech destroyer that will make you giddy when you blow the giant machine to bits.
The graphics are what really makes this game stand out. Most iOS games have some level of limitation that keep it from feeling like an epic environment, but N.O.V.A. 3 utilizes every pixel on the screen to give you reflections in your teammates helmet, realistic-looking ragdoll effects and a backdrop with so much detail that you feel like you are standing on Market Street in the middle of San Francisco as it burns to rubble.
The game is not free roaming. Players follow a specific mission and can’t really stray from the direction they are supposed to go. For example, as you are walking down the street, killing Volterites, you can’t turn the wrong way down a street. It will be blocked by rubble. Although you can’t travel around picking up random quests, the story is exciting and each mission is action-packed.
As an FPS on iOS, this is definitely the best one I’ve every played. The depth of the story, the detail of the graphics and the smooth controls put it on par with anything you would see on the Xbox or PlayStation console boxes. If you’ve been waiting for a game that really shows what the new iPad’s processor can do, N.O.V.A. 3 has it all.
What I liked: The controls are perfectly matched with the touch screen technology. Players utilize a virtual controller while using the touch screen to enhance the experience. The design of the controller is easy to understand and works smoothly.
What I didn’t like: This game is huge. It takes up nearly 2 GB of space on the iPad. I actually had to delete a bunch of apps just to download it. It is worth every bit of space, but this game is massive and takes a long time to download.
To buy or not to buy: At only $6.99, it is at least half the price that it is worth. Fans of FPS would be remiss not to add this epic battle to their gaming collection.

App Name: N.O.V.A. 3- Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
Version Reviewed: 1.0.0
Category: Games
Developer: Gameloft
Price: $6.99

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