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After years of practice and study, the...
How would you like to get a 15 percent rebate on your purchase today? Why not? But hold on before saying ‘yes,’ there may be some pitfalls on this way. With the average retail credit card APR at more than 23 percent, the savings from store discounts might get wiped out with any interest you accrue.

Whether we’re searching online for a coupon to save $1 on a box of cereal, getting a loyalty card punched to creep closer to that free 6-inch sub or calling a credit card issuer to get a late payment waived, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep some extra money in our pockets.
In the cold war between Apple and PayPal, a possible thaw may have started on Friday. The iPhone company now permits PayPal as a payment option on its website for U.S. and U.K. shoppers, Recode reports...
2014 was a massive year for the iPad, both in terms of new hardware and in terms of software. iOS 7 basically wiped the app slate clean, creating a void that thousands of developers all tried to fill. New hardware opened up new options for most developers to exploit with the latest apps. Without further ado, here are my twenty-five favorite apps for the past year. Like this article? Stay up to dat...
What are Bitcoins and how those can be used? An article about the advantages of using bitcoins, but also about the security problems of the cryptocurrency world.

G5 is putting it’s praised The Magician Handbook 2 on sale for a limited time.

The game is a hidden object and puzzle adventure that employs a lot of artistic scenes and a unique hints system. Per the official press release:

The Magician’s Handbook II: Blacklore is 2X challenging, fascinating and absorbing as its predecessor. Two years have passed since your trip to the Cursed Valley. The pages of the Magician’s Handbook remain blank and life has resumed its natural course, until the day a tiny fairy appeared in your house, pleading for help. The ev

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il magician pirate, Blacklore, has captured all the magicians and fairies and will use their magic for evil, if you don’t help. You have until the next moonrise to free the captured fairies hidden throughout the land. Otherwise, Blacklore will come for you. Should he capture you, the fairies will be trapped forever. Search gorgeous, hand drawn locations, learn powerful spells and solve witty puzzles, free your friends and stop Blacklore in this immersive adventure.

The game will be available for free on both the Play Store and Amazon Appstore from October 6th through October 12th, 2014.

[Source: G5 Press Release]

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Download Ms. Pac-Man or one of the other Pac-Man titles featured in the Ms. Pac-Man Pink Ribbon campaign throughout October, and you can help Bandai Namco Games America raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. With the Ms. Pac-Man Pink Ribbon campaign, Bandai Namco Games America and the NBCF aim to fight the second […]

The post

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="">Bandai Namco Games America Is Raising Money for the NBCF with Its Ms. Pac-Man Pink Ribbon Campaign appeared first on Gamezebo.

iphone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are reportedly loaded with two accelerometers which makes them the most sensor-laden devices Apple has ever released. After an extensive teardown, Chipworks

Read More" target="_blank">reports that the new smartphones from Apple are using two different accelerometers.


First of the 2 accelerometers is Bosch’s three-axis BMA280 accelerometer, and the other is reportedly InvenSense’s six-axis MPU-6700. As far as the reason behind using two accelerometers go, Chipworks believes that the usage of two components not only helps in better power management, also improves overall user experience.

The InvenSense component is more sensitive, can do more things than the Bosch component and it also takes more power. For gaming and other applications requiring “sophisticated inertial sensing capabilities,” these latest iPhones will be using InvenSense. But for more simpler tasks, such as rotating screen or tracking footsteps, Bosch accelerometer will be used, which takes lesser power and responds faster.

The Bosch accelerometer has a significantly faster cold start time of 3ms, as compared to InvenSense’s 30ms, which means user will see less delay. This remarkable use of engineering trick results not only in less power consumption, but also a better user experience.

Apple unveiled larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models during a media event on September 9th. Both smartphones went on sale on September 19th. The new iPhones have larger displays, bigger batteries, thinner body and runs iOS 8. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus broke all the previous sales record by with 10 million units sold in first week of launch.

via [MacRumors]

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So you want to create an Android app. Fortunately, the process doesn’t need to start from scratch. With one (or more) of these eight great Android app templates, you can get a head start in developing and publishing your very own Android app.

The Restaurant App

The Restaurant App is an Android app template for managing reservation information and showcasing your restaurant’s current menu. The Restaurant App has been designed with Android’s diverse set of support resolutions in mind, so you ca

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n be sure your app will look great at any screen size.

This template also includes support for multiple languages, social network sharing and Google Maps, making it the perfect template for restaurateurs.

Developer: pongodev

The Restaurant App

Layar Tancep: YouTube Channel App

Run a YouTube channel? Want to offer your users a simple, native way of accessing your videos on the go? The Layar Tancep template allows you to build an app just like that, with support for aggregating multiple channels, integrating ads with AdMob and social media sharing.

Developer: pongodev

Layar Tancep

RSS News

RSS News is a simple template that allows you to easily take any website or blog with an RSS feed and convert it into a native Android application that can be distributed to end users.

This template claims a sub-five-minute setup time and includes tools to monetize your app with easy AdMob integration.

Developer: dmbTeam

RSS News

Your Android Map

This template is great if you’re looking to create an app that showcases multiple locations on a map.

Built on Google Maps, with support for multiple types, this template gives you to the tools to show a user their position, nearby locations and directions to their chosen destination, with support for AdMob advertising.

Developer: pongodev

Your Android Map

Android Live TV

Android Live TV is a simple template that allows you to offer high-definition, pause-able video streaming to Android users. The template supports 720p/1080p streams in the rm/rtsp/http/m3u8 formats with support for AdMob and StartApp monetization.

Developer: viaviwebtech

Android Live TV


Musician is a straightforward Android app template aimed at artists and bands who want to offer fans an all-in-one solution for music, news and images.

This template is packaged with an easy-to-use admin panel that allows you to easily manage the content delivered to end users within the app.

Developer: neurondigital



Weminder is a beautiful Android template for weather apps. This template includes a touch-based scrollable seven-day forecast that taps into the location data of the device to bring relevant results. The template also includes support for Google Analytics and AdMob to make it easy to track and monetize your app’s performance.

Developer: cyclicstudio


Android Hotel App

Whether you’re a hotelier using this template for its maiden purpose or not, Android Hotel App is a great, highly-customizable template. Managed through a simple XML file, this template includes designs for seven different sections with Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor integration built-in.

Developer: dmbTeam

Android Hotel App

If you want to see more great full application templates for Android, take a browse of the Android category at CodeCanyon.

Header image credit: Kirill_M


Yoni Heisler has an in-depth overview of Apple Pay at TUAW today:

Remember that merchants in an Apple Pay transaction never have access to user credit card information and, as a result, users never have to worry about their information being compromised in a security breach. Further, security at the device level is effectively impenetrable

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as tokens, along with the encrypted keys responsible for the cryptogram, are all securely stored in the Secure Element.

And as an extra security precaution, iPhone owners will have the ability to unlink or temporarily suspend a token connected to a stolen device, thereby rendering Apple Pay inoperable until the device is retrieved.

I may be skeptical about Apple Pay in Europe, but the way it's been built and will operate is fascinating. (I'm even more curious to know if integration with Safari will happen for web payments eventually).

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