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iPhone games are a dime a dozen making finding truly enjoyable ones extremely difficult.
Self Aware is a new game that is not only unique in its concept and design, but is also one that provides an extremely enjoyable experience. 
Self Aware is a game where users battle for control of the iPhone by playing mini-games and answering riddles.
Players struggle against the “malevolent A.I. force named STU”, a force that’s taken over your iPhone and it’s your job to get control back!
With the aid of dingle techie, players match wits with STU in a series of
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puzzles and mini-games, which, as one plays more and more, get more difficult as the STU gets more stubborn.

The Techie will assist you by unlocking elements of the Phone’s code that will allows you to battle STU. How well you know your iPhone will determine how you get rid of this evil artificial intelligence.
There are 68 unique puzzles hidden in 25 applications and it will take you sometime to get through them.
The puzzles come in bite size pieces and offer a different set of playing styles. STU is the artificial intelligence determine to keep control on your device, he is stubborn, cruel and very insulting.
As indicated above, the game play is extremely unique and the whole interaction makes it even more amazing to play.
Available at a great price, Self Aware is more than worth for the fun and entirely new iPhone game experience.
Have you dreamt of owning a photography studio to take and edit brilliant photos of real models?
Pocket Snapper enables you to take photos from the embedded short video clips of glamorous models, just like what a professional photographer would do!
Pocket Snapper makes a perfect photo shooting app for both professional and amateur photographers, provided that it has not only offers users an exclusive iModel shooting experience, but it lets users take advantage from its advanced photo-taking/editing technologies to produce their very own photos.
Pocket Snapper creates a virtu
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al studio in your iDevice for you to sharpen your photo taking skills. The iModel mode utilizes the gyroscope to simulate the authentic photo-taking experience. Pocket Snapper mimics the photo-shooting environment that allows you to capture images in any flicks and it also offers additional photo filters for purchase that makes your work stylish and we will keep rolling out more videos that enable to make it more fun.
What is more, Pocket Snapper is creating a community for people to share their masterpieces with ease. In a foreseeable future, you can even upload your own videos for others to edit and take “pictures”. Hidden characters are waiting to be unlocked once you hit certain achievements.
With Pocket Snapper, capturing, editing and sharing photos is a breeze and pleasure.

Avernum: Escape From The Pit is probably the most classically designed and executed role-playing game out of all the RPGs played so far in my recent review series. It is the one iPad game that looks and acts like a tried-and-true RPG one would play on Windows 95 or an early Macintosh computer.
Unfortunately, that’s probably why this game doesn’t really work: It belongs on a computer, not on the iPad.
(...)Read the rest of Review – Avernum: Escape From The Pit for iPad (806 words)

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I love 360° Panoramas. I used to create QuickTime VRs back in the day. I still like to use them in my digital publishing documents for tablets. What I never expected to have was an easy way to create them directly on my iPhone or iPad. That’s where 360 Panorama comes in. This App is an interactive 360° panorama creation tool right on your device.
Simply bring up the App and you get a grid of the world around you to align on. Tap to snap the 1st shot and then simply turn left or right a little and the next shot gets taken automatically. Just keep turning until you captured the
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entire scene or until you stop the capture. The App will automatically stich the scene together and render it.
You can either output a rendered 360° to the cloud and share it with friends via email, Twitter or Facebook or your can export a flattened pano to the camera roll or email. If something gets in the way, sadly there is no way to edit it out. You’ll either have to take the shot over again or start over. Of course on a flattened version you can edit it in your favorite editing App such as Photoshop and clone out the thing that got in the way.
Here’s a sample one I did in Copenhagen on the way to my event. As you can see my buddy Jason walked through one of the shots.
This is amazing technology for the very low cost of entry. You can create good looking panos in the matter of a couple of minutes. I’d like to see a “re-take” button on the interace, but otherwise it’s hard to find things to complain about.


We review a lot of Apps over here at BAS. Often times we are given recommendations by friends, family, or your guys reading. The other (and most common way for me) that we come upon new Apps is by the desire to make our lives easier in some way. I was getting my hair cut at the local GreatClips a few weeks ago and after waiting in line for almost 20 minutes I was thinking to myself that there should be a way to check in before you got there so that you could spend your waiting time doing what you wanted instead of sitting in a chair watching other people get their hair cut. Little did I
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know that GreatClips already had an App to do just what I wanted! After talking with Laura (my favorite stylist) and voicing my idea, she informed me that GreatClips was already ahead of me in thinking this and the App was already available.  Since then I’ve taken the twins in for their cuts and I have been back for a cut, using the App each of those times. I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to wait in line more than 5 minutes after arriving. With 5 year old twins this especially awesome because they have a short attention span.

What You Get
The GreatClips App is another one of those specific Apps that has one purpose, but it performs that task really, really well. The first thing that caught my eye when I launched GC was the really well laid out and thoughtful user interface. You are immediately sent to the map part of the App showing you the closest stores to your location as well as the estimated wait time. If you aren’t looking for a salon near your current location you are able to type in an address at the top of the screen to find locations close to your desired location. Once you’ve decided the area and the specific location that you want to have your cut done, you simply tap that location to access the check in screen.

From here you enter your name, phone number, and number of guests. You can also access the salon info including directions, store hours, location name, and phone number. One request that I noticed multiple times in the comments in the iTunes store was a list of who was working that day. Many people like to have their hair cut by the same person every time so this kind of information would be useful. Once you’ve entered your information into the check in screen you simply tap the “check me in” button. You will be given a confirmation screen with a little more information.

Click done and you are taken back to the map page where you see the store that you’re checked into. Instead of a “check in” message above the store, there is now a “cancel” button. If for any reason you’re going to be longer than your wait time, or you decide to not get your hair cut, it’s a good idea to go back and click cancel.

The Bottom Line
If you use GreatClips for your hair cuts, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be using this App. it’s free, it keeps you from waiting in line, and it’s super simple to use. I’ll definitely never wait in line for my hair cuts again.
You can get the GreatClips App from the iTunes store for free here:
Do your emoticons actually look like you? Wouldn’t it be great if they did?! Now you can make it happen and personalize your communications with MEmoticon for SMS!
Ever wonder what you would look like as an emoticon? What about your friends, colleagues and favorite famous people? Find out with MEmoticon, a fun way to instantly morph your face into all your favorite emoticons on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Show your friends how you really feel by sharing your personalized MEmoticons via SMS, Facebook and Twitter.
- Works with photos taken with your iPhone camera or f
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rom your photo library or your Facebook albums
- Choose a face among many on the same photo
- Auto-cropping using face detection
- Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
- One picture automatically populates your entire MEmoticon library
- Copy and paste your MEmoticons directly into your SMS chat
- Share with your friends via SMS, FaceBook and Twitter
- Personalize your communications and enjoy!
#1 in 99 countries! Big thanks to all of the fans!

ALL NEW ANGRY BIRDS GAME FROM ROVIO -- the #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space!

After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...

Angry Birds Space features 60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With regular free updates, n
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ew in-app purchases, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!


• 60 interstellar levels!
• Regular free updates!
• Brand new birds!
• Brand new superpowers!
• Zero-gravity space adventures!
• Trick shots using planets’ gravity!
• New in-app purchases!
• Hidden bonus levels!
• Beautifully detailed backgrounds!


• In-app-purchase for the ultimate Angry Birds fan!
• 30 of the most difficult levels EVER!
• Can you master the DANGER ZONE?


• Open a wormhole of destruction with Space Eagles!
• Aim carefully to wreak havoc on the pigs!
• Earn through gameplay or buy in-app
• New goals and achievements!

Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic!

PLEASE NOTE: iPod Touch 3rd generation devices (8GB/16GB/32GB) will not run this game. The device consists of 2nd generation hardware which is not currently supported by Angry Birds Space.

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Many notetaking and journaling app options exist in the iPad App Store, but few combine the best of both worlds and more, featuring a wonderful user interface and features galore like NoteLedge.
NoteLedge is a tremendous app for business and personal use, allowing one to capture anything worth remembering and organizing it in a simple, yet unique, way.
Notetaking is simple, offering keyboard and handwritten options with full-featured editing tools available should you need them.
Editing options include: a full set of a scribble pens, highlighters with vivid brush effects and an
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eraser, copy and pasting of content anywhere in a note and pinch-to-zoom capabilities.
Saving and backing up anything you create in NoteLedge is also very easy.  The app allows one to save work and, retrieve it at any time and edit it when you backup notes in DropBox, iCloud,, and GoogleDocs.
Sharing via Facebook or through email is also supported, as is simple conversion of notes into JPG or PDF formats.
In addition to the app’s notetaking functions, the “Navigator” feature really stood out in my use.  Navigator allows you to crop and copy your texts, pictures and drawings in your own way and paste them wherever you like within an active area.
NoteLedge is a tremendous notetaking app – quite possibly the best I’ve used – thanks to its bevy of features, handwritten note capabilites and slick interface. For those looking to take great notes and chronicle experiences on an iPad, NoteLedge is the one app you’ll want to have.

I’m always on the lookout (or should that be listenout?) for great new music. This morning I’ve found some courtesy of a new album released as a free iPad app. It’s called Tracey Browne Everyone Is Ordinary, and it’s one of those very rare albums where there’s not a single track you want to skip past, just all good songs.
Here’s a little slice of the App Store intro for the app / album:
Well a cursory first listen to Tracey Browne’s debut album could easily invoke comparison to a host of singer-songwriters…
A British Joan Osborne perhaps, a 21st century Kirsty
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MacColl, a folkier Sarah McLachlan, a poppier Karine Polwart…they’ve all been mentioned, but who knows…and who cares; before that first listen is over you’ll more than likely have reached the conclusion that Tracey Browne transcends comparisons, and with those oft neglected virtues of a fine voice and a great melody, she’s already taking you some place else, some place all her own.

I’ve listened to the whole album twice over now and I agree. I’m no music critic but I think Browne has a great voice, and her songs are really nicely written.
(...)Read the rest of Great New Album Released as a Free iPad App – Tracey Browne, Everyone Is Ordinary (615 words)

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Have you ever wished that there was a speed dial for anything on your iPhone? Have you ever wished that with one tap of a button you could quickly launch right to a Tweet, or to post a Facebook status? Of course you have. We all have! Now, with Launch Center, you can do those things and more! I first stumbled upon this App when searching for ways to increase the functionality of the notification center in iOS5. What I found within this App will make your iPhone infinitely more efficient. Read on to see how.

What it does
Launch center lets you launch tasks, web
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sites, specific actions within Apps as well as the top level of the App. It also lets you launch new emails, text messages, or phone calls to specific people. You can also launch the flashlight, as well as Google the contents of your clipboard.
Post to Facebook and Tweet bypass the need to navigate through the respective Apps to find the "post" or "tweet" areas and launches directly into a new message or post. The same thing Applies to emails, and text messages. It truly is a "speed dial" for everything.
Do you launch a particular website on a regular basis (like BestAppSite)? There's a spot for that too! Yes, Safari has built in favorites, but to access them you have to first launch Safari, then select the favorites tab. With Launch Center These favorite websites will be right alongside of your other most commonly used tasks. The same thought process applies to placing speed dials of your most often used numbers in Launch Center. Having everything in one common place makes it fast and easy to use.

What About Apps
This is where Launch Center really shines. As you can see I have placed Launch Center in my dock so I can access it no matter what page I'm on in my iPhone. From within Launch Center I have set up my most frequently used Apps like Navigon, and Instagram. Yes, Instagram is on my front page but through Launch Center, I open directly to the camera and not my feed. As for Navigon, placing it in Launch Center lets me put the actual Navigon App within a folder and not have to worry about drilling down into folders and sub-folders to launch it. Currently not every (okay, not even close to every) App is available to Add to Launch Center but the major ones are and the list grows literally every single day.

The Bottom Line
Launch Center will make your iPhone a lot more streamlined and efficient. Think of it as a Speed Dial for everything! The App list is growing every day and as it does so will the ways to use this custom Launch Center for your iPhone.
Get Launch Center for your iPhone from the iTunes store for $1.99 here: