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With their touch-screen interface and small display size (iPad aside), iDevices aren’t known for their addiction to ambitious action titles. Regardless, that’s just what’s on offer here. Set in a vibrant Japanese feudal environment, players will assume the role of your generic samurai character, destined to right a few wrongs using the pointy side of his blade.
Combat is kept relatively simple down to necessity more than any other factor. Three attack buttons only are afforded to the player — two covering quick and more considered strokes of the blade, one used to evade.
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Before you break out the Pop Tarts, though, be aware that Samurai II: Vengeance suffers from some perennial touch-screen problems. Too much of the screen can be obscured by the process of simply moving around each stage, while puzzles (such as they are) must employ only one generic action button and are hence neutered. Such cel-shaded graphics, though, do play entirely to the device’s strengths, giving many a reason to play on.


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George Francis Hotz (born October 2, 1989), alias geohot, million75 or simply mil is known for working with other people to unlock the iPhone, allowing the phone to be used with other wireless carriers, contrary to AT&T and Apple's intent.

 Blackra1n - Limera1n - Blacksn0w

He is also noted for jailbreaking the iPhone OS and developing a method for cracking the PlayStation 3.
On July 13th 2010: Hotz posted a message on his Twitter account stating that he was giving up trying to crack the PS3 any fur
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Hacking Apple iDevices :

According to Hotz's blog, he traded his unlocked 8GB iPhone to Terry Daidone, the founder of Certicell, for a Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones. Hotz said he wanted to give the iPhones to the other members of the team who created the hack with him. Hotz's hardware based unlocking technique has largely been replaced by software unlocking that does not require dis-assembly of the iPhone.

On February 8, 2008: Hotz developed the software unlock for the iPhone's new Bootloader Version 4.6 that was previously only achievable with a "testpoint based hardware unlock".

On July 3, 2009: Hotz announced purplera1n, the first public software exploit for jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS.

On October 11, 2009: Hotz released blackra1n, a jailbreak for all iPhones and iPod Touches. The only caveat was that the iPod touch third generation would need a "tethered jailbreak" to work.

On October 25, 2009: Hotz released Blackra1n RC2, an update to his previous blackra1n utility. This version allows MC Model iPod Touch 2G (8GB iPod Touch third generation) and new-bootrom iPhone 3GS users to jailbreak their iPod touches as well. (tethered jailbreak only)

On October 31, 2009: Hotz announced the impending release of Blackra1n RC3, this version will include blacksn0w which will allow SIM unlock of all iPhones using Blacksn0w RC1. Blacksn0w was originally scheduled for release  

on November 4, 2009: but due to positive test results it was moved to the 3rd. Blacksn0w was the #1 trending topic on Twitter as requested by GeoHot only moments after its release.

On April 13, 2010: Hotz established a website for his newest jailbreak software limera1n.
Limera1n was rumored to be his newest jailbreaking tool.

On June 24, 2010: Hotz wrote on Twitter that he had no plans to release a new jailbreak. He has told people looking for a jailbreak release to 'keep an eye on Spirit, the currently used program for 3.1.x jailbreaking, which lead to the belief there are plans to update the software to allow iOS 4.0jailbreaking. This however has not had a release date confirmed.

On July 10, 2010: Hotz published that he had been able to jailbreak an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0. As evidence, he provided a picture of the device executing Cydia. This post has since been edited and blocked from public view, in which Hotz stated that the picture was "quite obviously fake", addressing himself to "the haters".

On July 13, 2010: Hotz announced his retirement from iDevices hacking, saying that it's not fun as it used to be, and people were taking too serious something he used to do just as a distraction.

On October 8, 2010: Hotz confirmed he was releasing a Jailbreak on 10/11/10; one day after therelease of GreenPois0n. He also posted a picture of limera1n running on an iPhone 3G S, iPod Touch fourth generation, iPhone 4.

On October 9th: Hotz released limera1n Beta 1 - without support for the 3GS (due to a problem with the bootrom) Fixed. Additionally, the exploit has been found to be moderately buggy, even on supported devices. This suspended the release of the SHatter exploit in the form of greenpois0n, due for release the next day. On the limera1n website, he claims this was to make the Chronic Dev team "do the right thing" - presumably implying that they should save their jailbreak exploit for fifth generation devices. He later went on to release three more betas, containing support for iPhone 3GS models and iPod Touch 2G models, along with various bug fixes and other stability enhancements.

Personal life

Hotz grew up in Glen Rock, New Jersey, where he attended the Bergen County Academies, a magnet public high school. He has one sister, Julia Hotz, alias "Fifty". He currently attends the Rochester Institute of Technology studying biotechnology.

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Geohot with CNN interview - iPhone Hacker

Interview with 17 Year Old iPhone Hacker - Geohot By CNBC

iPhone geohot method unlock video

BlackSnow Unlock


Yesterday I added a new listing for open source iOS games featuring source code for games which currently are or have been in the app store that are open source.
Today I’ve updated the open source iOS apps list which contains all the open source apps which I’ve found and the total has now reached 69 apps.
New to the list are:
Clearis – A Cocos2D built puzzle game.
LittleGo – The game of Go.
PWSafe – A password storage app.
Quickbright – An app for quickly adjusting brightness settings.
Vim – the classic text edi
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tor brought to iOS.
I also re-added the game of Canabalt which was removed in a previous update when the source link appeared date.
I also updated the list removing links to app store listings which no longer exists, and fixed up many other links.
Check out the open source iOS apps list here where you can find these apps along with their source code..
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Assistant Extensions is a great new tweak that will allow you to open apps, send tweets and more via Siri. There are more and more tweaks released via Cydia every they and these allow jailbroken iDevices to get the most out of their devices. You could say that jailbreaks actually allow iOS to run the way it always should have run.

Since the release of the untethered jailbreak for A5 devices there have been more and more Siri tweaks released. Apple's voice recognition software has been the centre of so many developers attention since it launched with the iPhone 4S last Oc
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tober. Jailbreaking allows using to enjoy some great Siri perks and these include allowing simple SBSettings-like commands to be activated using Siri. There are many more Siri tweaks including SiriToggles and the soon to be released Sireet which will allow users to send Tweets using Siri.

AssitantExtensions has been released however and this allows users to send Tweets, activate SBSettings toggles and open various different apps without having to touch your screeen. This new tweak is available free of charge from the BigBoss repository. If you have SiriToggles the developer of AssitantExtensions does recommend that you remove it even though no conflicts between the two have been reported. The features of AssitantExtensions do however supersede SiriToggles so you won't need it anyway.

If you plan on downloading AssitantExtensions you will need a jailbroken iPhone and there are plenty of tools that you can use to do this including Absinthe, Sn0wbreeze and more.

Color Keyboard 1.1.9-2 Color Keyboard 1.1.9-2 is the updated and revised version of iDevice software for the change of color and theme of the iDevice. This is one of the most used and well re-known software for the keyboard customization. This software is released at BigBoss repo by the author Yoo Seung Kim. Color Keyboard 1.1.9-2 has [...]

Download 3.7.2 [v3.7.2] for iDevices is a wonderful little app. is a multimedia app for the iPhone – iPad – iPod touch. Now you can watch more than 2500 TV channels on You can browse through different categories. Watching TV on the screen in your hand any where is a great freedom which [...]
How to Sync Firefox Bookmarks with iPhone and iPad is a post from:
As such, it’s not possible to sync Firefox bookmarks with iPhone or sync iPhone bookmarks with Firefox because the iTunes library doesn’t have an option for that. You can however sync Safari bookmarks.
Of late, it’s been getting quite clear that quite a lot of users still prefer Firefox on their PCs or Laptops. The average household has become a combination of large-screen browsing (on PCs) and small-screen ones (on smartphones). When this is the case, syncing bookmarks becomes tou
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gh if you used Firefox on the PC and Safari on the iPhone. But there are two ways you can solve this problem of syncing.
Here’s how to sync Firefox bookmarks with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:
Method 1 – Export / Import
In this process, you will export the Firefox bookmarks, import them to Safari and just sync. As simple as that.

On your PC, where you have bookmarks on Firefox, just export the bookmarks as HTML.
To do this, go to Bookmarks → Show All Bookmarks.
Now, choose the Import and Backup → Export HTML…
Save the file to someplace you can access fast.
Now, open Safari.
File – Import Bookmarks
Choose the file you just saved.

Now, just connect your iPhone to the PC and Sync via iTunes. Make sure Sync Safari Bookmarks is checked (under the Info tab for your iPhone on iTunes).
Method 2 – Firefox Home Firefox Home is a simple app you can download on your iPhone. (it’s designed for iPhone, not iPad, but works on iPad too). It works via Firefox Sync (which is a service that syncs your personal bookmarks and stuff on your local desktop Firefox to the cloud) so you will need to have Firefox Sync enabled on your PC.
Firefox Home is not a browser – but a syncing service which connects and syncs all your bookmarks to your iPhone. You can then open them via Safari on your smartphone. Firefox Home is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store. It comes straight from Mozilla Corporation, so it’s highly trusted.
Interestingly, Firefox Home can also keep track of your Tabs and comes with search feature that helps you search from your history, bookmarks etc. easily.
You might want to check out:

How to Sync Safari Bookmarks with iPhone and iPad

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 2012 — If your iPhone videos are so lame that even your loved ones won’t watch them anymore, we’ve got some advice for you.
Cult of Mac talked to Matt Dessner, co-founder of the Original iPhone Film Festival (OIFF),  about choosing a subject, keeping it steady, getting enough b-roll and what he calls the Golden Tip of Editing.
The OIFF is about to announce 2012 winners here; with a little practice you might win next year’s competition and a MacBook Air.

Cult of Mac: What’s the best way to shoot steady with
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an iPhone?
Matt Dessner: Ahh, the puzzling question: “To mount or to grip?” Like many challenges, there are often several good solutions.
When shooting with an iPhone, it always helps to have something to steady the ship. One way to go is to use a mount like ALM’s mCam. I really like this mount because it has 1/4″ holes to put it on a tripod or mic stand and additionally offers so many additional spots to add a light, mic or anything else you can screw into a 1/4″ hole. Without going into a full-on review, I assure you it should be one of the first mounts to consider.
The other option is a lightweight run-and-gun grip, like one from Zacuto called the iPhone zGrip. It’s simple to use and you can literally point your iPhone and shoot with one hand — and get the steady shots you could never do unassisted and one-handed…If you intend to attach other iPhonefilmmaking accessories and build a rig, go mCAM. If you’re on the run and want something simple you can keep in your bag for those eyewitness moments – grab a zGrip.
CoM: What makes a good subject for an iPhone film – since you’ve got some limitations with the field, etc.?
MD: A good subject is always something the iPhonefilmmaker feels passionately about. Yes, it sounds a bit Tony Robbins or Hallmark-like, but  if you are not 100% committed your audience will pick up on it immediately. So when picking a subject to shoot, if your passion is in place then there are really no limitations. The emerging ecosystem of iPhoneFilmmaking accessories and apps are amazing and can provide a solution for most challenges.
The iPhone in many ways is like a blank canvas; as a filmmaking device it can be dressed up in many ways to achieve amazing cinematic imagery.
CoM: Where do you stand on the “zoom” issue – is using it good idea for an iPhone video or better to  take separate shots?
MD: This really relates to shooting style and what is the best way to capture a shot that forwards the story being told.
I’m a fan of separate shots. It’s just the way my mind works and the way I see a story being built. I actually visualize a storyboard in my mind and see the shots broken down in sequence.  Every shot is a unique step in the staircase of the narrative that fits in a certain spot.
Zooming has its place but it often is overused and reminiscent of home movies shot on camcorders. Now if zooming is something that is integral to your style of shooting, then I’d look into a lens adapter like one that encinema makes. You can that pop on a DSLR lens and really control your zoom without having to artificially blow up the frame with a digital effect.
CoM: Do you have any editing shortcuts/tips?
MD: I come from a post-production background having designed, edited and animated TV commercials in New York City. So post is one of my favorite parts of making a story come to life. Whatever the flavor of the month is in the production world, one rule holds true: “garbage in, garbage out.” That simply means that you can’t rely on the old adage “We will fix it in post.” You need to get good shots in the can.
So now here is the golden tip..wait for it,wait…OK here it is: When it comes to iPhonefilmmaking, make sure that when you offload your footage onto your drive (assuming you are cutting on a computer not the phone) you want to grab the UNCOMPRESSED footage off the iPhone.
This will ensure you are starting with the most pristine version of the digital file. A great app to do that with is the Photo Transfer App. You can pull the uncompressed raw files over to your mac and it works wirelessly. Just brilliant.
CoM: The best advice I ever got from a producer was “b-roll, b-roll, b-roll!” (meaning you can never have enough supplemental/extra footage), does this hold true for iPhone films? What makes good iPhone b-roll?
MD: B-roll is always great because it visually fills in holes that can act as a bridge between cuts/shots. Good b-roll starts with having it in the first place. Remember to remain a “first-time viewer” when making your story. People are not as familiar with your subject as you are. Bring out the details of the story by showing the viewer some of the things they would observe as if they were actually experiencing the shot in person.
Naturally, we don’t lock our eyes on one point of view when we witness and experience something. We look around, we notice…we take stock. We see that the blue collar worker we are talking to has rough skin on his hands from working all day outside. Or that the child eating a lollypop telling a story had thrown the wrapper halfway into his jeans pocket and it’s sticking out. Get a shot of the hands to cut away to during your edit! Get a close up shot of the wrapper poking our of the jeans pocket and use it – these details are the moments between the shots that engage us.
So b-roll can really elevate the production value and provide a deeper emotional connection for the viewer.
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Today the world finally received the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak thanks to @pod2g and the ‘Dream Team’. GreenPois0n Absinthe was released first by the Chronic Dev Team. Want to jailbreak your iPhone 4S? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to jailbreak it with GreenPois0n Absinthe. Absinthe iPhone 4S Jailbreak Prep: - Ensure you are on iOS...How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe [Tutorial] is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource


Welcome back Geohot, here is the one of the best news in our jailbreak history you are going to hear it, few monthes age the greatest hacker George Hotz worked at Facebook, today Geohot is leaving Facebook and Now a Full-Time Hacker.

Ok guys for those who don't know George Hotz:

he is the first guy who make a jailbreak for the iPhone and PlayStation too, he made two popular jailbreak tools which are BlackRa1n and Limera1n, also in 2011 Geohot get into a war between him and Sony after he hacked Sony playstations and dropped Sony official
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We will keep you updated For more news a bout George Hotz and his new Jailbreak tools Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+