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“Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, causing 7.6 million deaths in 2008, although it is estimated that a third of theses deaths could have been avoidable with greater prevention, early detection and existing treatments.” - This is the introduction to the world cancer day 2012, which takes place on February 4th. The motto of this years day is: “Together it is possible”.
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Finally an “Easy” way to search the web and discover all the great potentialities of Google in a simple app. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo and Myspace are also integrated in the app. And you can also post everything you find with Easy Search on Faceboook . Easy Search in combination with apple voice over feature is also a great interface for blind people and blind users to search Google, Google+,Bing, Facebook,…
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“Do You Have Facebook?” – By Vishal Agarwala
As we strive to communicate with each other in evermore efficient and convenient ways, web services and companies which offer such conveniences are becoming super-wealthy.
Take Facebook as one example. The largest database of public information on the planet – (holding the records of more than 800 Million people) – Facebook is now expected to reach a market valuation of $100 Billion in just a few weeks.

That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, who notes this weekend that the world&#
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8217;s largest social network may now be gearing to submit its first IPO – (or “Initial Public Offering”) – as part of what is considered a “defining moment” in web investment.

The report notes that Facebook finally submitting papers for an IPO could raise as much as $10 Billion for itself, pushing the company’s overall valuation into a region which sits somewhere between $75-$100 Billion, according to “people familiar with the matter.” Of course, a valuation of $75 Billion or less would arrive lower than original expectations.
From the report:
The Internet giant is close to picking Morgan Stanley to lead the deal, these people said. Wall Street banks, many of them struggling amid a crimp in trading profits, have been jostling for a leading role in the deal, which could yield them tens of millions of dollars in banker fees, potential new business and bragging rights.
A nod for Morgan Stanley would mark a disappointment for rival Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which a year ago was viewed as having an edge to lead the deal. One person familiar with the matter said that while Morgan Stanley would likely land the coveted “lead-left” spot on an IPO financial filing, Goldman would also likely play a significant role.
Single-handedly changing the way we communicate, Facebook has played its role in connecting people not just for the purpose of friendship, but also in times of political unrest. The deal – if it goes ahead – would place Facebook alongside an elite list of other companies, (including Visa, General Motors and AT&T Wireless), who currently hold the highest IPOs in the world.
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With the announcement of Siri came high expectations for the future of what is, and will be possible with Apple's artificial intelligence assistant.  It was exciting. Many people (including myself) had thoughts of launching Apps, adjusting system settings, placing calls, composing texts, searching the internet, and more. While the former was available strait out of the box with iOS 5 and the iPhone 4s, the latter was left to be desired… until now. With the release of Absinthe Jailbreaking tool for the A5 processor devices running iOS5, and the introduction of SiriToggles i
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n the Cydia store, we finally have the functionality that we want with Siri!

Adjustments With Voice Commands
Like I said, I wanted to control the functionality of my iPhone with Siri not just place calls, and make appointments. SiriToggles adds that and more! With SiriToggles you can control the brightness of your iPhone by simply saying "change backlight brightness to X%".  It doesn't stop there though! If you want to know how much battery that you have left, ask Siri "how much battery do I have left?" and Siri will display as well as tell you the % of battery life left.
Beyond adjusting brightness and displaying the battery percentage, SiriToggles allows you to toggle a bunch of functions like the name implies. Toggle on/off bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Celular Data and more!

Launch Your Apps!
Toggling settings is nice, adjusting brightness is useful, but where SiriToggles really shines is launching Apps! That's right, launch your Apps right from Siri now! Just as you can see in the shot above, tell Siri "launch Facebook" (or any other App) and it launches! This is a feature that many people considered to be a "must have" to make Siri truly useful. Well it's here, now. All that is required is jailbreaking your phone, and installing this wonderful free App.
The Bottom Line
While I know that jailbreaking isn't for everyone, this is just one more reason to jailbreak your device. If you are interested in jailbreaking your phone, see the amazingly thorough guide here on the process. Once you have completed the jailbreak, be sure to install SiriToggles to unlock Siri's potential!
One of the annoying things if you use the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for Gmail or Google Apps account is that when you delete the email, by default Gmail will archive the message instead of … Continue reading →
Free Siri Cydia tweaks for jailbroken iPhone 4S are continually rolling in as we have shared AssistantExtensions, Sireet before and now Lingual is out there. Lingaul can translate a word or phrase into more than 30 different languages. See also: Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe Jailbreak iPhone 4 S with Command Line Interface Corona Lingual Supported Languages [...]


27 Jan 2012 - Dar-Soft announces the availability of German localized versions of their popular PDF converting apps – PDF Printer and PDF PROvider for iPhone and iPad.
PDF Printer allows converting documents in different formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files as well as Photos and Contacts to Adobe PDF format on the iPhone or iPad.
With PDF Printer internal Web-browser it is easy to open, preview and con
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vert to PDF HTML or any other web page.To the versatile PDF converting capabilities PDF PROvider adds ability to merge PDF documents from different sources. To generate the report or presentation it is easy to collect several documents in PDF or any other format into one PDF document.
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Make everyday magical with Younicorn. Do you believe in magic? You will after downloading this practically indispensable new iPhone app. Simply upload your photo, choose one of 12 mystical, enchanted backgrounds, add an adjustable horn, then get ready to have a spell cast on your mind! You can also upload your Younicorn photos directly to your Facebook page for all to see. Want to play a magical prank on a friend or family member? Younicorn them. Have a baby or a pet? Younicorn them.
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Rovio has tonight pushed out new versions of both its iPhone and iPad-targeted Angry Birds Rio offering, bringing with them 15 new levels for each of the games. Alongside the addition of new levels, the updates to Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Rio HD – (issued just a few hours ago) – also introduce a new, “thrilling” boss to defeat, which is bound to keep you flapping those wings.

Hidden fruit also arrives as new addition to Angry Birds Rio, with the aim to collect all the pieces scattered through the levels to earn awesome achievements. For those loo
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king for more, though, Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2 and Angry Birds Rio HD 1.4.2 now include the “amazing expandable Orange Bird,” which joins the game’s other playable characters – as well as “The Mighty Eagle” – which, it is noted, is now also available to players.

Changelog (1.4.2, Both Versions)

- Fifteen challenging new levels will test your puzzle skills!
- Thrilling boss fight will have you on the edge of your seat!
- Search out all the hidden fruit and earn special awards!
- The amazing expandable Orange Bird joins the party!
-The Mighty Eagle is now available to wreak havoc on tough levels!

Both Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2 and Angry Birds Rio HD 1.4.2 arrive as FREE updates to all those who may already own a previous copy of the two games, with those who don’t already able to get their hands on the updates for $2.99 and $0.99, respectively.
Tonight’s updates follow last week’s updates issued to both Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Seasons HD, which were released in celebration of the Chinese New Year.
Grab them now – below!
Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a time for peace, cheer, and gratefulness. I always look forward to the end of the year, not only because of Christmas, but especially because of Thanksgiving. It’s an admirable holiday– a day to give thanks, express gratitude, and count our blessings– and that’s a feeling that anyone, even non-Americans, can certainly appreciate.
A Year in Viet Nam. I’ve now been in Viet Nam for a little over a year. And although most of our development team is based here, Greengar Studios is an American company. So, when we were considering ho
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w to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our new offices, we decided to make it big. Not in terms of the number of people, but in terms of the amount of food. And we succeeded.
Not only did we prepare ample quantities of food, but we also expressed our creativity in multiple ways. We had a large, artistic “Give Thanks” poster with everyone’s hand-tracings and written expressions of thanks. And a few of the guests joined me in assembling this deliciously juicy fruit turkey:
Elliot and his fruit turkey
Does it look like a turkey? Because it certainly is one!
Thanks to Tyler, Silvercast, and others for helping to put him together. Later that evening, I ate half that watermelon body myself.
Our star Customer Service rep, Angie Worldtrekker, loves pies, especially Apple pies:
Angie Worldtrekker's pie
Mmm.. I had a slice after this photo was taken.
Needless to say, we had a terrific Thanksgiving feast. And way, way too much food.
Shopping season. Right after Thanksgiving, the shopping begins. I think they call it “Black Friday”. Or was it “Cyber Monday”? Heck, even Apple is having a sale today! So it should be no surprise that we’re jumping in with a sale of our own. We’ve taken our freshly-updated flagship app– Whiteboard Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad– and cut the price from $2.99 down to 99¢.
Whiteboard Pro: on sale!
Yes: 99¢ for a limited time. It’s the lowest price ever.
Whiteboard Pro has NEVER cost less than this.
Get Whiteboard Pro from the App Store while you still can!
Not only that, but we just updated Whiteboard Pro 2 days ago. The new version is 2.3, and this is certainly the best version of Whiteboard we’ve ever shipped.
Besides squashing tons of bugs and seriously improving the app’s performance, we’ve also added the ability to claim your drawings on Whiteboard Gallery– so you can finally take credit for all your work!
This new update is a free to all existing users of Whiteboard Pro. So if you’re already a customer, hop over to the App Store, and enjoy.
And as always, let us know what you think! Give us a good review on the App Store, or let us know if you’ve found any problems. If you contact us, Angie Worldtrekker will get right back to you
Posted by Elliot Lee, founder and CEO