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The New Start Screen of upcoming Microsoft desktop OS Windows 8 is integrated with a tile preview to access desktop, installed programs, memory locations, etc, which is quite similar to Windows Phone 7 home screen. Now, Windows 7 users who want to experience Windows 8 home screen on their PC can do that by having [...]

The photo canvas app is a very simple app which allows you to take pictures with your iPhone and send them to this company to be printed on high quality canvas and shipped to you.  With the newer iPhone 4 and 4s the camera is able to take high resolution pictures and since people have their phone with them all the time, this is how many people are taking most of their pictures.  Unfortunately that used to mean that it was difficult to move the pictures over to your computer, edit them and have them printed professionally. read more

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vineyard vines is a lifestyle brand founded in 1998, when brothers Shep & Ian Murray, decided to quit their corporate jobs to start selling a collection of playful neckties on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard. The first collection of ties sold out and since then they’ve expanded beyond the Vineyard and are pleased to more than just ties, including clothing and accessories men, women and kids. Download the VV app and get an up close look at the catalog—browse the catalog, vis
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Oh dear.
The guys behind social networking app Path have found themselves in a little bother this week. Controversy surrounding the app first stemmed from a blog post published by Arun Thampi, in which Thampi discovered the alarming fact that Path had been uploading the entire address books of every user who had since registered with the service, to its own servers …
… and without user’s permission.

Thampi wrote:
Upon inspecting closer, I noticed that my entire address book (including full names, emails and phone numbers) was being sent as a pl
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ist to Path. Now I don’t remember having given permission to Path to access my address book and send its contents to its servers, so I created a completely new “Path” and repeated the experiment and I got the same result – my address book was in Path’s hands.
Sure enough, Thampi was right. Upon creating an account at Path a call was previously made to:, which Thampi noted contained data such as “your first name, last name, gender and [account] password.”
If that wasn’t alarming enough, Thampi went on to explain the third call made to Path’s own servers during the account creation process, a call to: This, Thampi says, “is the actual offending call which [uploaded] my entire address book to Path.”

Unsurprisingly, the world reacted to the finding, and Path CEO, Dave Morin, was quick to the mark tonight to apologize for the firm’s actions. Calling the collection of user data without permission a “mistake,” Morin noted that it is Path’s mission to build “the world’s first personal network,” one which is considered a “trusted place”.
“We made a mistake. Over the last couple of days users brought to light an issue concerning how we handle your personal information on Path, specifically the transmission and storage of your phone contacts,” Morin said
“As our mission is to build the world’s first personal network, a trusted place for you to journal and share life with close friends and family, we take the storage and transmission of your personal information very, very seriously.“
Following what many are now calling a PR nightmare, the CEO noted tonight that Path has since deleted the entire archive of information it had collected without users’ permission, also adding that an update to the app had been issued which intends to solve this privacy issue by offering users the ability to opt out of this data collection process.
Here’s the thing. If Path collects your data and you let them do it via not opting out, and you later decide you no longer want Path to hold this information – according to 9to5Mac – you’ll have to e-mail Path to request that the information be removed from the firm’s servers – suggesting there will be no automated way to request that this happen in-app, once you’ve given Path permission to take your data.
We believe you should have control when it comes to sharing your personal information. We also believe that actions speak louder than words. So, as a clear signal of our commitment to your privacy, we’ve deleted the entire collection of user uploaded contact information from our servers. Your trust matters to us and we want you to feel completely in control of your information on Path.


In Path 2.0.6, released to the App Store today, you are prompted to opt in or out of sharing your phone’s contacts with our servers in order to find your friends and family on Path. If you accept and later decide you would like to revoke this access, please send an email to and we will promptly see to it that your contact information is removed.

Those still looking to use Path can download the new “opt-out” update – (below).
I’m pleased to announce that the version 1.3 update for Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing for Mac is now available.

Here’s what we improved in this release:
- New and improved icons.
- Multi-touch gestures are now supported.
- Full-screen drawing is now supported on OS X Lion.
- Support for the 2-finger pinching gesture for zooming.
Thanks for using Whiteboard.
Let us know what you think in the comments!


“Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, causing 7.6 million deaths in 2008, although it is estimated that a third of theses deaths could have been avoidable with greater prevention, early detection and existing treatments.” - This is the introduction to the world cancer day 2012, which takes place on February 4th. The motto of this years day is: “Together it is possible”.
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Finally an “Easy” way to search the web and discover all the great potentialities of Google in a simple app. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo and Myspace are also integrated in the app. And you can also post everything you find with Easy Search on Faceboook . Easy Search in combination with apple voice over feature is also a great interface for blind people and blind users to search Google, Google+,Bing, Facebook,…
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“Do You Have Facebook?” – By Vishal Agarwala
As we strive to communicate with each other in evermore efficient and convenient ways, web services and companies which offer such conveniences are becoming super-wealthy.
Take Facebook as one example. The largest database of public information on the planet – (holding the records of more than 800 Million people) – Facebook is now expected to reach a market valuation of $100 Billion in just a few weeks.

That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, who notes this weekend that the world&#
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8217;s largest social network may now be gearing to submit its first IPO – (or “Initial Public Offering”) – as part of what is considered a “defining moment” in web investment.

The report notes that Facebook finally submitting papers for an IPO could raise as much as $10 Billion for itself, pushing the company’s overall valuation into a region which sits somewhere between $75-$100 Billion, according to “people familiar with the matter.” Of course, a valuation of $75 Billion or less would arrive lower than original expectations.
From the report:
The Internet giant is close to picking Morgan Stanley to lead the deal, these people said. Wall Street banks, many of them struggling amid a crimp in trading profits, have been jostling for a leading role in the deal, which could yield them tens of millions of dollars in banker fees, potential new business and bragging rights.
A nod for Morgan Stanley would mark a disappointment for rival Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which a year ago was viewed as having an edge to lead the deal. One person familiar with the matter said that while Morgan Stanley would likely land the coveted “lead-left” spot on an IPO financial filing, Goldman would also likely play a significant role.
Single-handedly changing the way we communicate, Facebook has played its role in connecting people not just for the purpose of friendship, but also in times of political unrest. The deal – if it goes ahead – would place Facebook alongside an elite list of other companies, (including Visa, General Motors and AT&T Wireless), who currently hold the highest IPOs in the world.
[via AppleInsider]

With the announcement of Siri came high expectations for the future of what is, and will be possible with Apple's artificial intelligence assistant.  It was exciting. Many people (including myself) had thoughts of launching Apps, adjusting system settings, placing calls, composing texts, searching the internet, and more. While the former was available strait out of the box with iOS 5 and the iPhone 4s, the latter was left to be desired… until now. With the release of Absinthe Jailbreaking tool for the A5 processor devices running iOS5, and the introduction of SiriToggles i
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n the Cydia store, we finally have the functionality that we want with Siri!

Adjustments With Voice Commands
Like I said, I wanted to control the functionality of my iPhone with Siri not just place calls, and make appointments. SiriToggles adds that and more! With SiriToggles you can control the brightness of your iPhone by simply saying "change backlight brightness to X%".  It doesn't stop there though! If you want to know how much battery that you have left, ask Siri "how much battery do I have left?" and Siri will display as well as tell you the % of battery life left.
Beyond adjusting brightness and displaying the battery percentage, SiriToggles allows you to toggle a bunch of functions like the name implies. Toggle on/off bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Celular Data and more!

Launch Your Apps!
Toggling settings is nice, adjusting brightness is useful, but where SiriToggles really shines is launching Apps! That's right, launch your Apps right from Siri now! Just as you can see in the shot above, tell Siri "launch Facebook" (or any other App) and it launches! This is a feature that many people considered to be a "must have" to make Siri truly useful. Well it's here, now. All that is required is jailbreaking your phone, and installing this wonderful free App.
The Bottom Line
While I know that jailbreaking isn't for everyone, this is just one more reason to jailbreak your device. If you are interested in jailbreaking your phone, see the amazingly thorough guide here on the process. Once you have completed the jailbreak, be sure to install SiriToggles to unlock Siri's potential!
One of the annoying things if you use the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for Gmail or Google Apps account is that when you delete the email, by default Gmail will archive the message instead of … Continue reading →