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Wrestling Belt CreatorDeveloper: Apptronics Limited Price: freeDownload from the App StoreUser Ratings: Apptronics Ltd today announced they have delivered the first Wrestling belt creator app on the Apple iOS App store. The universal app is free and allows wrestling fans to personally create their own customized dream belt. The goal of the app is to design and fantasize about what their belt would look like if it really existed and share with their friends.
"Oh awesome that looks pretty damn cool, good idea too, " said Paul Martin of Paul Martin Championship Belts "it's a good concept
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and I'm actually surprised it hasn't been done yet. " (more...)

Following up on yesterday’s rumors about the MacBook Pro, Bloomberg has confirmed the claims with their own report. The MacBook Pro line will be updated during WWDC, and will indeed offer a thinner profile and retina display. Bloomberg states the following,
The MacBook Pro machines, to be unveiled at Apple’s annual developers conference starting June 11, also will feature high- definition screens like those on the iPhone and iPad, as well as flash memory to cut startup times and extend battery life, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans haven’t been made
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The report looks to be a controlled leak from Apple PR to test feedback, and build up excitement for the event. The terms used sound like Apple PR speak with the discussion of flash memory, “cut startup times and extend battery life”, and screens “like those on the iPhone and iPad”. The report also confirms the addition of Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors.
WWDC looks to busy this year with these new MacBook Pros, iOS 6, new iCloud features, and possibly more on OS X Mountain Lion.


MONOPOLY for iPad 1.0.5
Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Games
Price: $6.99 -> $.99, Version: 1.0.5 (iTunes)

**DAILY DEAL! Get 80% off MONOPOLY for iPad!!** See all of our EA DAILY DEALS at New Play, Every Day!“GO” with the best MONOPOLY for iPad yet! Enjoy ALL-NEW gameplay features and improvements, including a Toyota Prius mover that lets you go for the green in more ways than one! From Mediterranean and Baltic to Boardwalk and beyond, enjoy a wealth of ways to play with friends – or friendly comp
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uter opponents! EXCLUSIVE iPAD FEATURES INCLUDE… • Tabletop Mode – Gather friends and family around the iPad and use customizable Game Rules in the game’s signature mode • Teacher Mode – Play against the computer and get tips and tricks to help you strategize in future games• Enhanced HD-quality graphics – iPad delivers a visually rich experience with striking animated elements – It’s just a lot of fun!GET “GOING” IN MULTIPLE MODES OF MONOPOLY PLAYJump right into a game with up to 3 other players in Play Now mode. Or take your on chances against in-game computer opponents featuring 4 levels of difficulty. Also connect multiple devices to play with up to 3 other players via local WiFi or Head-to-Head via Bluetooth! _______________________________________** DON'T MISS OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES! ** SCRABBLE, TETRIS®, Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit, ROCK BAND® Reloaded, SimCity™ Deluxe, Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports™ & PICTUREKA™! GIFT THIS APP: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the iTunes® App Store.Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more…VISIT US: US: US: US:'s New** GAME UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download now for the best game experience yet! **

CoinKeeper Review
By Kevin Stout on March 22nd, 2012
Our Rating: :: MUST-HAVEiPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad

CoinKeeper is an interface-focused personal finance app with some game elements.

Developer: SMS Services O.o.o
Price: $0.99
Version Reviewed: 2.1
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4
iPhone Integration Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
User Interface Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars
Re-use / Replay Value Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating: 4.58 out of 5 stars
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Personal finance, budgeting, saving…not the most fun terms to through around. The expense tracking apps I’ve used in the past have been great. But they’ve been all function and no interface or fun (like PocketMoney). CoinKeeper has a visually stunning and easy-to-use interface while still functioning as a powerful and useful personal finance app.
I was immediately drawn to the “coin” setup of the accounts and budgeting. The top, green row is income (excuse the greyed out areas, I have no interest in sharing that information). Once an account is added, it shows “$0/x.” The ‘x’ stands for whatever number the user expects as income for the month. When a payment comes in for that income, the user can drag the coin from that income into an account in the red row (cash, savings, checking, etc). A quick transaction screen pops up asking for an amount and that’s it. The income coin will “fill up” based on the percentage of expected payment. Then, when money is spent from the accounts, drag the coin from an account to a budget category. The same transaction screen will pop up and the budget category’s coin will fill up accordingly.
All users should create a miscellaneous budget category because all transactions must be in a category. Even if the user doesn’t use the drag and drop function to purchase and instead taps on the account and enters it manually, a category still needs to be chosen.
CoinKeeper also builds users a profile with game-like elements. Users can earn stars, earn points in attributes (like “hoarding” or consistent), and keep track of statistics. The statistics view has pie charts based on month, history, and daily reports.
The element that finally persuaded me to switch to using CoinKeeper over the other apps I’ve used in the past is syncing. CoinKeeper has recently added a server to sync and backup information. I can now use CoinKeeper to keep track of both me and my fiancée’s financial information as we save up for our wedding.
CoinKeeper is by far the best and easiest to use personal finance app I’ve ever used. It’s currently on sale at an unbelievable price of $0.99. Grab it while it’s dirt cheap.

CoinKeeper: Budget, bills and expense trackingiPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Buy Now: $0.99 $2.99Our Rating: :: MUST-HAVERead Our Full Review >>Released: 2011-10-17 :: Category: FinanceApps mentioned in this post: CoinKeeper: Budget, bills and expense tracking

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Yesterday All Things D broke the news that Zynga bought Draw Something developer OMGPOP for $180 million, plus an additional $30 million in “employee retention payments.” The acquisition speaks to game’s rapid ascension; it’s an unqualified success. Draw Something has topped both Apple’s free and paid game charts, with about 250,000 people playing the game each day.
Chances are that if you aren’t playing Draw Something already that you will be. The game combines Words With Friends-style social game play with the old school fun of Pictionary.

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Initially players have the choice to sign in with Facebook or create a username and start a game outside the giant social network’s umbrella.
At the start of the game the player has the choice of three words, with easy, medium, or hard levels of difficulty. Three coins are awarded to the player if the opponent guesses the hard word correctly, followed by two coins for a medium word, and one coin for an easy word. If you don’t like your words, use a bomb to get new choices.

Drawing the word is easy enough. Players begin with black, red, yellow, and blue as well as several settings for line thickness. Players in the paid version begin with 400 coins which they can use to buy more colors.
While guessing players can use a bomb hint to get rid of extra letters. The game keeps track of each team’s winning streak. As long as you both guess correctly the game will award you coins and tell you that your work is “Drawsome.” Guess wrong, and you get nada. Players can also pass, though it’s rarely necessary unless you’re playing with either an extremely young (or lazy) opponent.
Draw Something has the inherent flexibility of iOS, so topics are timely. The game is just as likely to suggest drawings of Jeremy Lin or Justin Bieber as it is to offer Elvis as a suggestion.
Players can start guessing as soon as the drawing begins, but clever artists can obscure the meaning of an obvious word until the last moment. When drawing a door knob, for example, the artist could draw an entire house, with garden, and children playing in the yard, then at the last moment draw a knob on the front door with an arrow pointing to it. The artists ability to play with the context of the word they are drawing adds to the fun.
Families who are sharing a device will want to note the password that OMGPOP sends in the welcome email since they will be signing in and out of the app.
Download Draw Something for $0.99 from the App Store, or try out the free version of this universal app. The paid version includes more words than the free version, and players begin with 5 hints in addition 400 coins.

What I liked: Players don’t have to be great artists to make the game fun. While the game is easy to play on the small screen, it was great to have the iPad’s larger canvas on which to work.
What I didn’t like: Users who play multiple games at once may get similar words from different opponents, which makes the game a little too easy. Features that allow players to chat and share a completed drawing are purported to be underway, and both options would enhance the gaming experience.
To buy or not to buy: What are you waiting for? Everyone you know is probably already playing. Whether you choose the free version or the paid version, Draw Something is a must-try for all iDevice users.

App Name: Draw Something
Version Reviewed: 1.4.1
Category: Games
Developer: OMGPOP
Price: $0.99, free

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Every so often an app comes around that fits the iOS platform perfect and creates a truly remarkable feel. Thanks to the developers at State of Play Games, Lume for iPod Touch and iPhone fits this profile quite well. Lume is a one of a kind game with completely unique pop up “paper and card” [...]

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I am a huge Renaissance Faire geek. Seriously. I’ve jousted, courted and costumed it up with the best of them. I even have a real sword.
So I was very excited to find out that the latest addition to The Sims empire, The Sims Medieval, was coming to the iPad. Considering how much I loved The Sims growing up, combined with my fondness for “tales of yonder,” I was thrilled to play the game.
Was it all I thought it would be? Absolutely. Was I expecting much? No, not really – especially following the disappointment that was The Sims FreePlay. But in the end,
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The Sims Medieval For iPad was a great addition to the iPad gaming club.
(...)Read the rest of Review – The Sims Medieval For iPad (487 words)

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ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager)Developer: Igor Zhadanov Price: $4.99Download from the App StoreUser Ratings: Today Readdle releases a new version of ReaddleDocs - its legendary file manager and document viewer for the iPhone. The latest update incorporates an innovative redesigned interface, great annotating capabilities, iCloud support and other multiple new features.
Being a Rolls Royce of document portfolios, ReaddleDocs is a perfect combination of a file manager and a document viewer in a single iPhone application. It can open the most common file fo
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rmats like MS Office and Apple iWork, PDF documents and images, along with audio and video files. Going beyond the established capabilities, the new version of ReaddleDocs allows users to annotate PDF files. They can now highlight text, add comments, underline or strikeout mistakes. (more...)


There’s nothing quite like a sword wielding action RPG platformer like Zelda, and other similar fare. Touch Foo has made a name for itself with the excellent platformer Soosiz, which combines classic gameplay with the fresh gravitational pull on mini planets somewhat similar to Super Mario Galaxy. Swordigo is their next game, and it provides the classic feel of a sword wielding action RPG as you battle through a magical realm. It’s an expansive adventure where you try to end the spread of darkness across the land by battling away enemies one by one.

You have a sword and magica
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l spells at your disposal to dispatch of foes, and there’s a smooth and customizable on screen control system. As you progress you uncover new items, and can upgrade your character to be better prepared for what lies ahead. The game is a perfect embodiment of the ones that have become before it, and it brings all of the classic elements to iOS. There’s never a dull movement as you hop between platforms and slash your sword against a plethora of enemies. The entire game has such a smooth flow, and great balance that you’ll want to keep playing through the entire adventure.
There’s a great design as well with dynamic lighting effects, great character design, and nice looking environments. Gameplay is king with this one though, and there’s just such an engaging experience that this game is definitely tough to put down. There are various quests available at all times, and it leads to acquiring keys, flipping switches, and encountering bosses. The boss battles are especially great, and all of the battles have a very good balance of challenge and enjoyment. One potential drawback is that health and level up status pops-up whenever you begin an attack.
Swordigo ($1.99, Universal) is another App Store gem from Touch Foo, by bringing all the best classic elements to iOS in a brilliantly designed package.


Iron Commando Pro 1.8.1
Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.8.1 (iTunes)

*NOW FREE for a VERY LIMITED TIME!* DRIVE BACK the ALIEN INVADERS!JUMP into this super-challenging ACTION-PACKED PLATFORMER! now with OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS!★★★★★SCORE sweet POWER-UPS, PULVERIZE menacing BOSS SHIPS, and BATTLE your way through 8 ULTRA-CLASSIC STAGES!★★★★★HOP into a BLAST FROM THE PAST and get your RETRO ON.YES, we brought the 30-LIFE CHEAT ;) ★★★★★ it is the year 2046. an anthropomorphic extraterrestr
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ial species has overrun planet earth, and is unleashing its destructive forces on major cities across the globe. apocalypse threatens as rumor spreads that the invaders have scheduled a 7,000 megaton nuclear detonation. you are all that stands between your planet and a nuclear winter. now is the moment of determination, iron commando... ★★★★★ ✓ swanky cartoon style✓ fluid graphics w/ high fps✓ detailed surroundings✓ smooth controls✓ realistic shooting & sound fx✓ eight different stages✓ eight formidable boss ships ★★★★★ ▶ ▶'s New-UI changes.★★★★★▶ ▶
Iron Commando Pro