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Well that didn’t take long at all.  T-Mobile will be launching a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II  just in time for the holidays.  No word on a release date and price but as always we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading at and be sure to Follow us on Twitter, Like [...]
With all the freebies that have been flying around each week, it’s a wonder we haven’t run out. Then again, how many hundreds of apps and games are released each week? Yeah, I suppose when I think about it that way it’s no wonder we’re still going strong. Strong with savings!
… I’m sorry. Just ignore me and take a look at this week’s list. I’ll be sitting over here. In the corner.
Baseball Superstars 2012 – People love baseball. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. So yeah, here’s a baseball game. But what about the
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rest of us who aren’t nuts for “America’s Favorite Pastime?” Well we have this, too. Because it’s absolutely insane, anime-style baseball. Like with unnatural pitching abilities and totally wacky players. That, and the last one was pretty cool, too.
Baseball Superstars® 2012.Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy Now: FREEReleased: 2012-01-26 :: Category: Games
Derby Days – Now I know there are a lot of free-to-play “build X” games around these days, but none to my knowledge combine the concept with horse care. It’s usually either or as far as I know. So why not get excited about being able to build and run a horse ranch, while also caring for and breeding horses? If it were possible to trade the diminutive equines with friends than I’d say this is a sure-fire thing. Wait a second, we can do that already? Well then I guess there’s no point in holding off on downloading it.
Derby DaysUniversal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy Now: FREEReleased: 2012-01-26 :: Category: Games
Zombie Battle – Zombies staggering in from the right side of the screen across several “lanes.” Seems a tad familiar. This isn’t a strategy game, however. It’s more of an action defense thing. Sure, zombies have been done to death (har-har) these days but that’s no reason to discount this upgradable blast-em-up. Besides, vaporizing the living dead is almost always tons of fun.
Zombie BattleiPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Buy Now: FREEReleased: 2012-01-23 :: Category: Games
2XL MX Offroad – Some people out there might argue about the superiority of dirt bikes versus ATVs. People like that can now have tons of fun with various what-if scenarios thanks to 2XL MX Offroad. People unlike that who don’t care much either way can also have plenty of fun with 2XL MX Offroad because it’s a crazy motocross-style racer with lots of stuff to do and stunts to (hopefully) perform.
2XL MX OffroadUniversal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy Now: FREEReleased: 2012-01-24 :: Category: Games
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You want apps, and the Android market has plenty of them except at times finding what you want or something new can be a bit challenging. Don't worry, we have got you covered, so let's hit the break and check out some of this weeks picks. read more
Jailbreak 5.0.1 untethered now became a reality. The iPhone Dev-team has just pushed Redsn0w 0.9.10 b1 to jailbreak 5.0.1  untethered on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G and iPad 1. Pod2g was the guy behind 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, as he handed over his project to both Chronic Dev-team and iPhone Dev-team. The two teams have made a major task on 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. iPhone Dev-team have put 5.0.1 untethered in to RedsnOw 0.9.10 b1 and PwnageTool. Chronic Dev-team put untethered 5.0.1 jailbreak into a Cydia package, thanks Pod2g and the both teams for making us happy.Keep Reading... »

The backlash against Zynga for its (pretty blatant) plagiarism of Tiny Tower may have been one of this week's big stories, but it certainly isn't the only recent case of game companies ripping each other off. Late last year, 6waves Lolapps was accused of doing the exact same thing, and now the company's finally defending itself.

Ever since Carl Sagan brought Cosmos to viewers on PBS, scientific educators (as well as their publishers and TV producers) have searched for ways to make mind-boggling concepts like cosmic time and the Big Bang easier for people of all ages to understand. Landka’s Back in Time for iPad, which is part edu-app and part digital coffee table book, tweaks Sagan’s metaphoric Cosmic Calendar by collapsing the history of the universe’s 13.7 billion years into a single day.
Back in Time breaks down the 24 hour period into epoch’s of cosmic or geologic time, so the reader c
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an move through the Earth’s history from the Big Bang to the present, stopping at each event to view photos, watch videos, and read text geared for a curious, but not necessarily scientifically-trained, audience. Back in Time entertains as it educates, bringing the message of educational television programs such as Cosmos and Nova Science Now to a new medium.
While readers may be tempted to dive in and start exploring the app, it’s well-worth the time to read the book’s introduction, which is accessible from the splash screen. The introduction reminds the reader that according to the app’s imaginary clock, human evolution began only sixteen seconds ago, and Homo Sapiens have existed for just over one second.
Back in Time’s purpose isn’t (just) to make humankind’s place in cosmic history feel small and insignificant, rather it’s to use the clock, which is a device so utterly familiar, to contextualize events for its readers.
Navigating through Back in Time’s stunning UI is straight forward. To enter the timeline the reader simply adjusts the hands of the on-screen clock to a particular time, then taps the clock to reveal an interactive cosmic timeline. Readers can use a swipe gesture to pan along the timeline that runs along the bottom of the page or tap one of the images that arcs through the sky to go to a particular event such as the Origin of Birds or the acquisition of fire by Homo Erectus.
Each event on the timeline has its own section, complete with a brief article, as well as images and videos that the user can access through gesture controls. As the event screen is opened, a short animation rolls. Readers can also access interesting facts related to each section by tapping the lightbulb in the lower-left corner. For example, the section on the K-T Extinction (which finished off the dinosaurs) begins with the question, “Did you know that the reign of the dinosaurs began and ended with mass extinctions.”
Much as a reader would flip through a coffee table book, one can enjoy Back in Time by following the progression from the Big Bang at 0:00 to the present, or moving back and forth through the events in any order.
Download Back in Time for iPad from the App Store for $7.99. Back in Time for iPhone is also available as a separate purchase.
What I liked: Landka’s team spent more than a year creating Back in Time and their efforts were well spent. The beautiful UI creates the perfect back drop for the detailed time line, while the writing stays away from jargon or overly technical terms that might deter some readers.
What I didn’t like: Though the app’s soundtrack is pleasant, it was a distraction from reading. I would have preferred to mute the sound from within the app.
To buy or not to buy: Any reader who enjoys learning about science will find Back in Time a solid addition to his iPad library. While some of the information might be too challenging for kids younger than 10, the app may provide a chance for parents to explore the book with children who aren’t ready to read it on their own yet.

App Name: Back in Time for iPad
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Category: Books
Developer: Landka
Price: $7.99

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Internet radio usage has been on the rise with apps like Pandora and TuneIn Radio. The reason these apps have become so popular is because people like listening to music that relates to a specific song or genre.
The major downfall with most of the applications out there is that the playlists are generated by an algorithm, rather than actual human beings. This method unfortunately lacks personalization and doesn’t quite feel as intimate as music should be. Wouldn’t it be much more attractive to have your playlists created by real music listeners?
This is where 8tracks com
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es in. The entire program is centred around DJs who make playlists based on a specific genre. As the title implies, these playlists have to be at least 8 tracks long. This is quite a different concept and definitely provides a greater sense of flow from one track to the next. No longer will you have to be disappointed by Pandora’s or Genius’s choices of songs.

The User Interface
When you first launch 8tracks, you’re greeted by recent mixes that were made. These mixes come from a variety of different genres and DJs. While browsing through the recent mixes, you can see the genre of the playlist, the DJ who made it, and what others think about the mix. This lets you easily see what mixes you might want to listen to so you don’t play a mix that you won’t like. This is a great way to discover genres of music that you usually don’t listen to.
The 8tracks home screen
You can then click on ‘refine results’ to bring up a list of possible genres. This is a great tool because it allows you to listen to a mix to complement your current mood. It is also great if you are looking to expand your musical listening to foreign genres. This is a great way to browse mixes because it is a very simple way to keep in touch with the music you love while still allowing you to branch out if you would like.
Once you decide on a mix, clicking on it will take you to the main mix page. Here you will be able to see how many times this specific mix has been played. In addtion, you can also see how many times a listener has listed the mix as their favorite. These is helpful information because it allows you to gauge how popular or how new a specific mix is. You will also see a description of the mix and who the DJ is.

A single mix's page
One truly amazing feature of 8tracks is the ability to communicate with and follow DJs. If you are listening to a mix that you are particularly fond of, you can chose to follow the creator of the mix. You can do this by clicking on the DJ’s name on the main age of the mix. This will bring you to the profile of the DJ. Here you can see the DJ’s stats like number of mixes, number of followers, and how many DJ’s they themselves are following.

A specific DJ's profile
This is a unique feature and is actually very useful. If you like a particular mix, then the odds are you will like other mixes by the same DJ. On the DJ’s profile is also a list of other mixes they have created. You can very easily go from one mix to another because the mixes are connected by the specific DJ and the specific genre.
The Listening Experience
So now that you know how to get around the user interface, you’re probably wondering how the actual listening experience is. Since I have discovered this application, I have fallen more and more in love with it every day. I am constantly disappointed by the songs that Pandora chooses to play and I always find the Genius feature in iTunes to be very impersonal. I have to admit that DJs on 8tracks are very talented. They seem to recognize exactly what people look for in a playlist.
The only downside of the playlists themselves is that they are not infinitely long like in other internet radio apps. You can’t simply put it on and have it play all day without stopping. I would love the ability to link specific playlists in a non-stop play cycle. I do find it kind of annoying to have to pick a new playlist once the one I was listening to is over. However, I realized this is a small shortcoming because the playlists themselves are so good.
Another unfortunate aspect is that, although there is a decent number of genres to pick from, I find myself wanting more. I am a musician and am very interested in many different genres. They have everything you would expect – like rock, jazz, funk, and country – but are missing some of the more abstract genres like fusion and avant-garde. I suspect that this will change once more people begin using the application and more DJs begin to emerge.
A truly great aspect is that you can use different views while browsing playlists. There is the ‘All’ tab, which shows all recent mixes that have been created. The ‘Home’ tab is great for keeping up with your favorite DJs, acting as a news feed and showing all the recent mixes that the DJ’s have created since you started following them. The ‘Liked’ tab, as you can probably guess, shows all the playlists that you have personally liked. Finally, by pressing Menu, you can switch to the ‘Featured’ playlists. This will show you what’s particularly popular right now and what the developers recommend.
This is the Featured Mixes view
Social Features
A great feature that puts 8tracks ahead of other internet radio applications is the ability to share your musical tastes socially. Being able to follow your favorite DJ’s is something that truly makes the listening experience unique. It lets you connect with the DJ and bring a whole new level to social music. In the socail age that dominates the world today, it is very cool to be in contact with people who share your taste in music. It brings people together that wouldn’t normally know each other because they share the same musical taste.
When you are listening to a playlist, there is a Share button, which lets you share the playlist via bluetooth, Gmail, messaging, or Google+. The last option is a very cool feature especially since Google themselves is making a big push to incorporate Google+ into as many aspects of Android as possible. It’s rather fun when you get a couple of friends using 8tracks in conjunction with Google+; it lets you see what your friends are listening to and, consequently, which DJs they are following.
Example of Google+ post
Final Thoughts
In a music world ruled by computers and automated services, 8tracks is a breath of fresh air. I have listened to computer generated playlists so much, I really didn’t realize how bad they were until I began using 8tracks. This is an application created by music lovers for music lovers. It makes being a DJ somewhat of a status symbol.
Now that I have discovered such an amazing way to listen to music, I can’t see myself ever going back to applications such as Pandora. 8tracks has developed a listening experience that truly feels personal and creates a much more intimate atmosphere.


River of News for Google Reader, as the name might give away, is an RSS reader for the iPad for those who use Google Reader to keep up with their favorite feeds.
I’m a big consumer of RSS feeds as a major part of how I keep up with news each day – whether it’s iPad and iOS news, general tech news, or just news in general. I also follow Twitter, Google+, and news magazines like Flipboard, Zite, Google Currents, and others to keep up with what’s happening – but tracking my 200 or so favorite feeds in Google Reader is still my most used and most effective way to try to keep up with th
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e daily information overload we’re all faced with these days.
I’ve tried other RSS apps on the desktop but Google Reader in a browser has remained my favorite for years on the desktop. It was my favorite on the iPhone for a long while too – even after the App Store opened and many decent native RSS reader apps came along. These days I do most of my reading on the iPad, so finding a great RSS app for the iPad was a priority from Day 1. Happily, River of News hit the iPad App Store a few months after the iPad was released – and it has been my favorite RSS app ever since.
(...)Read the rest of Review: River of News for Google Reader for iPad (557 words)

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