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fEvery week, Pocket Gamer sister site Quality Index (Qi) highlights the newest games to make a critical splash in the cool, seductive waters of the iOS pool.

Grabbing scores and opinions from all corners of the web, including from 148Apps, AppGamer, and IGN, Qi answers all your iPhone-rel...
Download 3.7.2 [v3.7.2] for iDevices is a wonderful little app. is a multimedia app for the iPhone – iPad – iPod touch. Now you can watch more than 2500 TV channels on You can browse through different categories. Watching TV on the screen in your hand any where is a great freedom which [...]

“Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, causing 7.6 million deaths in 2008, although it is estimated that a third of theses deaths could have been avoidable with greater prevention, early detection and existing treatments.” - This is the introduction to the world cancer day 2012, which takes place on February 4th. The motto of this years day is: “Together it is possible”.
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Rating: / Artist: Simone Morellato / Version: 4.7
Finally an “Easy” way to search the web and discover all the great potentialities of Google in a simple app. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo and Myspace are also integrated in the app. And you can also post everything you find with Easy Search on Faceboook . Easy Search in combination with apple voice over feature is also a great interface for blind people and blind users to search Google, Google+,Bing, Facebook,…
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LG and AT&T is going to launch first 3D phone,LG Thrill 4G Coming on AT&T, today finally AT&T haS Tweet about this and also they have mention that this LG Thrill 4G Coming with the price tag of $99.99 for Two year Contract.LG Thrill 4G is announced 5 month ago and Now its offical that LG and AT&T is Going to offical Release this smartphone.LG Thrill 4G Specs and Features:4.3-inch glasses-free 3D screen3display and multi-touch Input Method1GHz dual-core processorResolution 480 x 800 pixelDigital Zoom5 Mega Pixel dual cameraAuto FocusStereoscopic 3D camerasCamera FlashSupports 72
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0p 3D videoShoot & share technology1080p HD 2D video playback16GB on board memoryInternal memory 8 GB, 512 MB RAM and external memory up to 32GBBluetoothMicroSD card slotHDMI-out port and DLNA supportVideo Format MP4, H.263, H.264, DivX, WMV, AVI, 3GPGames1500 mAH BatterySo now wait for the offical release and Stay tune with us for more Details about it.

“Do You Have Facebook?” – By Vishal Agarwala
As we strive to communicate with each other in evermore efficient and convenient ways, web services and companies which offer such conveniences are becoming super-wealthy.
Take Facebook as one example. The largest database of public information on the planet – (holding the records of more than 800 Million people) – Facebook is now expected to reach a market valuation of $100 Billion in just a few weeks.

That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, who notes this weekend that the world&#
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8217;s largest social network may now be gearing to submit its first IPO – (or “Initial Public Offering”) – as part of what is considered a “defining moment” in web investment.

The report notes that Facebook finally submitting papers for an IPO could raise as much as $10 Billion for itself, pushing the company’s overall valuation into a region which sits somewhere between $75-$100 Billion, according to “people familiar with the matter.” Of course, a valuation of $75 Billion or less would arrive lower than original expectations.
From the report:
The Internet giant is close to picking Morgan Stanley to lead the deal, these people said. Wall Street banks, many of them struggling amid a crimp in trading profits, have been jostling for a leading role in the deal, which could yield them tens of millions of dollars in banker fees, potential new business and bragging rights.
A nod for Morgan Stanley would mark a disappointment for rival Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which a year ago was viewed as having an edge to lead the deal. One person familiar with the matter said that while Morgan Stanley would likely land the coveted “lead-left” spot on an IPO financial filing, Goldman would also likely play a significant role.
Single-handedly changing the way we communicate, Facebook has played its role in connecting people not just for the purpose of friendship, but also in times of political unrest. The deal – if it goes ahead – would place Facebook alongside an elite list of other companies, (including Visa, General Motors and AT&T Wireless), who currently hold the highest IPOs in the world.
[via AppleInsider]
The Cupertino based company Apple has become the world’s largest smartphone vendor again due to its outstanding performance in Q4 2011, as per a recent research note from Strategy Analytics. Apple’s latest financial results have surprised all the folks related to smartphones and tablets market since Apple has made new records of revenue, profit and [...]
By now you've probably seen the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or at least the trailer. In one of the scenes Tom Cruise seeming barely escapes death by a flying car that crashes to the ground right behind him. We all know that these effects are often done with green screen and CGI, but what if you could do these kind of effects right on your iPhone with a few taps of your finger. That's exactly what Action Movie FX allows you to do. You fire up the App, choose your effect, record your scene in the App and then choose where in your clip's timeline you want the
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effect to happen. Tap a button to process the video and you're done! The saved movie will be 720p resolution even on an iPhone 4s that can record in 1080p.
Here's one that I did last night while setting up for my event

I was blown away by the quality of the overlay considering that I had to do absolutely no keying on my own. What's even more amazing is that the App is FREE! Once you have your processed video you can save it to your Camera Roll, Send it via email or post it on Facebook right from the App. Of course once it's on your Camera Roll you can upload it to just about any other service or App such as YouTube. The App comes with three scenes, "Missile Attack", "Car Smash" and "Demolition Rock". There is an option to do an in-app purchase to buy more effects. However, to date I've not been able to get the store to load in the App. Once it does I'll gladly buy some more effects at $0.99 each.
UPDATE: The FX store finally loaded in the App and there are 4 more "2 Packs" of effects to choose from (8 total effects) at $0.99 per 2 pack.

You can get Action Movie FX for FREE here from the 
Alarm-Lock app helps you to recover your iPhone, iPad or iPod in the event that it is lost or stolen.
(Track your device in the background)
- Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on a map.
- You can locate your device Anywhere ! without app ! [Just check your Twitter account !]
- You can locate your device without SIM chip.
- Automatically turn on your device camera and you can see now.
- Battery Life on Track your device Lasts 15 Hours on non-stop background running. [Case of iPhone 4 and Oh My Phone app running alone in background]
- You c
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an share your location with your friend, family or girlfriend ! [By Twitter]
- If you lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while on the go, Lock your device automatically.

Ringier Studios Champions League: True Passion, Big Business is an iPad app to be avoided. It’s one of the very worst iPad apps I’ve seen in any category.
This will not be a comprehensive review because this app turned me off and pissed me off so much that I could not force myself to spend enough time with it to do one. Yes, it’s that bad, and worse.
Strike 1, 2, and 3 against it: when you first open this app (after it has been downloaded and installed from the App Store) you get to a splash screen and a download status bar starts. The app is not ready to go after being install
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ed; not anywhere near ready. The status bar shows that it needs to download 380MB of something, there’s no indication of what. That’s a bad enough start, but then you get the better news – you cannot do anything at all in the app while you wait on the download, and the download is slower than slow.
What’s slower than slow, you might ask. Right around TWENTY MINUTES. Yes, you read that right. You launch this app and there is nothing whatsoever to do in it until you wait 20 minutes to have content downloaded.
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