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Grazing’s icon gives a sneak peek into what you will experience after tapping the icon. The icon shows grass that leads into an infinite abyss, an infinite abyss of information that can be grazed or consumed at extreme detail.
Yes, Grazing is another browser for iPad in an already crowded niche, but it does have features which make it stand out from the pack. One of the best features of Grazing is that it is touch-optimized. The developer of Grazing, Thinkbitz Software, took the time to re-think how users would use a touch device to surf the web. While there is nothing wrong with t
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he standard way of web browsing in Safari for iOS, it’s not exactly optimized for iPad. The iPad has had some gesture love with the multitasking gestures but that’s about all.
The added bonus of using Grazing as your iPad browser of choice is that ThinkBitz has included features such as sending links to Instapaper, saving a page to Evernote, and sharing a link to Facebook.
Read on to see if breaking free from the fence of Safari and browsing the open web with Grazing is right for you!

First Impression
When first opening Grazing you will notice a universal address bar that resembles Google Chrome. The universal address bar is a search bar and an address bar. No matter what you type into the bar you will get a result. Grazing does support a search bar as well which can be activated by hitting the magnifying glass. This search area has more advanced search options and will show your recent searches.
At the bottom of the search window is an option to open your search results in the current tab or a new tab.
Browsing iPad.AppStorm!
Tabbed browsing has been talked about a lot on the iPad, especially with Safari adding the feature in iOS 5.0. Grazing supports tabbed browsing as well, but it adds some features on how you manage tabs. When first opening Grazing you will notice a tab button next to the address bar. The button will display the number of tabs you have open.
Managing tabs in Grazing.
Pressing the button will bring a popover list of your tabs currently open. In landscape mode you can press the sidebar button and that will dock the list on the left hand side. At the top of the tabs popover list pressing the nine tiles will lead to a thumbnail view. This is similar to the setup in Safari on your Mac showing previews of your most visited sites.
You can also have your tabs show up on top of the address bar, called the tab strip.
The action button on the right side of the address bar includes a multitude of features. The most unique feature is called Grazing Push. Grazing Push will take the page you are currently surfing and push that link to your Mac through a free Mac App Store app. If the app is running on your Mac the link will open on your Mac in your default browser. Grazing Push can also push the link to your iPhone as well.
Grazing supports sending content to several sources.
Grazing will let you share your webpages with a lot of other sources as well. This feature in itself makes it a worthy companion to Safari because through Send To services the browser can be connected to other services you use without relying on javascript bookmarks. My most used Sent To services are Evernote, Twitter, and Instapaper. There are a lot more services available to use as well, it’s safe to say if a service accepts links, Grazing can share a link to that service.
What really sets Grazing apart from the other browsers on the App Store and from Safari are its gesture controls. ThinkBitz has implemented a lot of gestures within the app and all of the gestures are capable of being reassigned which makes the possibilities seem endless.
You can reassign gestures in the settings menu.
Gestures can be assigned for navigation such as closing a tab or opening a link in a new tab, sending content to services such as Facebook and Pinboard, and performing actions such as sending a link in an email. My most used gesture is sending content to Instapaper. I have assigned the Swipe Down Then Right command to perform this command.
Grazing does not just rely on gestures for navigation but also gets your thumbs involved in the love as well. By implementing the Slidepad and Thumbpad your thumbs can almost control any navigation you could want to perform while browsing the web. The Thumbpad can be toggled on/off by using three of your fingers and tapping the screen once. Once the Thumbpad is activated you can use it to scroll the page or use it in conjunction with your other thumb to open links and perform other actions.
Press and hold the top of the Thumbpad and use your other hand to press a link to open the link in a background tab.
The Thumbpad can also be used to switch tabs by either double tapping at the top of the Thumbpad to advance to the next tab or by double tapping at the bottom on the Thumbpad to go back to the previous tab. I really find the Thumbpad useful for these type of commands, but I find it aggravating for page navigation.
Using it to either slide down or up on the page is not fluid as scrolling is in iOS. Some users may actually prefer this as it is a way to make sure you will not miss anything while scrolling, but I prefer the smooth scrolling of iOS.
If you would like to slide the Thumbpad to the other side of the screen just give it a flick to the outer edge and send it over there.
The Slidepad is an innovative way to navigate and use browser commands. Use your thumb or finger and slide from the left or right side of the screen toward the center of the screen to activate the Slidepad. The SlidePad will include actions that are from the tool bar including navigating between pages, bookmarking, and navigating between tabs. The SlidePad is especially useful in full screen mode.
The Slidepad puts useful commands right at your thumbs!
When the SlidePad is activated all links will be opened in a background tab.
If Grazing did not have all of these features and was just a browser how would it rate?
I think it would rate very well. Pages load quickly and Grazing can handle a good number of tabs. My only complaint is that pages seem to need to reload when using a lot of tabs or after leaving a tab and coming back to it after a few minutes. I would really like Grazing be able to hold on to the downloaded page longer after switching tabs, however I understand that the reason the reload is happening is because Grazing clears the loaded page when it senses low memory in order to avoid an application crash, which is a good feature to have.
In the settings you can turn this off if you’d rather deal with the risk of the crash instead of re-loading pages. If you do experience a crash do not worry, because all of your tabs will be restored when relaunching the app.
Grazing brings a complete browsing experience to your iPad. The experince is enriched through gesture control and through the built in services that content can be sent to, including the Grazing Push service which can push a link to your Mac or to Grazing on your iPhone.

For today’s Daily Deal we’ve found 15 great apps to add to your iPad collection.  We have 9 productivity / entertainment apps and 6 game apps in today’s bundle.
We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great deals and we’ll continue to look for the best app deals as they pop-up. Some of these apps are up to 57% off, a couple are even free, so be sure to check them out because they are on sale for a limited time.
Game Apps

Amazon: Hidden Expedition (Full) – Now on sale for $1.99 instead of $3.99.
Batman Arkham City Lockdown
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– Now on sale for $2.99 instead of $5.99.
Drop The Chicken – Now available for Free instead of $0.99.
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – Now on sale for $2.99 instead of $4.99.
Mini Motor Racing HD – Now on sale for $1.99 instead of $3.99.
Simply Find It Pro – Now available for Free instead of $2.99.

Productivity and Entertainment Apps

Art Authority for iPad – Now on sale for $4.99 instead of $9.99.
ArtRage – Now on sale for $2.99 instead of $6.99.
AudioTools – Now on sale for $9.99 instead of $19.99.
My Sketch – Now on sale for $0.99 instead of $1.99.
NLogSynth PRO – Now on sale for $7.99 instead of $14.99.
Panorama 360 Camera – Now available for Free instead of $0.99.
PERFECT Web Browser – EXTRAORDINARY Browser w/ REAL-Tabs, TOUCH Scroll & TV OUT – Now on sale for $1.99 instead of $3.99.
Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad – Now on sale for $2.99 instead of $4.99.
The Wizard of Oz: Interactive 3D Pop Up Book – Now on sale for $1.99 instead of $3.99.

Also be sure to check out yesterday’s Daily Deal to find more great savings.

You can also check out TapCentral’s Daily Deal to discover some great deals on iPhone and iPod Touch apps.

We use our PadGadget Apps Tracker to constantly monitor the App Store to find the biggest price changes on iPad apps. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best deals on the most interesting apps and then brings them to you on a regular basis. All app prices are checked at the time of posting but prices are subject to change without notice. When developers put their apps on sale it’s usually for a very limited time, often 24 hours or less, so be sure to check pricing on iTunes before making a purchase.

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Kaiser Permanente, the largest medical organization in the U.S., has released its official app into the Android Market. The app allows health plan members to access vital information, including medical records and prescription information, as well as the ability to make appointments and send messages to their doctor directly from their smartphone.  The information provided within the app gets quite detailed, as it offers full information about your medical history and past doctor appointments. You can also find nearby KP locations from directly from the app.This is definitely a must-
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have app for all Kaiser Permanente members and, ... Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.Done With This Post? You Might Also Like These:Trulia Releases App To Help Would-Be Home Owners Find Their Dream HouseWestern Digital Drops WD TV Remote Into The Android Market, Lets You Control Your WD TV Live Hub Or WD TV Live From Your Smartphone Or Tablet[New App] Relive The Days Of Old With Historypin[New App] Trip Organizer Helps You Get Ready To Go Out Of The Country, Keeps You In Check Once You Get ThereOnavo App Update To Include Widgets, Helps You Track Your Data Usage In Real-TimeKaiser Permanente Releases Android App, Lets Users Manage Their Health Plan From A Smartphone was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Face it, your Android smartphone and tablet get smudged a lot.  And no matter what display technology is used nor how clean you try to keep your fingers, at some point you look down at your device and see fingerprints and smudges.  What do you normally do to clean your screen?  Breath hot air on it and wipe on your leg or arm?  Yeah, I see you doing that.  Want to know what I'm doing now?  I'm using Antec's 3X Strength Cleaner Spray.
Going in I was not expecting to see this miracle solution work any better than water, a microfiber cloth, or chamois.  Boy was I wrong.  I couldn't bel
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ieve how easily I was able to remove smudges and prints on my tablet.  Then it was off to try the phones.  And the television.  Then the PC monitor.  Every single time out, it was incredible simple and effective.
The kit is essentially two parts - a bottle of solution and a microfiber cloth.  Speaking honestly, I was not all the impressed with the cloth upon seeing it in the packaging.  It appears to be rougher than most and had the appearance of being "cheap".  Well whatever the blend of fabric or materials they are using, it works.  I've not tried any other cloths or wipes with the solution so I cannot say for certain that it makes the difference.
The 240ml bottle of spray runs $18.99 online and seems like it will last me a long time.  All it really takes is one pump for a phone and maybe two for a 10-inch tablet.  Anything beyond that is wasted.  For a 55-inch television, I used around 6-7 pumps and came away pleased.  The alcohol & ammonia free solution has virtually no smell and could pass for water at a glance.
I keep the bottle in the office next to my desk so that I can wipe my tablet down and keep my phones looking clean.  Unfortunately the bottle is too big to take with me on trips as it won't pass airport security.  For those cases I would recommend the travel kit which comes in a 60ml bottle and smaller cloth.  At $12.99 it's a bit on the expensive side  but definitely worth it if you use your devices (laptops, tablets, etc) in a setting where others are close at hand.  Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you that the larger bottle actually comes with the smaller sized, travel companion!  In a situation where you are demonstrating a new app or game?  Wipe your device down in a flash.
I'd love to hear about some of your favorite ways to clean your Android displays. Are you using a spray or particular cloth?  Leave a comment below with your preferred way to stay smudge-free.  In the meanwhile I will be polishing off a slab of baby back ribs and playing with my Xoom.
Review: Antec Cleaning Spray Kit originally appeared on AndroidGuys.
Follow AndroidGuys on Facebook and Twitter and download the free AndroidGuys app for your device!
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A few days ago I reviewed Google Wallet and talked a little bit about Near Field Communication (NFC). As you may have read, Google Wallet allows people to use their credit cards, gift cards, and reward cards without having a physical card on them. They can use the app to scan the card using NFC. Google Wallet also offers NFC-only coupons through participating businesses. I truly believe that with the help of Google, NFC will revolutionize how we use our mobile devices – and not just with financial information.
My friend and I, both Software Engineers, have had fairly lengthy discuss
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ions recently about uses for NFC and what it means for the future of mobile. We’ve discussed its current capabilities, its potential capabilities, and the possible issues that will arise.

Current Capabilities
I touched on these in my Google Wallet review. Right now NFC is capable of, and being used for, sending simple data like apps, directions, contact information, and more, as well as payment processing. The former is powerful because it can be (and is being) leveraged by application developers. Developers are using it to send business cards, transfer various files, and even read those annoying anti-theft tags that are found on some items in stores. Paypal is working NFC into the latest version of their app so one user can send funds directly to another’s account just by touching phones.
There are tons of developers creating more and more such apps every day using the technology that is currently out there. With the current capabilities of NFC, sites like Groupon and Living Social can integrate NFC coupons right into their apps like Google Wallet did. Barcode scanners for certain items may be rendered useless for the more convenient NFC reader.
Obviously the latter is the big ticket item as far as NFC goes. You can add certain credit, gift, and reward cards to Google Wallet and can “clip coupons.” The carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) have launched their own similar technology called ISIS. With more support from vendors, Google Wallet and similar apps have the ability to almost completely replace your wallet. The only thing you’d need to carry around is identification.
Speaking of which…
Future Capabilities
NFC could be used for so much more than just data transfer and payments. Imagine you’re planning a Disney Vacation (as it turns out, I am). You purchase your park tickets, reserve your hotel, buy your flight tickets, and you’re ready to go. Instead of printing everything off before you go to the airport, you get there and just wave your phone at the kiosk, where it asks you to enter a PIN that they issued to you. It then checks the tickets on your phone, as well as your identification, and you’re on your way. 
Once you touch down in Orlando and head to the hotel, you check in using your phone and they beam you your room key, all using NFC. Now you just wave your phone in front of your room’s lock and it unlocks. Finally, it’s time to go to the park. You go through the turnstile but instead of sliding your park ticket through a reader, you hold your phone up to it. You’re in, and your phone displays how many more times you can use your ticket.
Pretty cool, right? The truth is that all of this and more is possible with NFC. As long as vendors get a reader that supports NFC, capable phones can quickly and easily send information to those devices.  And I know what you’re thinking; everything I said might seem reasonable in theory, except for one step: the identification. It seems crazy and impossible that people would be able to identify using NFC. However, in the USA passports now have RFID chips embedded, something that was put in place back in 2005. Admittedly, there is the glaring problem of security and identity theft prevention.
Possible Issues
The biggest issue with NFC is also its biggest convenience: how easy it is to transfer data. There are probably apps being developed right now designed to try and intercept data via NFC. The comforting though is that NFC really is near field. You need to be about 7 inches or closer in order to get a read, with most apps now requiring an even smaller distance – Android Beam, built into Android 4.0, pretty much requires the devices to be touching. But there are other issues, especially with the future capabilities I described.
How would one ensure that they did not tamper with the data on, say, an NFC driver’s license or passport to change the owner’s age from 18 to 21? There would probably require photo verification, which would need human verification (at this point) or a facial recognition camera (in the nearish future). For tickets (for parks, planes, concerts, sporting events, etc.) there would need to be some sort of uncrackable vendor signature to ensure that the tickets are not counterfeit. There would also need to be a way to transfer ownership in case event tickets are sold on. These are just some of the issues that can arise from relying on devices for sensitive information.
Final Thoughts
What we have now as far as NFC is pretty cool; the ability to easily transfer information between devices is novel and the ability to pay with your phone is outright awesome. What we can have soon is mind blowing.
Having a single device able to grant you access to whatever you need is so futuristic that it’s both exciting and horrifying in equal measure. And while there are issues we need to look out for – specifically in the security arena – these are problems that have surfaced before and ones that can be solved by building off current solutions like encryption, vendor signatures, and more.
I’m really excited to see what NFC brings to mobile devices. If the story I painted for you comes to fruition, I’ll be a very happy man.


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Take 170,000+ recipes (including your own) and your grocery list anywhere.Now fully native for Android, BigOven's popular recipe app gets cooks inspired and organized in the kitch
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en and on-the-go.Anyone (no registration required) can:* View recipes easily anywhere, such as on vacation or at the store - no awkward cookbooks or recipe cards* Find new recipes to try: search by keyword, course or ingredient* Get ideas to use up leftovers: just enter ingredients from your fridge or pantry to find out what you can cook* View recent raves and random recipesGet a free account (use the same one for and:* Post your own recipes on, then view them on your phone* Take and upload photos of any recipe you make within this app* Save your Favorites and "Try Soon" recipes so you're never stuck without dinner ideas* Read and add your own recipe reviews* Try importing recipes instantly with RecipeScan for free (for a limited time)!Get an optional BigOven Pro membership ($15.99/year; just four cents per day), and:* Import your own recipes with RecipeScan - Just take and upload a photo of any handwritten or typed paper recipe - BigOven will import it automatically for you - saving you time typing! - View, edit and search all your recipes on your phone or - Pro members get 25 free credits (one time only) and can buy more too* Create a grocery list on your phone by choosing "Add to grocery list" on any recipe - Remove ingredients you already have, if you'd like - Ingredients are automatically added and sorted by aisle on your grocery list - Add other items you may need to your list easily too* Bring your grocery list along to the store - Check off items while shopping so you don't forget anything - Edit your grocery list anytime from anywhere - syncs between the website and your phone - Inspired by mushrooms at the store? Add a new recipe to your grocery list instantly - Export grocery lists easily from BigOven desktop software to your phone too* Get nutrition facts (calories, fat, sodium and more) on 170,000+ recipes* Store your posted recipes privately, if you'd like* Remove all ads on and mobile apps. A single membership covers all platforms.Happy cooking from your friends at BigOven!

170,000+ Recipes BigOven

Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000

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A lot of time has passed since Google announced its next major iteration of the Android mobile OS in the form of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) or Android 4.0 if you like to mention it in version numbering format. Afterwards since Google pushed the source code of the Android 4.0 out of the window developers from different Android handset vendors as well as members of the Android developer communities at the forums like XDA have been hard at work to port it to at least the most popular devices that are currently available. In Nov. last year we brought you a version of the Android 4.0 AOSP flavo
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r to install on your Samsung Galaxy S which is still one of the most popular Android devices around despite its age. And it’s the one that started all the craze and is the predecessor of the insanely popular Samsung Galaxy SII that we all used to know and love. At that time the version of the Android 4.0 that we reported was still not stable and more importantly some features were missing namely – Bluetooth, GPS, camera and video recorder functionality. I recently noticed that Onecosmic’s ICS Port Android 4.0.3 RC3.1 for Samsung Galaxy is out. Since it a release code version, so its is extremely stable and feature complete version of the ICS ready to be deployed on your Samsung Galaxy S device!
One of of the best features is that its purely AOSP experience as Google implemented in Android – no layering of other branded TouchWiz and GUI elements on top. Here is a list of key features that have been reported to work fine in this build:
Hardware Acceleration RIL(Radio Interface Link = Calls / Texts / Data) Audio Touch Wi-Fi Both SD Cards (Internal & External) Android Market access Contacts sync Calendar sync Camera(Video Recording & Pictures) Panorama mode Face Unlock GPS Bluetooth Wired tethering FM Radio(Download Spirit FM from Android Market) Wireless tethering

As you can notice this is an almost final build and supports the Hardware acceleration on Samsung Galaxy S and other features such as Bluetooth, GPS and Camera are also working! You can download Android 4.0.3 port for Samsung Galaxy S from here. Flashing this firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S is very simple. Just boot in Recovery Mode and flash the attached firmware file linked above and then remember to wipe data / factory reset and Wipe cache and reboot the device to get it booted in the Android 4.0.3 ICS on your Galaxy S! If you are novice user and not sure about the CWM, recovery mode and flashing procedure on Android devices then please take a look at this excellent tutorial and everything will become very clear to you!
All credit goes to the talented developers at the XDA forums that made it possible. For more details, updates and user feedback please have a look at the original thread at XDA forums.
Here is a video showing Android 4.0.3 in action on a Samsung Galaxy S:

The Top Ten iPad Games for 2011 is a post from: My iPad Games
2011 has been a great year. This website was introduced to the internet in May and continued to rise in popularity until the end of the year. I also got to download a few games that were really really good, some of them got to get a chance to be reviewed here in My iPad Games, some did not get a slot in my busy busy schedule.
Here are the top ten games that were released in 2011 which I think are worthy of your attention if you have not downloaded them yet.
10. Zombie Cafe

If you are interested
Read More
on how it feels like to own a restaurant and command a horde of zombies at the same time, the Zombie Cafe might be just the right game for you. It features odious recipes to feed your unsuspecting patrons, and zombie employees to boot. Fun!
Read the Review
Download Link: Zombie Café – Beeline Interactive, Inc.
9.  Defen-G Astro

While the iOS is literally swimming with tower defense games, some of them are down right crappy. Defen-G Astro is a breath of fresh air because it incorporates tower defense with muliti-linear defense. The game is really easy at first but gets extremely frantic towards the end.
Read the Review
Download Link: Defen-G Astro – innodis
8. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is a port of the PC game of the game title. It is an action RPG which ironically makes fun of a lot of RPG elements in classic games. The game is filled with lots of funny cutscenes, action-packed quests and music videos. The game arguably has the best voice acting in all RPG’s in the iOS and combine that with the witty, funny dialogue makes the game feel like a fusion of a funny adventure comic book and video game.
Read the review
Download Link: The Bard’s Tale – inXile Entertainment
7. Where’s My Water?

2011 was a great year for physics puzzlers and Where’s My Water? represents that. Here, you have to bring clean water to Swampy, an adorable alligator so he can shower. The game engages the player really well without being too easy or too hard.
Read the Review
Download Link: Where’s My Water? – Disney
6. Mage Gauntlet

Another action RPG in the list. Mage Gauntlet lets you control a hardy battle mage, Lexi, in search for a cure for her inability to cast magic without the aid of a mage gauntlet.
Retro games with pixellated visuals and chip-tune music are a fashion now on the iOS but only a few live up to expectations like Mage Gauntlet. The game is a frantic action at its best where you are forced to save up your limited supply of magic and rely on your trusty sword to obliterate the foes. The game is also humorous like The Bard’s Tale and you are guaranteed a laugh everytime Lexi opens her smart-ass mouth.
Read the Review
Download Link: Mage Gauntlet – Rocketcat Games
5. Muffin Knight

When casual arcade games become very frantic like this game, it becomes very special. I am torn between this game and its platforming brethren, League of Evil, but this one has a unicorn that poops rainbow-colored mines, so this one wins by a point.
Read the Review
Download Link: Muffin Knight – Angry Mob Games
4. World of Goo

This game was an adorable indie PC game with tons and tons of awards and praises from different gaming sites. Was. The game found it’s perfect platform for the iPad.
The premise of world of goo is to take these little balls of goop to a pipe some where in the screen by turning some of them into walls and towers. The game does not end there, though, later levels reveal other goo balls with different properties, so it opens up more creativity. Fuse that with the different weather terrains, gorgeous visual presentation and even more gorgeous soundtrack, World of Goo is one game that should be in your springboard, in case you missed it.
Read the review
Download Link: World of Goo HD – 2D BOY
3. Shadow Era

Shadow era is a virtual trading card game, comparable to Magic: The Gathering (in terms of gameplay and artwork) where you can play with the computer AI or with a human via an internet connection. The game is multi-port meaning chances are, you are playing with a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android user.
This game is freemium at its best — still playable if you want some good fun but purchases are needed if you really love the game and wanted to be competitive. This is the only freemium game that convinced me to cough out some dollars for the freemium services.
Read the review
Download Link: Shadow Era TCG – Kyle Poole
2. Box Cat

I just love casual games that is very easy to earn and play, but almost impossible to put down. Box Cat, an independent game is sort of an opposite of Frogger where instead of avoiding the vehicles you have to crash your character (a cat) into them. Don’t fret, though, because the cat is super invincible and is only affected by large truck when not dashing.
Read the Review
Download Link: Box Cat – Rusty Moyher
1. Tiny Heroes

And the #1 game that had me addicted is…. Tiny Heroes! The game is so beautifully executed, I am still playing it even though I have three starred all levels.
Basically, Tiny Heroes is a tower defense strategy game that focuses on replacing broken towers and mixing multi use and single use defenses. You play the role of the dungeon keeper here, where you would have to protect the dungeon’s treasure from greedy heroes.
Read the Review
Download Link: Tiny Heroes – Simutronics Corp
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Polarbit’s highly popular racing series is about to receive a new addition in Reckless Racing 2. Polarbit announced late last year that Reckless Racing 2 would launch exclusively on the Xperia Play before debuting in the Android Market and iOS App Store.
Up until now, however, Polarbit has remained quiet regarding an exact release date. According to Xperia Gamer, Polarbit plans to release ‘Reckless Racing 2′ on February 2, assuming everything continues according to plan.

The second entry into the Reckless Racing series was originally slated for a December 2011
Read More
Reckless Racing 2 will feature tons of dangerous tracks, a revitalized single player campaign and an unnamed mode that Polarbit has been able to keep under wraps.
Stay tuned for a possible review and any further information that comes to light between now and then.