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Samsung has crossed all the limits in the enmity of Apple due to the grudge the company has against Apple for a number of patent lawsuits faced by it in the courts of various countries on infringement issues regarding Galaxy Tab 10.1 design. To show its hate against Apple, Samsung has already aired a couple [...]
Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a time for peace, cheer, and gratefulness. I always look forward to the end of the year, not only because of Christmas, but especially because of Thanksgiving. It’s an admirable holiday– a day to give thanks, express gratitude, and count our blessings– and that’s a feeling that anyone, even non-Americans, can certainly appreciate.
A Year in Viet Nam. I’ve now been in Viet Nam for a little over a year. And although most of our development team is based here, Greengar Studios is an American company. So, when we were considering ho
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w to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our new offices, we decided to make it big. Not in terms of the number of people, but in terms of the amount of food. And we succeeded.
Not only did we prepare ample quantities of food, but we also expressed our creativity in multiple ways. We had a large, artistic “Give Thanks” poster with everyone’s hand-tracings and written expressions of thanks. And a few of the guests joined me in assembling this deliciously juicy fruit turkey:
Elliot and his fruit turkey
Does it look like a turkey? Because it certainly is one!
Thanks to Tyler, Silvercast, and others for helping to put him together. Later that evening, I ate half that watermelon body myself.
Our star Customer Service rep, Angie Worldtrekker, loves pies, especially Apple pies:
Angie Worldtrekker's pie
Mmm.. I had a slice after this photo was taken.
Needless to say, we had a terrific Thanksgiving feast. And way, way too much food.
Shopping season. Right after Thanksgiving, the shopping begins. I think they call it “Black Friday”. Or was it “Cyber Monday”? Heck, even Apple is having a sale today! So it should be no surprise that we’re jumping in with a sale of our own. We’ve taken our freshly-updated flagship app– Whiteboard Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad– and cut the price from $2.99 down to 99¢.
Whiteboard Pro: on sale!
Yes: 99¢ for a limited time. It’s the lowest price ever.
Whiteboard Pro has NEVER cost less than this.
Get Whiteboard Pro from the App Store while you still can!
Not only that, but we just updated Whiteboard Pro 2 days ago. The new version is 2.3, and this is certainly the best version of Whiteboard we’ve ever shipped.
Besides squashing tons of bugs and seriously improving the app’s performance, we’ve also added the ability to claim your drawings on Whiteboard Gallery– so you can finally take credit for all your work!
This new update is a free to all existing users of Whiteboard Pro. So if you’re already a customer, hop over to the App Store, and enjoy.
And as always, let us know what you think! Give us a good review on the App Store, or let us know if you’ve found any problems. If you contact us, Angie Worldtrekker will get right back to you
Posted by Elliot Lee, founder and CEO

MacWorld|iWorld officially kicked off today, and there were over 80 iOS apps highlighted in the Mobile Apps Showcase. We found our app of the day in the showcase, and it’s FavorIt from 2x6Apps. The app is geared towards app discovery by connecting you with your friends’ favorite apps. Rather than providing the most liked apps from random people or App Store activity, FavorIt focuses on your favorite friends. There are some people who’s opinion you trust, and their app picks are definitely intriguing to you.

FavorIt provides the back engine to make it easy to connect your favor
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ite Facebook friends and favorite apps. The app is as simple as selecting your five favorite apps, and all of your friends doing the same thing. Then you get to see your closest friends’ selections, and download them yourself to see if they become your favorites. It’s effortless to swap out apps, though it would be nice to see more choices beyond five. Also, the app only focuses on Facebook Connect, and could use the same type of friend integration with Twitter and contacts.
As it stands, more people use Facebook than anything else, and now your friends just need to download the app along with you to take full advantage of FavorIt. FavorIt is free, but it just focuses on iPhone apps at this point.
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