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With the launch of Apple’s textbook initiative for iBooks last week, the iPad is likely about to become the center of the world for many students, used for storing gigabytes of reading material, note taking, online lectures, media and, of course, the ubiquitous music and movies. But, it’s not just students that are going to be eating into the gigabyte allowance on their device.
The success of NewsStand on iOS has meant that many more publishers and periodicals are transferring their content to iPad and, as such, users are reaping the benefits of cheap subscriptions
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to the iPad editions of their favorite magazine. However, with this amount of popularity, the storage space issue starts to rear its head.

If you are perhaps one of the many people who invested in a 16GB iPad then you’ll know what I mean. If a person subscribes to three photo heavy magazines each month, one of which is a weekly publication, then you will easily see over 1GB of data being delivered each month, meaning that you have to keep on top of reading and archiving your material. Equally, if you are a student and you download just one of the new enhanced textbooks for iBooks, you can be looking at between 1-3GB for each textbook. Suddenly, 16GB doesn’t seem all that much.
So, when will 32GB become the minimum usable size for an iPad user who doesn’t want to short-change themselves? With iCloud, or another streaming music service, you can always always save a bit of storage space by streaming your media. This will likely become the norm for some students who, on the other hand, can’t stream a textbook from iTunes.
Not yet at least.
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