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Exozet has just dropped Pocket Gamer a note to inform us (and indirectly you) that work on its forthcoming The Settlers of Catan spin-off card game for iOS The Rivals of Catan is going swimmingly.

"Why are you telling me this?" I vaguely hear you cry.

Well, the Germany-based developer sorta needs your help. To ensure...

The backlash against Zynga for its (pretty blatant) plagiarism of Tiny Tower may have been one of this week's big stories, but it certainly isn't the only recent case of game companies ripping each other off. Late last year, 6waves Lolapps was accused of doing the exact same thing, and now the company's finally defending itself.

fEvery week, Pocket Gamer sister site Quality Index (Qi) highlights the newest games to make a critical splash in the cool, seductive waters of the iOS pool.

Grabbing scores and opinions from all corners of the web, including from 148Apps, AppGamer, and IGN, Qi answers all your iPhone-rel...
The Top Ten iPad Games for 2011 is a post from: My iPad Games
2011 has been a great year. This website was introduced to the internet in May and continued to rise in popularity until the end of the year. I also got to download a few games that were really really good, some of them got to get a chance to be reviewed here in My iPad Games, some did not get a slot in my busy busy schedule.
Here are the top ten games that were released in 2011 which I think are worthy of your attention if you have not downloaded them yet.
10. Zombie Cafe

If you are interested
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on how it feels like to own a restaurant and command a horde of zombies at the same time, the Zombie Cafe might be just the right game for you. It features odious recipes to feed your unsuspecting patrons, and zombie employees to boot. Fun!
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Download Link: Zombie Café – Beeline Interactive, Inc.
9.  Defen-G Astro

While the iOS is literally swimming with tower defense games, some of them are down right crappy. Defen-G Astro is a breath of fresh air because it incorporates tower defense with muliti-linear defense. The game is really easy at first but gets extremely frantic towards the end.
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Download Link: Defen-G Astro – innodis
8. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is a port of the PC game of the game title. It is an action RPG which ironically makes fun of a lot of RPG elements in classic games. The game is filled with lots of funny cutscenes, action-packed quests and music videos. The game arguably has the best voice acting in all RPG’s in the iOS and combine that with the witty, funny dialogue makes the game feel like a fusion of a funny adventure comic book and video game.
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Download Link: The Bard’s Tale – inXile Entertainment
7. Where’s My Water?

2011 was a great year for physics puzzlers and Where’s My Water? represents that. Here, you have to bring clean water to Swampy, an adorable alligator so he can shower. The game engages the player really well without being too easy or too hard.
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Download Link: Where’s My Water? – Disney
6. Mage Gauntlet

Another action RPG in the list. Mage Gauntlet lets you control a hardy battle mage, Lexi, in search for a cure for her inability to cast magic without the aid of a mage gauntlet.
Retro games with pixellated visuals and chip-tune music are a fashion now on the iOS but only a few live up to expectations like Mage Gauntlet. The game is a frantic action at its best where you are forced to save up your limited supply of magic and rely on your trusty sword to obliterate the foes. The game is also humorous like The Bard’s Tale and you are guaranteed a laugh everytime Lexi opens her smart-ass mouth.
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Download Link: Mage Gauntlet – Rocketcat Games
5. Muffin Knight

When casual arcade games become very frantic like this game, it becomes very special. I am torn between this game and its platforming brethren, League of Evil, but this one has a unicorn that poops rainbow-colored mines, so this one wins by a point.
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Download Link: Muffin Knight – Angry Mob Games
4. World of Goo

This game was an adorable indie PC game with tons and tons of awards and praises from different gaming sites. Was. The game found it’s perfect platform for the iPad.
The premise of world of goo is to take these little balls of goop to a pipe some where in the screen by turning some of them into walls and towers. The game does not end there, though, later levels reveal other goo balls with different properties, so it opens up more creativity. Fuse that with the different weather terrains, gorgeous visual presentation and even more gorgeous soundtrack, World of Goo is one game that should be in your springboard, in case you missed it.
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Download Link: World of Goo HD – 2D BOY
3. Shadow Era

Shadow era is a virtual trading card game, comparable to Magic: The Gathering (in terms of gameplay and artwork) where you can play with the computer AI or with a human via an internet connection. The game is multi-port meaning chances are, you are playing with a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android user.
This game is freemium at its best — still playable if you want some good fun but purchases are needed if you really love the game and wanted to be competitive. This is the only freemium game that convinced me to cough out some dollars for the freemium services.
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Download Link: Shadow Era TCG – Kyle Poole
2. Box Cat

I just love casual games that is very easy to earn and play, but almost impossible to put down. Box Cat, an independent game is sort of an opposite of Frogger where instead of avoiding the vehicles you have to crash your character (a cat) into them. Don’t fret, though, because the cat is super invincible and is only affected by large truck when not dashing.
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Download Link: Box Cat – Rusty Moyher
1. Tiny Heroes

And the #1 game that had me addicted is…. Tiny Heroes! The game is so beautifully executed, I am still playing it even though I have three starred all levels.
Basically, Tiny Heroes is a tower defense strategy game that focuses on replacing broken towers and mixing multi use and single use defenses. You play the role of the dungeon keeper here, where you would have to protect the dungeon’s treasure from greedy heroes.
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Download Link: Tiny Heroes – Simutronics Corp
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Did you know that penguins spend up to 75% of their time underwater, looking for food in the ocean? Or, if Chillingo’s recent Greedy Penguins [99¢/Lite] is to be believed, they spend 85% of their time on ice floes, waiting for you to feed them, 10% of their time playing guitar and burping, and 5% of their time getting eaten by ravenous Orcas.
Greedy Penguins is a bird-centric physics puzzler (what a concept!) that revolves around you finding ways to get incredibly stressed-out fish in the mouths of the correspondingly-colored penguins. You tap the fish to drop it from its hook and get it
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rolling, then through a combination of timing and obstacle-clearing, get it to the right-colored penguin. Once your penguin is successfully fed, he coughs up ice cream, which you tap to feed each level’s companion and get bonus points when completing the level, garnering a one, two, or three-fish rating.

The concept isn’t new, but the execution feels good. I found myself really enjoying this game, as much for the cute graphics and theme as for the well-designed puzzles. While the earlier puzzles seem easy (don’t they always?), once I really got going it became quite challenging to make sure I got the fish moving in order to clear obstacles. I found myself failing some levels multiple times. Since each level is short, I didn’t mind too much, but it did remind me of how bad my timing is (I still get night terrors regarding the Cave of Wonders level from Aladdin for the Sega Genesis).
Another challenge, though one not personally experienced, is that the colors chosen for each penguin and their food make the game exceptionally trying for color blind people. As mentioned in the forum thread, those who can’t see colors will have a heck of a time getting through this game. If you’re persistent and don’t mind some trial-and-error, you might still enjoy it, but as a person who had enough trouble being able to clearly see everything, I would probably recommend skipping it until a color blind option is added.
The other thing that I personally didn’t like was the in-app purchase option. I’m generally of the conservative “in-app purchase?! Not in my paid app!” mindset (I am a bit of an old person, after all), and my thoughts on Greedy Penguins are no different. Simply beating every level in a world isn’t enough to unlock the next set of levels. In order to unlock the second and third igloos (worlds of 12 puzzles each), you need to have either collected thirty fish (out of only thirty-six) or pay 99¢.

The game also encourages you to waste time in levels by tapping the penguins and their companions to make them do “funny animations,” making it unlikely that you’ll get a perfect score of three fish on your first try. Crafty, no? I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like replaying levels of games just to gain points (or fish) in order to unlock content that I feel entitled to, having already purchased the app.
All things considered, Greedy Penguins is a well-crafted – though hardly groundbreaking – puzzle game. It's fun and extremely well-executed, with enough challenging puzzles to keep you occupied. If you've got a dollar or two burning a hole in your pocket, I'd definitely recommend giving it a spin, especially since it's Universal. If not, well, you can always get your penguin fix from this video!
App Store Links:    Greedy Penguins™, $0.99 (Universal)     Greedy Penguins™ Lite, Free (Universal)
TouchArcade Rating:
This video shows you one way to achieve 100% Total Destruction on Angry Birds Rio Smugglers Plane Walkthrough level 12-15. If you have an alternate strategy please feel free to leave a detailed comment below.

Spacetime Studios has announced their newest entry in their cross-platform MMO Legends series, and this one will delve into a world that is culturally en vogue: vampires. Yes, their latest title is Dark Legends, and it will involve vampires. Yes, players will control a vampire, as they fight off the humans, and other supernatural forces that want to see them knocked down the supernatural food chain.
What Spacetime Studios is promising with Dark Legends is not just Star Legends or Pocket Legends reskinned with supernatural creatures, but gameplay that promises to be more action-based than
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previous games. Abilities such as charge and draining attacks will be part of this new combat system. As well, the game promises to have interactive story sections to help expand the narrative, which will be a larger focus in this game than in previous titles.
Of course, the game will still have the features that the Legends series was known for: MMORPG gameplay that works on cellular networks, and across many devices. This means that Dark Legends will be playable on iOS, Android, and Chrome, with players able to partake in missions together, and to carry their accounts from device to device. The game will also feature single-player missions for those who don’t like that second M in the MMORPG acronym.

According to Gary Gattis, CEO of Spacetime Studios, ““With each entry to the Legends franchise we raise the bar for the pick-up-and-play MMO space. The changes between Pocket Legends and Star Legends were significant, but Dark Legends is a quantum leap forward in interactive storytelling.” While these are bold words, both Pocket Legends and Star Legends were groundbreaking technical achievements, taking cross-platform mobile online play to levels that other games have struggled to reach. While there’s only currently concept artwork publicly revealed, we’ll have more on the game as it is publicly revealed at GDC 2012 in early March.
Spacetime Studios Announces Their Latest Cross-Platform MMORPG, Dark Legends is a post from: Android Rundown

Last May, I spent a bit of time pontificating on whether or not Steam belongs on a mobile platform. Regardless of my opinions on the subject (too lazy to read the article? The short version is “maybe, but they need to be careful”), Valve has just taken its first big step into the world of smartphones with the release of Steam Mobile for both iPhone and Android.

It turns out that the end of the world won't come courtesy of an asteroid after all. By all accounts, it’ll be a slow, drawn-out affair related to the fact that there are no expensive things left to burn. 
Twinkle, the floating space rock in AstroComet, may appear to lend weight to the asteroid armageddon theory with his sinister grin, but it turns out the game’s not...