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It is now official, Apple has sent out media invites for an event they are going to host on the 23rd of October. This event will be held in the California Theatre, San Jose. It is expected that Apple is going to announce their iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, a line up of iMacs and a brand new Mac mini.

We have been giving you all the reports and theories so far surrounding Apple’s iPad Mini and while many may have thought this was just a rumor, Apple have now announced a special event. Usually Apple’s keynotes are he
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ld at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco but this event is going to be held at the California Theatre in San Jose and this is the first official indication that the new iPad Mini will indeed be launching this month.

The iPad mini is expected to have a 7.85 inch display and we have also learned that there could be as many as twelve different configurations such as a Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE offering in each of the 8, 16, 32 and 64GB storage capacities. There have over the past couple of months been various leaks of internal parts as well as a bunch of mock-ups which have given up plenty to speculate about. Apple are very good at covering things up though so don’t be surprised if the new smaller iPad doesn’t look anything like what we may have presumed.

When it comes to pricing, there have been speculations that it will cost between $249 and $299. This has yet to be confirmed and we will have to wait for the official announcement from Apple to see if the rumors were right. Apple will be holding a special event next Tuesday and everyone here is really excited about the prospect of the iPad mini finally making an appearance. We will keep you updated and bring you all the news as it transpires.

I’ve mentioned a number of great Objective-C libraries to make things quicker and easier.
Today I came across an Objective-C library ObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions  that adds a couple of terrific additions to the Objective-C language.
The first addition is the ability to swizzle a method without the need to create a category – the readme states:
If you wanted to swizzle a method before, you would have to declare a category on a class (usually resulting in two extra files).
CTObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions introduces a new method
void class_swizzleSelectorWithBlock(
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Class class, SEL originalSelector, SEL unusedSelector, id block);
 which takes the class, the selector you want to swizzle, an unused selector in which the previous implementation will be stored and a block that will be called instead of the original implementation.
The second addition allows you to get detailed runtime information from your blocks.<
You can find CTObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions on Github here.
A couple of very useful additions.
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In case if you get irritated to see the small font size of webpage on your iOS devices and if you are pondering upon how to use bookmarklets to adjust font sizes in mobile Safari, then OSXDaily has got an amazing solution for you, through which you can adjust font sizes in mobile Safari.
Repeat this process separately for both the increase and decrease functions:

Open Safari on iPad or iPhone and create a bookmark for any page
Tap the Bookmarks button at the top of the screen and choose “Edit”
Rename the created bookmark to either a minus (-) or plus (+) s
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ymbol and replace the URL by pasting in the appropriate javascript code shown below, depending on the desired function
Save the bookmark change and load a new web page, tap on the + or – buttons to test font size changes live. Refreshing the page restores the font size to its default.

Decrease Font Size (-)

javascript:var p=document.getElementsByTagName(‘*’);for(i=0;i

Increase Font Size (+)

javascript:var p=document.getElementsByTagName(‘*’);for(i=0;i

Now small fonts will no more irritate you whenever you would browse a website. All you need to do is just open your Bookmark Menu and tap the ‘+’ symbol and in order to make small fonts larger, just tap ‘-’ symbol. If you want to reset the font size then just refresh the page.
Looking at such an instant solution which quickly facilitates adjusting font sizes in mobile Safari, we feel that Apple might like to enhance this solution and it might like to add this on its updated version of Mobile Safari.
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Many people I’ve talked to are anxious to try out the new features Apple has brought to OS X Mountain Lion. Unfortunately, Apple has only made the beta of Mountain Lion available to registered developers. In this video, I’ll show you how you can get the biggest features of Mountain Lion today, using only existing apps.

AirParrot can be found here.
You can download Messages beta here.
Source: Lifehacker
This is probably a tip most of you know about, but for me it was something I had completely forgotten about until I realized ...Reminder: Delete iTunes Backups to Recover Hard Drive Space is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource


It isn’t often that you can liken a Japanese TV programme to a sideways-scrolling monster truck game, but while racing the green shadow car over chaotic scenery, the obstacle course with the wrecking ball from Takeshi’s Castle comes to mind. Monster Trucks Nitro 2 takes the well worn and quite tedious premise of sideways-scrolling scenery with automatic acceleration and some obstacles to get over and turns it into a carnage-strewn, gravity-defying race against time. The aim of the game is to rotate the truck to get maximum lift on jumps and flips where possible to gain nitro
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boosts, and get the tyres back on the ground to keep the speed up — as shown by the green shadow car. Best of all, the trucks are a shiny 3D, and the chaos caused during the race is a visual feast.


A new version of the Apple iOS has been released and with iOS 5.1.1 there comes the task of the many hackers and the jailbreak community to provide a new jailbreak solution and a way to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1.

The various dev teams have already begun bringing out updates to their jailbreak and unlock utilities. The new iOS doesn’t seem to have anything major in terms of changes and most of the changes are to fix bugs and provide a few performance enhancements. For those iPhone owners with older basebands who rely on the Ultrasn0w unlock there is good news.
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The Ultrasn0w Fixer has been updated to support iOS 5.1.1. Ultrasn0w currently supports the following iPhone 4 and iPhone 4GS basebands:

• 01.59.00
• 04.26.08
• 05.11.07
• 05.13.01
• 05.12.01
• 06.15.00

The official version of Ultrasn0w is to be updated also but until then here is a quick way to ensure that you can unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.1.1. In order for this to work you must have a jailbroken iPhone on iOS 5.1.1 using custom firmware with old baseband preserved.

The first thing you have to do to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 is to go to Cydia and browse to manage and select Sources. Next select Edit and Add to add the required repository. Type into the pop up and then press Add Source.

Once the repo has been added you need to open it in the source list which will display the Ultrasn0w Fixer 5.1.1 utility. Select the Fixer utility and tap the install button which you will find at the top right hand corner. The install will only take a few seconds. Once you have completed this the latest official version of Ultrasn0w which is 1.2.5 will need to be installed. Select Search in Cydia and type in Ultrasn0w and search the package. Once you find it, install it and you now have an unlocked iPhone on iOS 5.1.1.


In the past I’ve mentioned a great library that can be used to create elegant popup style modal panels.
Recently I received the submission of an interesting component that allows you to create partial modal views that cover the bottom of the screen and is styled after the National Geographic parks guide app.
The concept is similar to a UIAlertView however allows much more customization as you can insert any UIView elements within the model view and rather than just dim the screen the screen contents are shrunk, and shifted into the background with an accompanying animatio
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Here’s a set of images from the Github page demonstrating how similar the components results are to the modal views in the National Geographic app:

The component is KNSemiModalViewController from Kent Nguyen.
You can find the component on Github here and read Kent’s writeup about the component on his site here.
You can find the National Geographic National Parks App on iTunes here.
The different animations and little touches with this component give it a very memorable effect.
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RedsnOw 0.9.11b4 Released Here is a good news for those user who have updated their A4 devices to iOS 5.1.1. Complete Tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 i.e Redsnow 0.9.11b4 has been released by iPhone Dev Team. Redsnow 0.9.11b4 is both for Windows and Mac and is for free(Here). Among many other improvements is the support [...]
Whited00r, recently developed a custom iOS 5 version that can be installed on the older iPhone 3G/2G and iPod Touch 1G/2G That doesn't support iOS 5.

Now, with Whited00r 5.1 Get your old devices back to life, you don't even have to jailbreak your device, it's just a Custom Firmware Could be done by using iTunes.

Moreover, it brings to you most of the iOS Features including multitasking, reminders, video recording, service like iCloud, although you wont have the iOS Notification and i don't think it will be running smoothly on these devic
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es. But there are a lot of happy reviews from happy customers so i think that won't happen so give it a try.

iPhone 2G:

Download iPhone 2G Normal 5.1

Download iPhone 2G Unlocker 5.1

iPhone 3G:

Download iPhone 3G Normal 5.1

Download iPhone 3G Unlocker 5.1

iPod Touch 1G:

Download iPod Touch 1G WD5.1

iPod Touch 2G:

Download iPod Touch 2G WD5.1

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