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Microsoft is re-launching its Windows Phone platform, completely rebuilding the operating system from the ground up so that it functions better than it ever has before. Windows Phone 8 could prove to be the weapon the software giant needs to really make its mark in the smartphone world and begin to take a significant share of the market away […]
Microsoft Surface is one of the most talked about Windows 8 tablet in the market today. It has been almost a month when the Surface tablet was launched coinciding with the Windows 8 launch. It is ironical that it has had to compete with many other tablets such as Google Nexus and Mini iPad launched [...]

Despite the fact that iPhone 5 was released just 4 months ago, rumors of the next generation iPhone has already started to accumulate. A report from China Times claims that Apple will launch 3 iPhone variants this year. These models include an iPhone 5S and a new 4.8-inch iPhone dubbed as ‘iPhone Math’ for June release. In addition, the report says a third model will be launched before

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iPhone math

The report claims that iPhone 5S and ‘iPhone Math’ will features 8MP camera; whereas, the third model is said to feature 12MP camera. The report, which has been translated by BrightWire, claims:

Apple will announce three new iPhone models in 2013, and two of them, the 4-inch iPhone 5S and 4.8-inch iPhone Math

(both featuring 8-mega-pixel cameras), will hit markets before the end of June, China Times reported citing Taiwan-based Commercial Times.

Citing Apple’s suppliers, the report added that the third model, which has not been exposed, will be launched before Christmas. The model will feature a 12-mega-pixel camera.

Rumors about iPhone 5S and a budget model has been around for quite a while now, however, this is first time we’ve heard about a third model. ‘iPhone Math’ is also something new from rumors mill. But it’s worth mentioning that 4.8-inch display iPhone rumors has been making rounds back in December too.

iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone rumor seems reasonable. But ‘iPhone Math’ name and 4.8-inch display seems almost unlikely.


When there are no actual news or notable app releases, I prefer investing my time in creating something for other people.

Continuing my ongoing series of tips on iOS URL schemes, here’s an adaptation o

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f my existing Due bookmarklet to work better with Google Chrome for iOS (which, as I’ve pointed out several times, has a very nice URL scheme). The following code (to install it, simply copy it and paste the entire string into a bookmark) grabs a webpage’s title and URL and sends them to Due (also powered by a great URL scheme).

Thanks to x-callback-url, we can specify URLs to open in case of “error” (Due couldn’t create a new reminder) or “success” (Due created a new reminder and automatically showed the “Reminder” entry screen). In case of error, I personally decide to stay in Due; if the bookmarklet succeeds, I like to be taken back to Google Chrome after I tap the Add button.


As you can see above, in the x-success parameter I’m using googlechrome%3A%2F%2F — which is simply the encoded version of googlechrome:// (those scary characters give it the convenient name of percent-encoding). You can play around with encoding and decoding strings using tools like this. Because x-callback-url’s fields want encoded strings, I’m doing the same with due%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2F and Google%20Chrome. Not encoding strings properly is one of the most common mistakes I kept making when I first started using x-callback-url.

(Question: Why am I using googlechrome:// instead of a full webpage URL? As far as I know, the URL scheme alone can’t reload an existing tab, even when relaunching the same URL (unlike Safari). Therefore, to simply “jump back” to Chrome, I, well, re-open Chrome.)

A note about the screenshot in this post: the dialog box is generated by Due using x-source — a parameter to give a friendly name to the “calling app” (in our case, Google Chrome). Unfortunately, though, we can’t give x-error and x-success different pretty names; both parameters will use the x-source name given in Due. That’s why, even if you want to launch Due, the dialog box will keep saying “Google Chrome”.

Interestingly, the bookmarklet works on Safari for Mac, but not on Chrome (obviously, you won’t be able to rely on x-callback-url on the desktop). You can read more about Due’s URL scheme here, and check out a quick demo video of the bookmarklet below.


Buy iPhone 5 / 4S For $50 Off . Will will today we have good news for you today  Best Buy is once again knocking $50 off all iPhone 4S and 5 models, regardless of model or carrier, The limited-time sale matches some of the best prices we’ve seen on Apple’s handsets, knocking the 16GB iPhone 5 down to $149.99 and the 16GB iPhone 4S down to just $49.99

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.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/iPhone-5.png" width="550" height="213" />

9to5Mac spotlights the deal, which appears to be available both in-stores and online, that discounts all iPhone 4S and 5 models that are purchased with a two-year carrier contract.

This knocks the 16GB iPhone 5 down to $149.99, the 32GB down to $249.99, and the 64GB to $349.99. And outside of a few hard-to-find Walmart and Sam’s Club offers, these are the best prices we’ve seen on Apple’s latest handset.

It looks like the discounting is only good for a couple of days. So if you’ve been looking for a deal on the iPhone, you may not want to wait on this. Click here for Best Buy’s website.


Apps that rely on an active internet connection depend upon two sources; your Wi-Fi connection, or the mobile data of your carrier service. A new jailbreak tweak by the name Carnitine is now available that lets you connect to the Wi-Fi from with-in any launched app, the action you’re most likely to prefer over consumption of mobile data when downloading large applications.

After downloading and installing this tweak, a new menu is going to appear in the stock Settings app. There’s only one toggle option available, which allows you to ena

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ble or disable a tweak. After you’ve enabled it, you’ll be presented with an option for any app you open ‘Do I have to enable Wi-Fi every time you open this app?’. There options can be selected; Yes, No or Not Now. Yes button will switch the Wi-Fi on automatically every time you open this app. The No button won’t allow for the action, while the Not Now button will make it a pending decision.

simonblog 2

Despite this useful functionality, there are some drawbacks. The app is only for ‘enabling’ Wi-Fi automatically, so when you close down an application, it won’t toggle itself off automatically. Furthermore, after you’ve selected a particular option for an app, the Settings can’t be configured again. This means the apps you’ve decided to enable the Wi-Fi for will be added to the permanent Wi-Fi enabled list.

Though the app is limited in functionality, it may useful for you if you’re certain about your Wi-Fi needs for particular apps. It’s a free of charge download through Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It’s compatible with iOS 3.0 +, and works on all iDevices. Let us know if you try it out and how useful it turned out to be.

This article, Carnitine Allows You To Enable Wi-Fi For Selected Apps, was originally published at

There's good news for Apple devotees in Indonesia, who will once again be able to order products from an official online presence for the company in the territory -- and walk into an Apple Store location in the country's capitol of Jakarta.

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When Apple released the iPhone 5 and had it preloaded with their latest operating system iOS 6 many owners were surprised to find that the native Google Maps app they had become accustomed to on all previous versions of the iPhone was gone. In its place was a new, custom developed maps app by Apple [...]Related posts:iPhone: Using Maps to Avoid Traffic If you’re one of many Americans that have long commutes...
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ice-arrives-on-the-iphone.html' rel='bookmark' title='Google Voice Arrives On The iPhone'>Google Voice Arrives On The iPhone It’s taken over a year, but the Google product originally...Google Latitude iPhone App Arrives Google announced many moons ago their new map and GPS...
Nexus 10: Powerful and shareable Nexus 10 is the ultimate tablet for watching movies or reading magazines. We wanted to build a premium entertainment device, so we partnered with Samsung to do just that. Nexus 10 is the highest resolution tablet on the planet with a 10.055″ display at 2560-by-1600 (300ppi), that’s over 4 million pixels [...]
Planetbeing, an iOS hacker and member of the iPhone Dev-team, has posted on Reddit about the stutus of iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak on iOS 6/6.0.1/6.0.2. Planetbeing has revealed that he has a working untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0.2 running on his iPhone 5.

While responding to a discussion thread about pod2g’s return to jailbreak scene, planetbeing had this to say:
Yeah, I’m not really sure what all the doom and gloom is about. The fact is, I have an untethered iOS 6.0.2 JB running on my iPhone 5 right now.
Then why this iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak has not yet
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been released to gerenal public? The reason is prety much the usual: they are waiting for the right time. Who’d want to burn valuable exploits for point releases (6.0.1/6.0.2) when iOS 6.1 is already hitting Gold Master:
The reasons it’s not released are because 1. releasing it would burn an exploit we want to save for ourselves so we can always get in to look at new firmware and help JB in the future, 2. iOS 6.1 is coming very soon and will likely break a small part of it anyway, there’s no point in sacrificing the many bugs it won’t break.
Anyway, where there are 4+ bugs (that it took to get this to work), there’s gotta be one or two more so while jailbreaking is getting harder, reports of its death are highly exaggerated.
Makes total sense if you ask me. I’d rather wait for a potential iOS 6.1 jailbreak, instead of releasing it now for iOS 6/iOS 6.0.1/6.0.2 and having it potentially fixed in iOS 6.1.
Another good news for Jailbreak community is that Pod2g also seems to have returned to the jailbreak scene after submitting his iOS app to Apple for approval.
He (pod2g) didn’t (say he has returned to jailbreak development), but hey, at least he told me last night he looked into a couple of bugs (without much success) recently, after basically not being around since WWJC, so that’s cool. I doubt he wants to promise he’ll be around working on this full time however. I haven’t worked on any jailbreak stuff for a couple of months as well, not until basically I was flying back from 29C3 in Germany and realized/remembered I actually know about enough bugs to put together an entire untethered jailbreak (still unreleasable due to reasons I stated in my other comment here).
Apple has already released 4 betas for iOS 6.1. The final version of iOS 6.1 is expected to hit masses this month. As usual jailbreakers should avoid updating to stock iOS 6.1.