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Last week I mentioned an example iOS Pokemon style game submitted by Kajie Yu called iPokemon that has a couple of great looking  unique user interface controls.  Previously I mentioned one of those controls for creating a circular menu.

Here’s another custom user interface control submitted by Kajie Yu seen in iPokemon for creating a great looking “arc menus” complete with transitions when sliding (slide gestures supported) between tabs called KYArcTab.

Here’s an image of the example arc menu from the readme:



You can easily customize the colors, button sizes, menu size and more.

You can find KYArcTab on Github here.

A great looking custom navigation control.


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Crescent Zeuss Concept Phone – Quad Core & Futuristic Design Right from the desk of Jonathan De Jesus and Crescent Mobile Technologies introduced a new concept phone called Crescent Zuess. This device comes with an unusuall design as well as packed with 2.5 GB of RAM and 12 MP camera. Device is also having 1080p [...]
Japanese Twitter user @morisatoh has created one of the most interesting iPhone accessories I’ve seen. It’s a quick draw sleeve contraption that is quite interesting, only because of the way it’s being demonstrated on video. The man behind the video is performer Shota Mori. His video has references to the movie Taxi Driver and is kinda...Man Creates Hilarious iPhone Quick-Draw System [VIDEO] is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource


Apple has released iOS 6.0.2, a minor version release with a major fix aimed at iPhone 5 and iPad Mini users who have experienced problematic wi-fi connections with the devices. The changelog for the 6.0.2 update says the update includes improvements and bug fixes, but only lists “Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi” in the list of adjustments.

iOS 6.0.2 Direct Download Links

These are direct download links of IPSW files hosted with Apple, right-click and choose “Save As”.

iPhone 5 GSM
iPhone 5 CDMA
iPad Mini
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iPad Mini LTE GSM
iPad Mini LTE CDMA


Kindle Fire HD introduced by Amazon with attractive price showed various signs to be worthy. With brilliant screens and delightful graphics which are smooth and mash able. With amazing Wi-Fi connectivity perhaps the best so far it offers unlimited, instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movie and with “New Kindle FreeTime” Unlimited for kids, there can be accessed to unlimited books, movies, applications, and TV shows. Kindle Fire delivers high definition touch screen display, reduced screen glare, richer colors at wider angles, exclusive Dolby audio an
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d dual-drive stereo speakers as low quality sound ruins the desired HD entertainment. In the current era of technology, many companies have introduced a variety of gadgets but everyone looks for something unique which makes their friends colleagues anxious. The Kindle Fire HD is undoubtedly the choice for the New Year 2013 plus it seems luxurious device to be gifted at Christmas.

Unleashing New Application
Unleashing of new software by Amazon in its Kindle Fire is the Camera application and Swype keyboard application into play. The new camera having the characteristic of being a front loaded webcam allows users to take the still photographs and save them to the photo library. On the other hand the addition of Swype, makes it easier to type words correctly by simply dragging a finger between the letters on the keyboard. Apart from these two, another recent application which makes Kindle Fire more attractive in the current times is the addition of “Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service dedicated to kids. It is a monthly subscription which allows kids to set daily screen limits and give access to appropriate content for every child. It includes child-friendly books, movies, TV shows and games without downloading the additional content.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
If you are interested in buying Kindle Fire this year (2013) then the suggested version to get is the Fire HD 8.9 because of its larger, higher resolution screen better facilitates Amazon’s still-new Kindle Fire interface. The fourth generation iPad however is still the premium tablet due to its performance in just about everything beats all other tablets but, the Fire HD 8.9 has superior video streaming and also a lot more affordable than imagined. However the newer versions are yet on the way to be launched.
What makes Kindle Fire a must have for 2013?
The first Kindle Fire was more like an experiment for Amazon. The cost is so effective that even the charger cost is added it still offers a lot more than it costs. But the new Fire HD II sounds something very unique. A directive planned product with an attitude. Hands-on with the new Kindles. Glare is reduced over the HD’s predecessor, creating a screen that is easier to be read in bright light. With the addition of 8 hours of battery life, it makes Kindle Fire HD II more worth able.
Conclusively Fire HD models are attractive, delightful and sounds more entertaining due to high definition video streaming and dual drive stereo speakers. Its users are confident viewers of TV shows, movies, web pages and books. The appealing online world of entertainment provided by Amazon make the Kindle Fire industry-leading features per dollar ratio to be more top heavy and more success rates are expected in the upcoming Year 2013.
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There are many libraries available for creating image effects and today I came across an interesting new library created to provide high performance image effects so that developers can avoid going into Photoshop every time they need to modify an image.
The  library is AmazeKit from Detroit Labs. AmazeKit was designed to enable developers to add numerous image effects with aggressive image caching to help maintain performance similar to that found when simply displaying a PNG file.  All through a very strai
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ghtforward API.
The effects include:
- Corner Rounding
- Beveling
- Noise
- Blur
- Glow
- Gradients
- Shadows
- Patterns
The readme states:
AmazeKit is an image rendering library for iOS. Its goal is to retain the performance of using .png-formatted images in UIKit classes, while avoiding the chore of creating these images in Photoshop, as well as the extra download size of bundling the images in the app. Images are rendered according to a collection of “image effects,” ranging from a simple gradient or corner radius to blurs, masks, and inner shadows.
AmazeKit also offers convenient UIKit support, automatically using the correct images as your controls change size. Retina displays are supported automatically, and AmazeKit aggressively caches rendered images to maintain optimal performance levels.
Here’s an image from the AmazeKit sample app. The image at top is a plan square image with beveling, noise, gradient, rounded edge, and coloring effects applied.

You can find AmazeKit on Github here.
Included is an example app showing how to apply many of the included effects.

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If you read our blog this week you will know that a report surfaced suggesting that Apple could be working on a low cost iPhone. Well, in a rare one to one interview, Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller stated that this report was not true. In fact, he flat out denied it.

The iPhone's market share peaked in the fourth quarter of 2011 and in the first quarter of last year when it stood at 24%. It then slipped back to just 14.3%. Phil Schiller addressed this concern in his interview and justified Apple's current position in the market by pointing at low cost device
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s. He also went on to state that Apple does not intent to get into this market.

Creating a low cost and lower end iPhone model would be a huge change for Apple who as everyone knows, has always valued user experience and quality over the market share. This approach has also been taken with the Mac product line which does not feature low end products that have been made using cheaper materials. While they may have a lower market share overall, Apple argues that this approach ensures that the quality of all its products is high enough for the average consumer.

Schiller went on and also criticized the approach that is being followed by some of their competitors who expand their product line too quickly. He argued that a small product line ensures maximum software and accessory compatibility by reducing the effort on the part of developers and manufacturers to ensure that their products work on all devices.

For those who were hoping for a low cost and lower end iPhone, Apple did satisfy this wish by making previous models of the iPhone available for a lower price. At the moment, both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S are still for sale from Apple's own stores as well as third party retailers. So for now, there is no truth in the rumor that Apple will be releasing a lower end and lower cost iPhone model this year.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation v1.1.3 For Android Latest Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation v1.1.3 .apk cracked is now available for Android Devices. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation 1.1.3 For Android require Android 2.1 or Higher Version. You can Download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation 1.1.3 Apk Cracked from The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, [...]
MuscleNerd, the well-known member of iPhone Dev Team has always shown us simple ways to jailbreak iDevices. This week a new version of Redsn0w was released, the 0.9.11b.1 version to downgrade the A5-powered devices like the iPhone 4S, iPad and iPad 3 to iOS 5.0.1 and above. After the release of this version of Redsn0w it has become even easier to jailbreak our devices.
But, there was one limitation that you need to have the SHSH blobs for the firmware you wish to downgrade to. Now, it has already been revealed today how to untethered jailbreak iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0.1 and also how to unteth
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ered jailbreak iPad on iOS 5.0.1 with Mac OS X version of Redsn0w 0.9.11b.1.  To have the Windows version of an untethered jailbreak iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0.1 with RedSn0w 0.9.11b1 you need to go through the following guide:
How To Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad on iOS 5.0.1 with Redsn0w 0.9.11b.1 on Windows.
For this it is compulsory that you be on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware or if not then downgrade back down to it provided you have your SHSH blobs saved.

Download RedSn0w 0.9.11b1 (Windows)
Then you need to plug your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 into your computer via USB.
Once your A5 iOS device is connected via USB, extract RedSn0w. To do this, right click on the file and click the Extract to folder option.
RedSn0w is now extracted. Find the RedSn0w.exe file and click the Run as administrator option (if applicable).
Now click the Jailbreak button. You’ll see a popup window appear showing further instructions. Now you need to tap the Install button that appears on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2, then the Install Now button, and after that the Next button (do not enter a password). Finally you need to tap the Done button.
Once you complete the previous step RedSn0w 0.9.11b1 will continue Jailbreaking your A5 iOS device. You will again see a popup window prompting you to enable the VPN option in the Settings. For that you need to go back to the Settings home where you’ll see a VPN toggle switch. Check whether the switch is in the ON Position.
If it isn’t then slide the toggle to the ON position. You are not supposed to touch your iPhone and ignore any error messages that may appear. A couple of seconds and your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 will reboot and then turn back on in a Jailbroken state (Cydia should be on your SpringBoard).

So, that’s how the new version of Redsn0w makes the entire process easier.
Via: iJailbreak
Alfred does an excellent job of basic snippetery
App and file launcher, search helper, and all-round work of genius Alfred has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves. One of those is a clever built-in text snippets manager.

I wouldn’t blame you for having missed it: there’s so much stuff buried in Alfred’s preferences pane, it’s easy to overlook individual features. If your text-snippeting needs aren’t that complicated or terribly demanding, it might be worth trying out Alfred as an alternative to dedicated snippet applications.
(Let me stress tha
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t bit about “if your needs aren’t that complicated”: what Alfred offers is a basic snippet-replacement service. It doesn’t have the advanced features you’ll see in apps like TextExpander or Type it For Me. The tip that follows only applies if you don’t need the extras they provide.)
To get started with Alfred’s snippets, first open the Preferences pane and click on the Features button in the toolbar. Look down the (huge!) list of features listed on the left, and click on “Clipboard.” In this pane you’ll see four sub-tabs, one of which is “Snippets;” go ahead and click on this.
Adding a snippet is very simple. Click the plus sign at the bottom of the list, and fill out the fields Alfred asks you for. At minimum, you need to provide Alfred with the snippet text and a text trigger to activate it.
Alfred’s snippets are part of its clipboard functionality, so you can call up a list of them by hitting the “viewer hotkey” when Alfred’s command window is active. It’s defined within Alfred’s main Clipboard preferences pane; I’ve got it set to Command+Option+C.
You can also give Alfred a snippets keyword (look underneath the list of snippets, and you’ll see a text box where you can define it to something that suits you).
My snippet needs are relatively few. I have only 20 or so text clips I use regularly, and Alfred is all I need. If you want smart snippets that insert things like timestamps, datestamps and more, you’ll need a dedicated snippet manager.