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Sheepocalypse is inevitable!
Just imagine: Ancient Greece. Olympic Games. Track and field competition. Nothing was going wrong, but sheep happens! Run! Run as fast as you can!
Perseus wanted to win the competition using the magic sandals that he bought from Hermes. Sadly he didn’t know that Hermes (aka the God of the cheaters and the thieves) hid the truth about one little thing. One little thing is defect in the shoes that makes them unstoppable. The life of the whole civil
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ization is under sheepocalypse attack.
Now only you can save the city from distraction and get over the chaos sheep. Run as fast as you can! Catch Hermes and take revenge in engaging 2D runner game with sheepocalypse elements.
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Those of you who tuned into Pebble’s press conference held at CES 2013 on Wednesday, will likely have noticed (almost immediately) that the company was experiencing issues with the colour profile on the camera being used to live-stream the event to those watching around the world.
Unfortunately for the company, this resulted in some journalists not present at the media event having to re-publish these colour-“tinged” photos of Pebble’s first-ever public UI demonstration.

Thankfully, YouTube user PebbleUnnoficial has, in fact, fixed the blue tinge defect originally
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seen on Pebble’s live-stream of the event, this morning republishing the entire 43-minute long live video for those who may wish to watch Eric run through the smartwatch’s main features, again, without the CEO looking like a smurf.

We’ve embedded the color-corrected video stream of Pebble’s 43-minute CES 2013 presser below – (Enjoy!)


When iOS 6 was rolled out along with the iPhone 5 I was looking for a number of improvements to come along with it. I don’t pay much attention to the rumor sites, or even what Apple seeds in some of the developer previews because they’ve been known to pull/add things last minute so when I fired up iOS 6 I didn’t know what to expect. There were a few things that I had hoped would receive some attention (Contacts, Airplay etc.), but one of the most important things on my wish list was an update to the calendars App. Don’t get me wrong, the built in calendar App does
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the basics just fine. It will allow you to input an appointment or task into it with no problem. It will remind you at a set time prior to that appointment with a notification, but it doesn’t offer much beyond that. When I saw the lack of calendar love with this update, I went searching for a 3rd party App to cover my needs. What I found was a super versatile, customizable, easy to use calendar that is now the only calendar that I use.  From the slick interface to the batch editing, it has everything that I want.

Beautiful Display
One of the things that I dislike so much about the built in Calendar App is the lack of a quality week view. Apple offers “list” view which is a semi-week view but no where near the beautiful layout of the week view in Week Calendar. With Week Calendar the week view shows every day of the week in 9 hour increments. A red line indicates what time of the day you currently are on and allows you to easily identify what appointments are approaching as well as which appointments are currently going on. Indicated by a light blue tint, the column (day) that you are currently in will have the day of the week and date highlighted in bright blue. On the topic of color, you can also color code events based on keywords. So for example I can color code all of my appointments for my children in green so that I can quickly determine what type of appointment I have just by glancing at the colors associated. To take this one step further, you can set the App to automatically color code an event based on keywords contained withing the appointment. For example if I start the appointment off with “Twins” it can change the color to green automatically. This saves a ton of time in color coding. Another great visual enhancement is the addition of icons. These icons can be entered manually into appointments or again automatically with keywords.

Moving appointments has never been easier than it is with Week Calendar. Just tap and hold to move around appointments like you would an App. Intuitive and easy; this is what makes the iPhone so great and that same simplicity transfers into Week Calendar.  Moving beyond simple reoccurring appointments, Week calendar allows custom, complex reoccurring appointments such as every 3 months on the last weekend day of the month, every 2 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and much, much more. Basically almost any way of making it reoccur is supported.

Everything You Would Expect
Beyond the added features contained within Week Calendar, it contains everything that you would expect to see in a calendar on the iPhone. Adjustments for the colors, calendar, views, and more. While the “week” view is my favorite and the most widely promoted for Week Calendar, you also have the option to view it in day, month, year, mini month, agenda, and more! This is truly a customizable calendar that is meant to be changed to fit your needs!

The Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a quality, customizable replacement for the stock calendar App, Week Calendar is for you! It is totally customizable, well laid out, and easy to use. It’s not only powerful, but user friendly. It’s as close to perfect as I’ve seen in a calendar.
You can get Week Calendar for the iPhone from the iTunes store for $1.99 here: 

Back in July, a UK Judge had ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy tab did not infringe on Apple’s iPad as “it’s not as cool” as Apple’s product.
While the judge took a dig at Samsung, the ruling was more adverse for Apple as the judge had ordered Apple to publicly acknowledge that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad on its website. 
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Apple has embedded a new ad tracking system in iPhone 5, and iOS 6, which is enabled by default and allows advertisers to access your information from your iPhone. So, guide below let you instruct if you want to disable tracking configuration on your iPhone 5 or iOS 6 device. Disable New Ad Tracking on [...]


October 18, 2012
London, United Kingdom - Independent publisher Nosy Crow is pleased to announce that its first rhyming storybook app featuring multiple stories, Animal SnApp: Farm, is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In this interactive app, readers swipe through the two halves of different farmyard animals in a fun slider game to unlock a unique story for each of six characters by swiping to match the correct top and bottom. Animal SnApp is recommended for children age
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d 3 and up.
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Ever wanted to create a 360-degree, 3D capture of an object or person while on-the-go? – If you have, you may want to give 3Sixty’s YouSpin PRO a try.
Designed to allow you to capture full, 360-degree views of the objects or products around you, the app’s “enormously easy” stopframe-based interface claims to allow the frame-by-frame capture of each profile of the object you’re taking, with the end result being a sharable 3D video.

Completed videos can be shared with friends, family, colleagues and customers, to Facebook or YouSpin, as well as Twit
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ter, or alternatively, via e-mail. YouSpin PRO also gives you the option to embed the resulting video into your online website (for retail purposes), your eBay auction page, as well as a bunch of other product-based sites.
YouSpin lets you create 3D animation like a pro! See yourself, a friend, your car…whatever you want, from all sides. It’s easy to use, lets you share your 360 degree views with others, and even lets you embed them on your website.
Check out the video below to see YouSpin PRO in-action! – Then, head to the iTunes App Store to grab your FREE copy of the app before it returns to its usual $2.99 asking price.